Santa's Deed

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In this story, Santa brings some kids some extreamly expencive gifts, and these kids think cookies arent enough for his work. So these children take actions to show their thanks

Submitted: November 04, 2011

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Submitted: November 04, 2011



Santa’s Deed

By Andrew Mosher


It all started at Jake’s house with his friends Martha, Joe, and Jay. They lived in northern Greenland, just a few miles from the North Pole. It was December 22nd. They were in Jake’s front yard making a snow cave. “Hey Jay, should we pack it down now. It’s getting very long and big.” Joe asked. “Yea. We’ll do that then hollow it out. They then made the entire cave within 45 minutes.


“Okay now. That’s good let’s splash it with cold water.” Jay suggested. “I got it.” Martha said approaching the garden hose. She then sprayed the whole outside of the cave. “Good. Now we wait overnight.” Joe said. “Guys! Dinner time!” Jay’s mother yelled out the window. “Would you guys like to stay for dinner?” They all thought for a second. Then they nodded “yes.”


They all sat at the dinner table and ate their macaroni and cheese. “So guys, what are we going to do tomorrow?” Joe asked. “Well we are making a gingerbread city tomorrow. Would you like to join?” Jay said. “Sure we would.” Martha said.


The next day it was the 23rd of December. The four met at Jay’s house after school. They started on the big gingerbread city.


“I like your sidewalk you made out of jolly ranchers.” Jay told Martha. “Do you think we could use these dark chocolate bars for shingles?” Joe asked. “What should we use for chimneys?” Joe asked. “How about these Mike and Ike candies.” Martha suggested. By the time 10 minutes were up, they were done.


“Awesome!” Jay said looking at the city. “Spectacular.” Martha said taking a picture of it with her cellphone. “Cool!” Joe and Jake said looking at it. They then went home to get ready for tomorrows school.


After school, the four met at Pizza Hut. “So guys. What did you ask for Christmas?” Jay asked. “I asked for a snowmobile and an X-box 360.” Joe said. “I want two Alaskan Huskies and a computer.” Martha said. “Well I asked for that $500.00 train set I saw in Toys R Us last month.” Jake said. “Well let’s go home and dream the sweetest of dreams.” Jay said as they went home.


Then Christmas day came. Jay woke up to open his gifts. He got a plasma flat-screen television that was 31½ feet by 2 feet. Plus he received a compass and a map. He also received a Gameboy DSI. He then went to his grandparent’s house to eat a huge dinner. He then came home and slept to the next day.


“Hey guys! What did Santa get you guys?” Jay asked. “Well I got that snowmobile that I asked for.” Joe said. “I got those puppies I wanted.” Martha said. “And I got that train set I desperately wanted.” Jake told them. “What did you get Jay?” Martha asked. I got a huge television and some other toys.” Jay said.


“Hey guys! Do you realize what Santa did?” Joe asked. They all nodded “no”. “Don’t you get it? He picked the most expensive gift on our lists.” Joe said. “I think Santa deserves a break for once. After all he does something nice for the whole world once every year.” Martha suggested. “That’s a great idea!” Joe said. “But what can we do?” Jake asked. Jay said.


“Maybe we could take a trip to his house and do all his chores.” Jay said. “But our parents would never let us.” Martha said. “Then we just bend the rules a little. Joe could you get that snowmobile out and ready?” Jay asked. “I’ll get the dogs and my dad’s sled.” Martha said running to her dad’s shop to sneak his sled out. “I got my compass and map.” Jay said. “Don’t forget the lanterns.” Martha told Jay. “I’ll put the letters on each door for the parents.” Joe said. “Good. Now are we ready?” Jay asked. “Yes we are!” The others yelled.


They then took off at great speed headed north. They got half way there and gave the dogs a break for some food and some water. Then they took off again. Finally, they got there.


They then snuck up to the window. “Okay. He’s asleep. Lets get in.” Joe said. They then opened the window. They then got in and closed the window. “I’ll do the dishes.” Martha said. “I’ll do the floor.” Joe said. I’ll dust.” Jake said. “Yes. I’ll wash the bathroom.” Jay said. Then they got to work. They then finished in 15 minutes.


Then Martha cooked up the oatmeal in the microwave and Joe left a note. But when the microwave went off, Santa yawned a big yawn and started to wake up. The four kids then rushed out the window and closed it. That drew Santa’s attention to the kitchen. He went to the microwave. He opened it and chuckled. “Ho! Ho! Ho! How nice. He said getting a spoon from the dishwasher. That’s when he noticed the note.





Dear Santa,


  We love our toys you gave us. So in return we did your chores and cleaned your house. Martha made the oatmeal. Hopefully you’ll like it.


Martha, Joe, Jay, and Jake.


“Oh wow. This is nice.” Santa said taking a bite of the oatmeal.


Meanwhile, the kids traveled through the dark home. “Keep going. Home isn’t far.” Joe said flooring the engine. But then the Snowmobile made a noise as if a bathtub was draining empty. The gas odometer hit the E. They all stopped. “What’s wrong?” Martha asked slowing down next to Joe. “My tank is empty. Now what do we do?” Joe asked.


“Well for one thing, knowing our parents, they might call on a search party real soon. So what we should do is elevate our lanterns high as possible. That’s all we can do at the moment.” Jay suggested.


They waited some time. But ten minutes later, some snowmobiles came by. “We found the kids. I repeat, I found the kids.” The driver said. They were driven home. Sure they were grounded for three months. But it was worth it to them.





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