Techno warrriors

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In this story, these 4 Lucky teens are given a magical belt called a "Power Driver" allowing them to raise both offence and defence by installing computer chps into the Power Driver. In this version, There is a ghost circus going on, and these 4 teens need to put an end to it.

Submitted: November 04, 2011

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Submitted: November 04, 2011



Techno Warriors

By Andrew Mosher

It all started when a boy by the name of Josh was exploring an abandon factory. This boy was not alone. Three other boys were with him. They were Joe, Mark, and Harlan. They came across these fancy belts. Then they went deeper in the factory, they found a manual and some chips. Then they went home. Then on their way home they saw a figure in the air in front of them and were told that these belts were magic. The chips they found were powers that upgrade their bodies and make them more powerful. They were told they were to save the world from evil. Now the world depends on them.

Ghost Circus

It all started when the school bell rang. The kids rushed to their buses. Then on the bus, the four sat next to each other. “Hey guys. What’s up?” Mark asked. “My teacher wants me to do this lame paper on rocks and minerals for geology.” Harlan said in shame.

Then the four kids got off the bus. “I’ll see you guys later.” Josh yelled as they went home. Josh had supper then he went to bed.

That night he saw his belt spirit. “What is going on?” Josh asked. Then the spirit revealed itself. “Down in the middle of the Frodin Forest is a ghost circus. I need you and your fellow allies to find this ghost circus and destroy it.” The spirit said. Then it disappeared.

Then the next day was Saturday. Josh rushed to the phone. He called Mark. “Hey Mark, did you see your belt spirit last night?” Josh asked him. “Uh yea! He mentioned a ghost circus that we need to destroy. Did you see that?” Mark asked Josh. “I saw it too. Let’s get the others and meet at the park.” Josh said. He then hung up.

They all met at the park. “Okay guys. You all probably all saw your belt spirit last night. And we know what to do.” Josh said. Yea, we were informed of a ghost circus in the Frodin Forest. We have to destroy it.” Joey said. “Good. Now that we’re on the same page, let’s get a move on!” Harlan said. So they went into the forest.

“Wow look at the scenery.” Mark said looking around. “Yea, it sure is spooky.” Harlan said. “Well the sooner we defeat this so called ghost circus, the sooner we can go home.” Joey said.

Then they came across the ghost circus. “Wow! Look at that huge tent!” Joey said pointing to this big, eerie tent with holes in it. It stood over 100 feet tall. “That must be it.” Josh said walking towards it. They then all entered.

Then they heard a sudden noise behind them. Mark looked behind him. He ran for the door. But an invisible barrier stopped him from escaping. “Great we’re trapped like rats!”Mark said in fear. “Well I guess there’s no turning back.” Josh said.

“HA! HA! The only way to destroy me is to destroy the circus. Welcome! Welcome all to my deadly circus!” A ghastly man said hovering down into the center of the circus. So! You must be the ring master.” Josh said in an angry tone. “Yes. I am glad you came. Now I can have more actresses for my ghost circus.” The ring master said. “Is that what you want?” Josh said. “Yes. Now let the circus begin. Ghost Lions, activate!” He said.

Then four ghost lions came in. Then they came towards the four kids. “Ready, let’s do this! Knucklethrust arm chip installation, now!” Josh said activating his arm chip. “Quakefist arm chip installation, now!” Mark said. “Bladefist arm chip installation, now!” Joey said. “Hammerfist arm chip, installation, now!” Harlan said. They all stated to take on a lion.

Harlan went to punch a ghost lion, but it just went right through the lion. The others punched their lions but the same thing happened. “Guys! Melee attacks don’t work. Use elemental attacks.” Joey yelled.

“Okay then. Frezecannon arm chip installation now!” Josh said. “Firetorch arm chip installation, now!” Harlan said. “Aquacannon arm chip installation now!” Mark said. “Electoidcannon arm chip installation now!” Joey said.

Then Joey shot on lion with his arm chip. Bolts ran through the lion. Then it disappeared. Josh shot a ghost lion it froze. It then fell to the ground and shattered. Harlan shot the ghost lion with fire. It ignited and the fire hit the ground. Mark shot the final lion with water. It shrunk until it disappeared.

“Oh! My gorgeous lions. The only way to destroy me is to destroy the circus. Now you’ll pay. Demon trapeze actors, now!” he yelled as these figures flew in the air like trapeze actors with no trapeze devices at the top of the tent. They then started to throw grenades at the kids. “Move now!” Harlan yelled. They split up. The grenades hit the ground.


“Okay, let’s take action!” Harlan yelled. “Okay then! Jet body chip installation, now.” Josh said. He flew up. One trapeze ghost threw a grenade at Harlan. He caught it and threw it back. It hit all five trapeze ghosts.

“NO! This can’t be! The only way to destroy me is to destroy the circus.” He said. “Juggler ghost clowns! Activate!” He yelled. Then a clown with glowing red eyes appeared in the ring. He juggled seven napalm grenades. “They just keep on coming Josh” Harlan said.

“Hey guys! I think I’ve got a way to stop the ring master.” Joey said. “Yea, I’m listening.” Harlan said. “You know how he said that to destroy the circus, you must destroy him?” Harlan said. “Okay, so what’s your plan?” Josh asked. “Burn the tent.” Harlan said. “I think it may work.” Joey said. “Let’s try it!” Josh said.

“Okay, then. Flame on!” Haran said blowing fire on the tent’s walls. “NOOOOOOOOOOOO! MY TENT!” he said as he faded away. “Well that worked. Josh said in the middle of the woods. “Let’s go home now.” Mark said. “Good idea.” Joey said.




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