The broken Pinball machine

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In this story, two couples are having a date in the Holyoke mall. They went to an arcade there, and then the mall turns into a game and the lady is held as a prize.

Submitted: November 26, 2011

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Submitted: November 26, 2011



The Broken Pinball Machine

By Andrew Mosher


It all started at the mall. Karen and Joe were on a date. "Man. This Chinese food is good." Joe said. "I totally agree." Karen replied.


Then after eating, Joe noticed he had enough money for each of them to spend $45.00. "Hey Karen! Do you want to go and play at the mall's arcade?" Joe asked. "Sure I would." Karen said. And so they went to the arcade.


When they got there, Joe gave Karen $45.00 to spend on quarters. "Here you go Karen. Go have fun." Joe said as he handed her the cash.


And at that, Karen went to the Big Buck Hunting Game while Joe went on the Race car game. Then he went to cash in more quarters. But as he passed, his eye caught on a really cool pinball machine. He played for about 4 hours until Karen came by.

"Hey Joe. Can we go back now? I'm done now." Karen said. "Oh okay. I guess we could go." Joe replied. And so they left. But as Joe walked away, he noticed the pinball machine he was using was unplugged.


As they approached the doors, they discovered they were locked. "Maybe it closed." Joe said. "Well, according to my smart phone the mall doesn't close for another 3 hours. Maybe the back doors aren't locked." Joe said. "Then lets try it." Karen said.


And so they went to the back doors, and they were locked too. "Hm. This thought is scaring me." Karen said.


Then the west elevator doors opened and tons of tall men in tuxidoes approached them. They ran away, but then more men came from the north doors. The two were surrounded.


Then one grabbed Karen and dragged her into the elevator. "Hey! What do you think you're doing!" Joe yelled at the men as he chased the men with Karen. But as soon as he caught up close enough to rescue Karen, the man tazed Joe. Then the door closed and locked all access to them.



Then he turned around. He looked at a flat-screen television in a Best Buy store. It said "Level 1 Mission: grab key from the Petco store." on the screen. "Huh. That cant be very hard." Joe said as he walked to Petco.


He then opened the door. "Wow. All the cages and crates are empty. I'd better keep my gaurd up." he said as he walked in.


He looked around. Then he noticed there was something there shining. "Is that it?" He asked as he picked it up.


But as he approached the door, he saw a loose Golden Retreiver. It growled at Joe in anger.


Joe backed up in fear. Then he came across a hand held dart gun. He loaded it and shot the dog. Before he knew it, the dog was sleeping hard.


He then came to the west elevator and put in the key. It took them to the 2nd floor. Then at the Sub Way resteraunt. There was a television. It said "Level 2 Mission: Grab the super soaker and go to the 3rd floor." on it.


But Joe didn't get the Super Soaker and went straight to the 3rd floor.


When he got there, Karen was tied up and gagged. At that very moment, Joe ran to save Karen. But before he could, five of those Men in tuxidoes dragged Joe into the north elevator, whitch took him to the 1st floor.


When he got out of the elevator, he thought it over. "Ha! So that's why the television said to get that water gun." He said as he went back to the 2nd floor.


He then went to Toys R us and grabbed the most powerful blue Super Soaker. He then progressed to the 3rd floor.


Then as he got out, those men went straight at him. But Joe shot them all with water. They then turned to soot. He then ran to Karen and finally saved her.


"I thought you'd never save me." Karen said. "I would save you at any cost." Joe replied.


Then Karen noticed something behind Joe. "Then the loud speaker went off. It said "Final level Mission: Defeat Cyber Joe" out loud.


Joe turned around. He saw a person just like him. Almost nothing was different of him. But he was made of static. He then smiled anm evil smile.

"Ha! Ha! Did you think you could beat my cyber-solders, get the key, rescue your girlfriend, and expect to just walk out? Cut me a break. Well it ends here." Cyber Joe said.


He then pulled out a red Super Soaker and shot at Joe. But Joe jumped out of the way. It then burned away a door. It looked like one shot could be fatal.


But then Joe pumped up his Super Soaker and shot the the barrel of Cyber Joe's Super Soaker. It melted away the entire handle. Cyber Joe then threw it aside and charged at Joe.


But then Joe Shot him in the leg. It took off his entire leg and burned it to nothing. "No! Please have mercy! Please!" Cyber Joe pleaded.


Joe pointed his Super Soaker at his head. "Sorry. I have no clue wat mercy is." Joe said. he then shot him. he then evaperated.


"Thank you Joe." Karen said. "Dont sweat it. That was easy." Joe said. Then the two approached the door and opened it so they can go home.




© Copyright 2018 Drew Mosher. All rights reserved.

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