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Status: Finished

Genre: Commercial Fiction



This book is about two 3rd graders who go into a wrestling contest for a first place prize; Yelow Mustang. Will one of the two win or will this all go to naught
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This book is about two 3rd graders who go into a wrestling contest for a first place prize; Yelow Mustang. Will one of the two win or will this all go to naught

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This book is about two 3rd graders who go into a wrestling contest for a first place prize; Yelow Mustang. Will one of the two win or will this all go to naught

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Submitted: November 03, 2011

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 03, 2011



The Toothbuster
By Andrew Mosher

It all started on the last day of school. I was doing my math when the bell rang. Then as I went to my bus to the gym, the intercom went off. “Attention all students! There is a boxing contest for students from college and so on. Whoever wins gets a brand new Mustang. It starts in one week. You will need a costume and a nickname for boxing.” The intercom said. I wanted to join.

As I got on the bus to sit next to my buddy John. “Hey Danny. Did you hear about the boxing contest?” John asked. “Yea. I’m entering.” I said. “So am I.” Danny said. Then the bus got to my house.

When I got home, I made a purple muscle shirt out of felt with mom’s sewing machine; I got my dad’s white boxing gloves; and I got some white shorts. I put them all on, except the gloves.

Then I took the rims off of my dad’s old broken pickup truck and got a led pipe. Then I put two rims on each side, making a barbell. I started lifting it. My friend John was doing suicides in the pool in his back yard.

Then that week came. It was my first match. So I drove to the place. There was a huge audience there. I got on the ring. Then the first contender got in the ring. “Ladies and gentleman! For our first contender, weighing 197lbs, standing 5 foot 6 inches, The Toothbuster! Then for our next contender; weighing 199lbs, standing 4 feet 2 inches, The Killer Midget! Then the bell rang and we fought.

He charged dead at me, I just moved. But before he hit the ropes, I grabbed his left arm and pulled a seismic toss. I swung him around in three circles and let go. He went flying in the opposite direction. Then he went flying off the ring and he didn’t get up. “And our winner by way of knockout, The Toothbuster!” the referee yelled holding my fist in the air.

Then I got in the car and drove home. I then parked it in the lot and went in the house. “So honey, did you win?” Mom asked. “Oh yea. I beat him dirty. He stood no chance against me.” I replied. “Wow! That’s amazing!” Mom told me. “Well, I’m going to celebrate at Danny’s house.” I said. “Okay then. Be good.

And so I packed my X-box 360, two controllers, and my games. I put them in my backpack and went next door to Danny’s house. “Hey John. What’s up?” Danny asked. “Well I won the first round and I thought I’d come over and play X-box with you. I did bring the new Call Of Duty 3 with me.” I said. “Oh. That rocks! Come on in my room. We’ll play it on my new plasma television.

And so we played Call Of Duty 3 on the big screen. “Oh cool surround sound and high-definition too!” I said in surprise as Danny hooked it up. Then we played for 3 hours. After that, we cranked the big stereo up loud on station 107.3 WAAF. They had Ozzy Osborn on the air. We were listening to it for five minutes until Danny had an idea.

“Hey, I have an idea. Hold on. He said heading downstairs. He came back up with a bin, some yellow dyes, and two clean mop heads. “What do we do with those?” I asked. “They make good wigs.” Danny said dying them yellow. We then put them on, bopping our heads like psychos.

Then across the street was this old lady. She opened her window and yelled at us. “Hey! Could you turn down that racket? I want to hear my opera show.” She rudely yelled. “Why don’t you just watch something more exciting?” I yelled back. “Oh ignore her. She can really get on your nerves.”
Danny said. Meanwhile downstairs… “Where on earth did my mop heads go!” Danny’s mother yelled. Then an egg timer went off. “Oh Danny! John! Would you like some dinner?” she yelled turning off the egg timer.

Meanwhile at the dinner table… “So how was the wrestling match John?” Danny’s mother asked. “Well I won. It was easy. All I needed was a single seismic toss.” I told her. “Well it sounds like you had it easy.” His father said. “Yea. I’m entering too. They have a Mustang for first prize you know.” Danny said. Then after dinner the phone rang. “Hello!” Danny’s mother said. “John! Your mother wants you home. She said you have to get ready for your next match.” Danny’s mother said hanging up. So John packed up and went home.

The next day, John got up, ate breakfast, and went to the next match. He went to the place. As he got on the ring some guy got up on the ring. “Alright. Let’s get this over with.” John said. “Ha! I didn’t know it was Halloween yet. What are you suppose to be Ray Moron from that stupid videogame?” the contender said. “Oh, you are severely going to regret that remark.” John said. Our first contenders strong like bull, The Toothbuster. Then our next contender, he’s lean, he’s mean, and he’s also very light. Give it up for the 8-ball. Then the bell rang.

They circled four times until hell broke loose. The 8-ball started to throw some punches. Then The Toothbuster received five blows to the chest. He punched back seven times. Five in the chest and two to the head. Then The Toothbuster head butted his opponent, making both dizzy. But The Toothbuster had enough will to still wrestle. He backed up into the ropes, then bounced into the 8-ball, close lining him. He fell. Then The Toothbuster pulled 8-ball’s feet over his own neck. “Uncle! Uncle! I give!” the 8-ball yelled.

“The 8-ball has thrown in the towel. The Toothbuster is the winner!” the referee yelled holding The Toothbuster’s hand in the air. And so with another victory, I went home in my car.

So I parked the car and went in the house. “So I’m guessing you won again, huh.” My mother asked. “Yea I won. It was kind of easy.” I told her. “Well I have to go to the grocery store. I’ll be back in an hour. Okay.” My mother said.

So as soon as he left, I grabbed; my father’s universal remote, a 12-pack of beer, my X-box 360, some CDs, some duct, and some popcorn. Then I left a note for dad.

Dear Dad, 
Hey Dad. I just want to let you know that I am borrowing your universal remote and went to Danny’s house. You’ll get it back, and if you don’t, I’ll replace it. Thanks. I love you. Bye.
Love John.

And so I stuck it under the calendar on the refrigerator. I then went to Danny’s house with the stuff in my bag. “Hey Danny. What’s up? I brought some snacks, my X-box 360, some CDs, and I got something special.” I said. “Well come on in. we’ll throw a party in my room.” Danny said letting me into his room.

“So, what did you bring that’s so special?” Danny asked. “Oh, I snuck out one of my father’s 12 pack of beer.” I said pulling out the 12 pack. “Oh! Let me get some of that booze!” Danny said grabbing one out of the box.

And so I popped in a CD of Lincoln Park. We sat there listening to music. Then the lady across the street. “Could you turn it down a bit? I want to hear my opera!” she yelled. “Why don’t you make us?” I yelled. “Why don’t you teach her a lesson? She is getting kind of annoying.” Danny said slurring his words. “You have two things. A hangover and a good idea.” I said.

So I took his trophy pool stick and duct taped a scope and my dad’s remote to it. I aimed it to the ladies television. I programmed it and changed the channel to the Ozzfest. “That should shut her up.” I said closing the window. I then grabbed a beer and turned on the X-box 360. We played X-box 360 for a solid hour. Then Danny’s mother called me. “John, your father wants you home. He sounded angry.” She said. I packed up and went home.

“Where on earth is my universal remote? I was miserable without it.” My father yelled. “Didn’t you see the note on the refrigerator? The one saying I was borrowing your remote.” I told him. “What letter?” my father asked. Then I saw my dog Sequence with the note all chewed up and covered with dog spit. “I think I found it.” I said pointing to the paper the dog dropped. He then starred at me with a smile.

“Oh, I’m sorry. By the way, your mother wants you to get ready for the next match. I got news that it won’t be like the last two. This will be both mentally and physically tough.” My father said.

As I slept I wondered what my father meant by a boxing match being mentally tough. That night, I dreamed that I was fighting a black bear because that is what I feared most. I approached it as my legs trembled. I could barely walk. I felt like a statue, filled with fear. I couldn’t move. The bear stood up and it talked. “Get up! Are you ready! Get up.” It said. Then I woke up. It appeared to be my mother waking me up to prepare for the match.

So I ate breakfast. Then I drove to the place. As I got up on the ring, I thought of the bear in my dream. Am I fighting something like it? Then a familiar face got up on stage. Then it said something. “Just because we’re best friends, doesn’t mean I’m playing easy on you.” It said. It was Danny. Then I thought. So that’s what dad meant by mentally tough. I’m fighting someone I really have a relationship with. “Are you ready?” he asked. “It’s still not too late to turn back.” I thought.

Our first contender is strong like bull. Give it up for the Toothbuster! And standing 5 feet 2 inches, give it up for Dare Demon!

Then the bell rang. It was too late. I have to make a quick decision. Do I want to spare my friends life, or do I want that Mustang. Then we circled. He punched me four times in the head. I made up my mind. I’m going for that car. I started to punch him endlessly. He then grabbed my left hand when I went to punch him. He pulled a seismic toss. I got up. “Are you alright?” The referee asked me?” I got up and nodded yes. “Good. Resume!”

After that I started to gain some more control. I then knocked him backwards into the ropes. He fell on his face and didn’t get up. “By winner of knockout, The Toothbuster!” the referee yelled holding my hand in the air. “Do you need a ride home?” I asked my opponent as I helped him up. “Sure. I am in quite pain. Especially my rib cage.” He said as he slowly got on his feet.

On the way home we talked. “Are you sure you don’t need medical attention?” I asked Danny. “Yea, I’m sure.” He replied. “By the way, your next match is against the Sea Joker, and then you face the champion, The Concussion. Then the Mustang is yours.” Danny said. Then as we got home, I helped him in. Then I went home.

In the morning I ate breakfast and put my suit on. I then drove to the match. I got in the ring. “Our first contender, he’s a mean one, give it up for The Toothbuster! And our former champion, the Sea Joker!” the referee yelled. Then the bell rang. He ran at me. I grabbed him by the wrist and swung him around in four circles, and then I let him go. He flew into the ropes and took another dash.

Then I close lined him. He tripped. But he got up just as fast as he fell down. He then got back up. Then I punched him in the head four times. I then pushed him. He fell backward. I then pounced him. The referee then counted to ten. “The winner, Toothbuster!” the referee yelled holding my hand up.
Then I rode home. My mother just was getting in the car. “Where are you going?” I asked her. Oh, I meant to tell you something. Danny’s in the hospital from his wrestling match with you. I’m going to pay a visit to him. Do you want to come?” my mother asked me. “Well sure. I didn’t mean to put him in the hospital.” I said getting into the car.

Then we parked and went into the building. We went to the front desk. “Hi. We want to visit Danny.” My mother asked the nurse. She took us down a hall and into a room. “

“Hi Danny. Are you okay?” I asked. “Yea, I got a few broken ribs but other than that I’m good.” Danny said. “I’m sorry that I hurt you.” I told Danny. “Yea, it’s okay.” Danny said. We talked for an hour. Then a nurse came in. I’m sorry but you’ll have to go now. We’re going to perform surgery to fix his ribs.” She said. Then we left.

After we got home I got ready for bed. I made sure that I could find all my stuff for my last wrestling match. Then in the morning, I ate breakfast and got ready for my wrestling match. Then I drove there.

Then I got in the ring. Then this guy with a black mask on his upper face. “Okay, this is the final round. Our first contender stands 5 feet 9 inches. He’s all muscle and no fat. Give it up for The Concussion! Then a former champion, The Toothbuster!” the referee yelled. Then the bell rang.

We circled around for a bit. Then the Concussion threw ten punches to my head. I then went for an uppercut with my right hand. I hit him directly in the chin. Then I went to punch him in the head with my left fist. He dodged it. Then he tripped me. He then put his foot on my neck in a position so I’d bust my neck if I moved it. I was pinned.

Then I looked at the audience. I saw a familiar face in the audience. He was in a wheelchair. It was Danny. He had the will to see me fight. I didn’t want to disappoint him. This work cannot go to naught.

So I grabbed the Concussion’s ankle and twisted it in a 230 degree circle. He fell. Then I pounced him. I then put him in the worlds hardest yoga pose, the pretzel pose. “The Concussion is unable to continue the battle. The victory goes to The Toothbuster! The audience clapped. Then as I went to get the Mustang, I called AAA to toe my old car to a car dealer to sell it. I came home driving the Mustang. I smiled as I walked in the house.

“So John, did you win?” mom asked. “Yea, I won.” I said holding $1,500. “Is that your prize?” mom asked. “Actually no. I got this for selling my car. My prize is sitting in the driveway.” I said as mom looked out into the parking lot. And to her surprise, she saw a fancy, yellow Mustang. “Oh cool! Your father would love to see that.


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