She smiled, but you where starved weren't you? of love

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We follow the story of our young female character named, Nichola. she hasn't been introduced much in the way of relationships. but her feelings are still strong throughout the chapter, she finds them difficult to control and has been rejected several times due to her lack of control.

One faithful morning, she manages to stumble on a rather intresting idividual, whom will make her life perhaps a little bit brighter

Submitted: November 17, 2015

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Submitted: November 17, 2015



"It's another day.... the sun rises as it always have, what a dreadful fate to be stuck in a never ending loop. Don't you wish it was somehow different?" Nichola opens her eyes with these thoughts engrained into her mind, it's morning as she takes a quick glance at her alarm clock which hasn't went off yet, she had nothing to fear right? It was all set for today? Wrong. It was already 8:15am and she had to get ready for highschool and her bus leaves at 8:30am. She tries to focus on the alarm clock she quickly realises. Her eyes open wide as she starts running around her room throwing stuff on the ground trying to find her uniform, getting changed as quickly as she could, putting on her glasses last realising she still looked like a mess, she was never one to put on too much make-up nor fix her hair. she liked her own natural hair, maybe this is why most of her fellow students would make fun of her? She fixes up her clothes to look somewhat respectable. The house echoes with her loud foot steps. The house was empty with no real sign of anything actually living there nevermind slept in. Out of habbit she yells out that she's leaving and closes the door behind her, locking it quickly. She quickly runs to the bus as if her life depended on it. She spots the bus stop in the distance and she smiles. but upon closer inspection she sees her own bus leaving the bus stop. But it was too late, she starts panting as she is out of breathe, she has never walked to school before, if she was late for the bus her mother would have given her a lift to the school..... but now is not the time to think of that, no point looking in the past and try moving forward.

She leans against the wall weighing her options, after just a moment someone had shouted over yelling "Excuse me? could you possibly tell me if this is the bus station to get to Rericksted high school?". That person's voice was asking about her school? After catching her breathe she looks up to see the young man infront of her, his hair shinning a very strange silver colour, perhaps it was dyed? His eyes are as blue as the oceans, it quickly became aparent that he was a student as she looks at his clothes to see he is wearing the school uniform, looking back at him his smile was so gentle, his face was so happy but, his eyes..... his eyes looked sad..... why were they sad? His tone was also so happy, maybe it was her feelings taking control again.... she told herslef she can't let that happen again. She gives off a shy response "y-yes it is.... but the bus has left a little while ago" It took him a few seconds to realise what she had said he yelled "WHAT!?!?! What do you mean left? damn... I can't be late to another school....." She looks up at him confused but looks around to not embarass him, but he didn't seem too phased by it, he gave a gentle sigh and smiled once again. That smile that reaked of fake, she would know she has met too many people like him. She gave an evil smile back to him and says with an unforgiven voice "Well then guess you'll have to just deal with it". She knows she couldn't deal with it either, but she can't seem weak infront of people all the time. The man smiled still through it, She looked shocked at him and just stares at him. He grabs her hand chuckling lightly as he starts leading her down the road, she squirmed a little and said rather irritated "Wh.....what are you doing!?!". He smiles back at her and replies back gently "We are walking to school, we have to hurry or else we'll be late!", she blushed lightly, no-one had ever held her hand before now. she felt comforted by it, and relaxed. She was no longer stressed about getting to school, "did he notice?" she asked herself, she blushed again with a small smile. She catches up with him holding his hand walking side by side he glances down at her as they both exchange plesantries walking to school.

Their walk was long but they had plenty of time to get to school, the bus had always arrived with 10 minutes before class starts. A 20 minute journey doesn't seem far of a walk, but the turns and twists to get their made traveling by foot more difficult than it needed to be. She took in her surroundings enjoying the scenery and sharing it with him, his eyes still looked sad. It was a shame, but getting into this at the start of class is no-way to begin the day, so it maybe best to leave it for another time. They had eventually reached the school, he let go of her hand as he seen one of his friends from a previous school, and ran to him. She had never felt so sad in her life, tears started to stream down her face, she quickly turns around trying to rub them away before they ruin her make-up. she hears him yell "Hey! my name is Drew by the way!" she quickly turned around smiling happily and waved back yelling "I'm Nichola!" he looked stunned, taking it in for a second, but quickly he smiled gently waving and goes back to talking to his friends, from what she could hear they were making fun of her, but that was normal at this school. She walks into school with everyone gathered outside the school until the very second the bell rings you could hear the collective groan of everyone, as they gathered inside of their glassrooms. Nichola was already sat at the back corner of the classroom. Her classmates gathered into the class they all looked at her and chuckled lightly, she could have sworn she herd the words "Slut" when looking at her, but that couldn't be could it? She has no idea why but it seems like everyone was just looking at her and laughing lightly, the stress was getting to her quickly as she slowly started to curl up on her desk face to the desk to try and forget everything and pretend everything's okay. She took a deep breathe before pulling her head back up to the teacher, who was introducing a transfer student. Nichola twitched slightly thinking "maybe.... it's him?", she blushes lightly but quickly shakes it off glancing beside her the only seat avaliable since no-body liked sitting next to her, she took a deep breathe before the student walked through the door. It was him..... it was...... Drew......his smile as bright as ever, his eyes looked scared this time. The girls around looked at him in awe, it was clear that everyone found him attractive. She hadn't noticed it yet, but upon closer inspection, she too found that he looked very attractive also. How she didn't notice? Maybe because she was just enjoying his personality instead of looking at such artificial things such as beauty? But this made him stand out much more to her, he quickly sees her and smiles brightly as if seeing his puppy for the first time, it was embarassing for her, she tried looking away, everyone looked at the two of them the girls grinned and said under their breathes yet again "slut" Nichola quickly realised. That's why they said it. because they had seen her outside of school holding his hand? She bit her lip in anger but didn't let it get to her, trying to be strong she kept a straight face looking forward. He walks up to her and smiles gently sitting in the seat next to her, the girls clearly jealous they got so annoyed. When she wanted something different she didn't mean this. This had only made life a little more difficult now.

The class was staring at Nichola with annoyance, when it came to break they all crowded around Drew's desk, it became frustrating, she had to leave the classroom since it got too crowded she enjoyed the view from the classroom window, but it seems she won't be enjoying that today, she just stood outside her classroom looking at the inner outdoor area, it was so fake and artificial, no real beauty to it, straight paths with 4 pathways from each corner. everyone hangs around there. when she went back into the class everyone was sat back in their seats. the classroom uttering evil things about her but this time, it was the only time but he wasn't smiling, why wasn't he smiling, she quickly sat down and fell into tears she covered her face to not be shown. class continued and finally it was lunch. she reached for her back. it was soaked, it looks like when she had left someone has soaked her bag. She looked back at the class, as some of them grinned and smiled the rest oblivious to what was going on. Clearly it was a group of the girls, she sighed lightly and took her bag. It was drenched as some of her classmates chuckled leaving the classroom, everyone gathered around Drew's desk but Drew noticed the soaked bag, and quickly left the classroom catching up with Nichola with his bag in hand he grabs her hand and runs with her, they managed to escape the class through the classroom. they are both panting. Nichola annoying yelled "Why did you make me run! you idiot!" he places his head against the wall and punched it replying back "I.....I'm sorry...." she quickly calmed down looking concerned and embarassed about what she said replying softly "I-it's okay....." it looks like he is crying, she looked up at him from underneath she smiles lightly and apologieses she quickly hugs his stomach pushing him away from the wall, as if on cue she starts crying, she can't hold it back anymore. they both cry on the staircase together, they both embrace each other, as if saying silently that they understand each other, and are their for each other. after a short while of crying they calm down and smile gently at each other. this time his eyes looked realieved and happy, she blushes lightly as she leans up lightly closing her eyes lightly extending her lips, he blushes lightly but leans down gently and kisses her lips deeply and passionately, as they held each other. they were stuck like that enjoying their heart felt kiss, they left it slowly as they both smiled. this time Nichola takes his hand and is leading him outside this time,they go outside and into a little tucked away forest that no-one goes to.

It was a nice enclosed area surrouded by flowers, she takes out of her bag a blanket, but was drenched in water she hangs it on a tree to dry as she sits down next to the flower bed tapping the space beside her to invite Drew. they both sat their enjoying the sounds of the birds chirping around them, they both enjoy each others company, Drew gasps lightly, and reaches for his bag. takes out a large lunchbox, he places it out infront of him and says lightly "Please, let us share my lunch. it's the least i can do since those girls did that to you" she blushes lightly, she shakes her head saying no but her stomach says otherwise and grumbles, he chuckles lightly and picks up his fork picking up some of the food, holding it to her mouth "Please, I cooked it myself. Wont you please share it with me?" she blushes lightly looking at him. she sighs lightly and tries to ponder it off as a favour to him "fine... but only to test your cooking skills to help you improve!" she takes a bite of the food, he waits with anticipation, smiling lightly taking the fork back and taking a bite of the food himself, Nichola blushed at sharing the fork together and says lightly "I-it was good.... Thank you" he looks back at her smiling gently and feeds her some more, she chuckles lightly and takes another bite resting her head against his shoulder relaxed and happy as they smiled. She asked him lightly. why was it that you looked so sad earlier? during break when I came back? he twitches lightly, and replies back "you seen that? you see you're the first person that can see me.... the real me that is... and i felt so bad for you especially with everything you deal with. I've herd the stories people talk about you... It's not fair!" he says it out loud and angrily looking down at the ground, then slowly looks back up at her smiling gently feeding her another fork full of food she takes another bite after swallowing says gently back to him "You shouldn't worry about me, I'll get through it." she smiles gently back at him, what she didn't notice was a stream of tears coming down her face, he quickly hugs her, he says gently "It'll be okay. I'm here now, you're not alone anymore" and with those words she let it all out, she put everything out, about how her parents died in a car crash, how she struggles with every day life at the bakery she works in how she relies on her grandparents to help from time to time when she can't make ends meat. she puts it all onto him, he hugs her tightly and holds onto every single word that she says as if her life relied on that very thing. he couldn't smile anymore and cries with her, holding her closely. after all was said and done he replies back "I know how you feel, I've spent most of my time myself and never known the love of a parent. explaining that he has been moving school from a very young age and how reliant he was on himself to get through every day. So they both sat there crying out their hearts that have never been herd from anyone else her make-up was already ruined by it, it got too intense so instead of returning to class Drew took Nichola's hand and gone to the office to tell them that they had to return home, he didn't utter the reason other than explaining how important it was to return.

They took each others hand as they chose to walk home taking a quiet route. he smiles gently at her, as they started talking about their past with one another, in hopes it may comfort the other, they eventually reached Nichola's house, he looks down at her, seeing that she looks so sad looking at the house, he asks if he can also come in, nichola blushes brightly and nods her head unlocking the door as they both entered the house he notices how silent it was and how it looked so empty. everything was tidy as if it was just sat there waiting for someone to buy it. but it was clearly dusty, Nichola flicks on the lights and is embarassed from how the house is. She quickly recalls to earlier this morning how she threw everything on the floor, she quickly runs up the stairs shouting downstairs "Make youself at home!" he galnces up the stairs confused, but looks around finding the kitchen and the rest of the house.he then sits down on the couch, he could hear loud foot steps from upstairs running from one side to the other, he laughs lightly trying not to be rude, he looks around. a family picture was above the fireplace, he becomes sad quickly, but smiles anyway to not trouble Nichola. she eventually came back down, she was still wearing her school uniform, but she was blushing brightly, he was confused to the comotion but chose not to ask about it. she sat furthest away from him on the couch, it was an uncomfortable silence. he felt unwanted and felt like he was out staying his welcome, he says lightly "maybe i should just go then?" he gets up and starts walking towards the door, but before he could get to the door Nichola tugged on his shirt, begging him to stay forever. she wasn't fully aware of what she was saying but she ment it. she started crying as tears started streaming down her face, he sat back down and held her closely to him. and he replied back "I will stay forever with you Nichola, how about we go get some food from a store and get ourselves something for tonight?" he smiles at her gently and she smiles back thanking him, she goes and gets changed into something more appriote. from that point onwards, she was never alone and the house was now feeling more lived in. was full of life, months and years gone by they had moved Drew's things over and were all settled in. she had her bakery job and he worked as a part time cashier. they had both filled each others empty hearts and will continue onto as long as they live.

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