OLF's Story

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This is a narrative about a young boy's life during school

Our Little Friend

PART1  childhood-8th grade


He was stuck at the same place as always. The dark void which provides comfort, but also gives him the pain he can’t live without. That place is like an old friend for him, it’s been the only thing that has stayed with him.  The big question is how did he find comfort in this darkness?

 He was a just a middle school kid when it began.

You see he went to a private school since pre-k and now he’s in 6th grade. When he was in 5th grade he decided to go to a public school because he was so sick of the rules and the two faced people that he had to deal with in private school. Now you might be thinking how could a young boy know anything about two faced people and hypocrites? Well he was a little different than most boys his age. His way of thinking was completely different than most kids his age. He questioned EVERYTHING and never believed what anyone told him unless he figured it out himself. Maybe this is because he played video games a lot or maybe he was just a weirdo.

The point is his way of thinking caused him to make a change in his life and start fresh.

So he transferred to this school and tried to make friends. Well our little friend was a late bloomer! He still had a very high pitched voice unlike the other boys in his class. He was harassed for this and was made to an easy target to anyone who wanted to seem cool. Well our little friend was not accustomed to being made fun of so he went home and cried in his room. As he cried he decided to fight back next time.

So he did.

He fought back using the same curses that were used at him. After the first week he learned almost all the curses used to insult people. Eventually things died down and they got sick of our little friend fighting back and they moved on to another boy who was weaker and did not fight back. Our friend felt bad but he made the choice not to defend the boy because no one stood up for him, so why should he care about someone else.

He started to become a bitter asshole instead of the nice innocent boy he used to be.

Also his family started to bother him also due to his change in attitude, but our little friend made the choice that the world was mean so he would have to become mean too. Anyway the year passed and he barely got harassed anymore so his spirit started to lighten up again.

Until he met an old friend from long ago.

This friend was older and more experienced in the world than our friend was. So he told his old friend everything that has happened... Well the old friend responded by kissing him on the lips. Our little friend was shocked and just laughed. You see our little friend fell for this trap being so young and naïve.  

When you are so lonely you want someone to validate you. You want someone to like you for being alive and to care that you’re around. Our little friend was so lonely and desperate to have one friend that he fell for everything this old friend said. However he did not realize that the old friend was just using him to let out stress and did not care at all. Things escalated between them for a few weeks until the old friend cut contact and left our little friend out in the cold. At this point our little friend learned how to repress and suppress his emotions and bad memories.

This technique is the one he will use maybe for the rest of his life.


7th Grade

7th Grade was a start of new problems.

When he showed up for class there was an older boy about 16 years old in his class. Now this guy was obviously left back a few times and because of that he was very angry and bitter. He also was part of a gang which caused more problems for our little friend.

But first let’s talk about what has changed in that year

Our little friend has toughened up a lot. He has become very quick tempered and was always getting into verbal arguments with anyone who crossed him. He also gained a lot of weight which made him angrier. He also realized that he had no friends besides the occasional neighborhood kids who would ask him to play with them. They were all younger than him and this made our friend feel like a big loser.

Now back to Hell… school

7th grade on the first day the lines were drawn. Who would be in whose group of friends, who was the alpha male of the class, who was going to be picked on for the year. Obviously all the kids attacked him at first because they thought he was weak.  Well he fought back and he was BRUTALLY nasty with his tormentors and they backed off due to the intensity of the insults.

However let’s not forget about that 16 year old gang member, he messed it all up for our friend.  Let’s call him Dave. He was the alpha male of the class and no one dare say anything to him or even go against him. The other kids feared him because the aura that this kid gave off was a dangerous one. So after class Dave grabbed our little friend into the stairwell and pulled out a knife on our little friend. Now our friend did not know what to do and he panicked and froze when this happened. He was so scared that he couldn’t even think he just stood there with a knife to his throat. Dave then started to say “Not so tough now are we? Lemme tell you something if you ever speak to me like that I’ll fucking kill you... understand? Now give me all the money you have with you” Our little friend was scared so he did what Dave asked without saying a word. Afterwards Dave put his knife in his pocket and said “I think me and you are going to be great friends and he walked away”.

Now our friend kept his mouth shut and told no one what happened to him for a few reasons

  1. He knew that Dave would hurt him if he said anything.
  2. He would be known as a snitch which is the worst thing someone can be known for.
  3. Our little friend was ashamed and embarrassed that he didn’t stand up for himself because he was scared.
  4. Who would care about what happened? No one likes our little friend anyway/

So he went through the day and when he got home he just went to his room and stared at the ceiling hating himself for once again becoming so weak, any confidence that he had was shattered.


T he next day at school the atmosphere was different in the classroom. First of all the class was filled with assholes male and females. Second they tortured the poor homeroom teacher there and they ended up making him transfer homeroom classes. Anyway this year there was no token weak kid to make fun of EVERYONE got picked on except Dave who no one dared insult. Now there was this girl who became alpha female and No one dare say anything to her.


First of she was one of the meanest, annoying, bitch you could ever meet. Let’s call her Rosario. She was the type of person who could dish it out but couldn’t take it. Meaning she would talk shit, but couldn’t handle someone standing up to her. However, there was one reason why no one ever stood up to her.


You see she was dating a guy who was in a gang. If someone ever talked back to her they’d come to school the next day with a black eye and a busted lip. She would send her boyfriend and his goons to “jump” anyone who crossed her. The only one who ever said something was Dave and he never went too far with her either.


Anyway back to our little friend. He was glad that he was not the main focus of the class’s wrath, but at the same time he was Dave’s primary target. As the year went on our friend was picked on and bullied, but he fought back except when it came to Dave. Our little friend was still intimidated and scared of Dave.


Things changed though about halfway through the school year. 2 new students were added to the class let’s call them Pete and Mark. They were both transferred from a special education class or a class for troubled youth. Either way these two changed the chemistry of the class. Pete was a nice guy and got along with everyone, but he was foolish. He did things and was over the top in the way he acted that it seemed to be an act he was putting on. Our little friend stayed away from him because due to the two face-like actions it would just mean trouble.


Let’s call our little friend OLF for the rest of the story for simplicity.


Mark on the other hand caused OLF a little happiness and then pain. Mark was in a gang just like Dave and OLF found out that Dave was in the Crypts and Mark was in the Bloods. Now these two gangs do not like each other so there was conflict between the two. This caused Dave to forget about OLF for a little bit and focus on Mark. You see Mark had a very dominant alpha male personality just like Dave and he was trying to overthrow him and be the boss of the class. They would argue and usually one of them would get escorted to the dean by security to avoid physical fights.

Unfortunately OLF was stuck sitting next to Mark during one class. Mark being much bigger height and weight wise started to pick on OLF. Now he would say the same things as everyone else, BUT he actually became physical with OLF. Mark used to push OLF around in the hallway and used to randomly punch him in the arm, chest, and legs anywhere he felt like. The first time this happened OLF became scared again and did not say anything.

After awhile OLF balls decided to drop and he told Mark “Take your fat fucking ass and leave me alone you fuck face.”

Heh. OLF could become very ballsy when pushed too much. So Mark just stared at OLF and everyone else seated at the table was in shock. After awhile Mark just said “So the faggot finally mans up” he laughed then said “You aint so bad after all, you got some balls”.

After that things changed. Mark backed off and left OLF alone, but Dave on the other hand got more aggressive and started to hold OLF at knifepoint again and started to take his money.  As the days went on Dave actually became nicer to OLF and to this day OLF never understood why this change happened. 

Dave stopped demanding money from OLF and did not put him at knifepoint anymore he just asked for it nicely. As usual OLF gave out of fear while secretly hating himself and tearing himself apart on the inside. Then OLF started to say no to Dave when asked for money and stand up for himself more.

This cycle went on for the rest of the school year.

Now OLF felt a little better about himself for standing up to Dave, but now all the other kids in the class felt that now that Dave was moving away from OLF it was their turn to make OLF suffer. There were 4 kids who primarily did this and two of them pretended to be nice to him or to be his friend just to get any personal information they can use against him.

An example would be when this kid let’s call him Abdul asked OLF for his screen name on an instant message site. OLF barely used it because he had no friends he only used it once with a relative. So he gave Abdul his information and they would chat about videogames and wrestling also about school. OLF really started to feel better as he thought he finally made a friend in school. Well the next week OLF started getting harassed by the whole class particularly the women.

Now I have not mentioned the women a lot in the narrative so far because they were indifferent to OLF. They were neither nice nor nasty and they formed their own groups and chose not to get involved in “class politics”

However, this time they came at him full force making accusations that OLF was a creep, a pervert, child molester, and they felt uncomfortable with him in the class. OLF had no idea what caused these accusations because he barely spoke to anyone. One of the girls said that OLF instant messaged her with all these nasty pictures and saying very offensive things.

The problem was OLF didn’t even have her screen name; he had NONE of the girl’s screen names. SO how could he message her?
Then OLF asked her “What was the screen name that sent you all these things?”

She said his screen name to him. OLF was confused he knew that he did not send anything to her, but she had his screen name...  what was going on?

Suddenly it hit OLF like a ton of bricks he asked her how the screen name was spelled. That is when he learned that someone took his screen name and replaced the letter I with the number 1... He was so pissed off that someone pretended to be him and insult all these girls just for fun. He knew it was someone from the class and he knew that they were just sitting at their desk laughing at his humiliation not caring what happens.

He knew it was Abdul. Abdul was the only one in the class that he had spoken to in the past week. OLF felt like such a fucking idiot for being manipulated like that. OLF knew he was smarter and craftier then his classmates, but in his loneliness he let his guard down… a mistake that he would repeat later on in his life causing an enormous amount of pain. OLF then decided to fight back and hit Abdul where it hurts not caring about the consequences.

OLF blew up on Abdul tearing him down with horrible insults. However since OLF did not know Abdul on a personal level he resorted to religious, and racial insults to tear him down. The reason he did this was because there was no way Abdul could defend himself from those remarks. 

He did this in the hallway between class periods. All the kids around just watched in silence as OLF went off and because of that he made enemies. Other people of Abdul’s religion and race obviously came to his defense EVEN after OLF explained why he insulted him in the first place. He made enemies from his outburst and at this point he was so bitter and angry he did not care.

Before I go on you might be wondering:

1. “Did all this really happen to OLF?”

2.” I find it hard to believe that one kid is being picked on this much. “

3. “Why didn’t any teachers intervene or anyone report these issues to the dean?”

4. “Maybe OLF deserves it”

5. “OLF should have either transferred schools or got in fights with everyone who picked on him”

6. “The kid should’ve killed himself then if he’s that miserable and hated”


 My answers to these opinions are as follows:


  1. Yes I am just sharing the stories that OLF has told me to the world
  2.  Bullying always happens look at a newspaper kids are killing themselves now because of it. It was less reported back in the day when OLF was growing up
  3. The teachers were in the room, but like I said the class was horrible and caused our old homeroom teacher to change classes out of stress and aggravation. Second of all you can’t force kids to like someone or to stop picking on them because a teacher told you to. Third OLF would have been known as a snitch which is 5x worse than anything else.
  4. Do you think a 12 year old little boy deserves to be treated like garbage just because he looks like an easy target?
  5. There were no other middle schools around OLF’s house except for the catholic one he went to before and his parents could not afford the tuition.  There was no chance that OLF could fight everyone in the class that’s 1 man vs. an entire army he would never win.
  6. He did try to kill himself, but that will be covered in part II of the story.


Now after his outburst OLF was sent to the dean’s office. Apparantley someone reported him to her after his outburst. The dean was very upset with OLF for saying such horrible things and gave him a warning that if this ever happens again he going to be suspended. She did not even ask OLF for his side of the story.


At least Abdul never bothered OLF again. So the school year was almost over and OLF was happy about it he hated 7th grade so much and wanted to get a break from the constant insults.  The home situation was not better as OLF’s family was and still is dysfunctional.  OLF is not a sports star, not charismatic, not athletic, he is not a special human being at all.  Anyway his family was not supportive at all towards him. Then again due to the shit he was going through in school he was not a very happy person to be around.


Fast forward to the end of the year OLF was so glad to be getting away from all these jerks and have some piece of mind. When school ended OLF was actually happy he had a smile all the way home and enjoyed his summer. He still had a very different attitude towards those around him, but internally in his own mind he was at peace.




8th Grade


IT was pretty much the same as 7th grade the only difference is that OLF had to worry about getting accepted to a highs chool and OLF at this time had very average grades because he just was so miserable he did not care about his school work. He just lived inside of his head, not really paying attention to anything around him. He did stand up to that bitch Rosario but, sadly he stopped once he was threatened by her goons and just tried to avoid her.  Also a new kid joined the class let’s call him Emer. Emer was a deliquenent just like Dave and Mark were. Only exception is that Emer never said anything to OLF directly. He just  said things to OLF behind his back.

Anyway there is not much to tell OLF did what he could to get through the day and he just hated life and with all this weight he gained he felt worse about himself than ever. One day a kid from another class who OLF knew a little asked if he wanted to walk with him home since they were going the same way. OLF did not know why the sudden change of heart happened ,but he said yes and kept his guard up. This kid told OLF that he should just get used to being stepped on because not everyone in life is a winner some people are just meant to be stepping stones for others.  OLF was so annoyed that he agreed to walk with this kid because all he did was made OLF feel like shit. After this day that kid never spoke to OLF again.

Actually he met this girl who we will call Darna. Darna was in another class, but in the lunchroom, hallway, and outside of school she saw how OLF was being treated and felt bad for him. So she started to talk to him and try to cheer him up. While talking to Darna OLF found out that she was getting harassed all the time and was known as the school slut. OLF did not see why Darna was viewed as a slut as she did not act like one. OLF thought because Darna had a big ass and big boobs she was made into a target by other girls who were flat-chested  and had no ass.  Anyway Darna and OLf became friends and they would sit next to each other at lunch and hang out before school started on the field.

As the year progressed Darna told OLF that she was dating Emer. OLF warned her that Emer would just make her miserable as he was not good enough for her. She just shrugged and said I like bad boys they are a lot of fun. OLF felt as though she was implying that she didn’t like OLF because he wasn’t a bad boy/tough guy/ asshole. After that Darna started to avoid OLF  and he was left on his own again.

The last story in 8th grade is when OLF finally snapped. After getting picked on for so long OLF snapped at one of his classmates. This classmate will be called Nick. OLF was writing in a notebook and Nick decided to just snatch the book out of OLF’s hand and tease him with it. Suddenly OLF took his pen and stabbed Nick in the neck with it. Immediately the whole lunch table froze and Nick started to cry while OLF just stood there shocked at what he did. OLF just froze and he doesn’t remember what happened  directly afterwards.  About 2 periods later OLF was called into the dean’s office about him stabbing Nick.

First of all OLF could not believe he got in trouble because he never reported them for all the harassment he was suffering through. OLF felt like such an idiot that he did not report his harassment before so he did. OLF’s exact words to the dean were:

“ I’m so fucking sick of this school. I have been getting bullied the whole time I have been in this school and no one ever helped me or had my back.  And these stupid teachers just laugh at me when I get insulted and they don’t even step in to do anything. Now when I get tired of being bullied and fight back I get in trouble this is not fair at all. I fucking hate this school and everyone it I can’t wait to leave. I feel bad that I stabbed Nick , but he should not have taken my book and tease me with it, besides all the insults he has been saying to me throughout the year.”

The dean said that OLF should have came to her about the situation because violence is never the answer. She then called OLF’s parents and took him to the principal’s office. They both decided to give OLF 3 days of in house suspension.  Which meant OLF was stuck in a classroom with one of the dean’s in the basement with other students who have broken the rules. OLF actually enjoyed the three days because he was not made fun of at all as everyone who was in that room did something bad there was some sort of respect there.

So after the three days OLF went back to his normal class and he apologized to Nick and the school year continued. Unfortunately nothing else major happened for the rest of the year until the last week of school.

So OLF’s parent’s forced OLF to apply to the same high school as his sister because it was more convenient if they were both at the same place. So he did and he got accepted. Now at the end of the year all 8th grader’s were signing each other’s year books and taking pictures etc. OLF was surprised when a few girls from his class signed his yearbook and he signed theirs. He was happy because he made it through what he thought was hell and was proud of himself. He also was happy that someone wanted to sign his yearbook.  Now the problem came when some guys from his class wanted to sign his yearbook. Some of them wrote nice things, but the majority just insulted him on his own yearbook. OLF had a feeling that this would happen so he made them sign the final page of his book and when they finished he ripped it out and threw it in the trash.

Finally OLF was feeling good and was ready to start fresh in high school maybe make some friends this time and be happy. The world looked good and he felt the sunshine in his heart.


Submitted: August 06, 2013

© Copyright 2022 DrewtheDark. All rights reserved.

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