Self Infliction

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Submitted: January 14, 2012

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Submitted: January 14, 2012



Torn pages of history forever forgotten in the minds of the ignorant

Lost in the depths of time like sunken treasure

Immortal thought killed off by our own stubborness

The search for knowledge replaced by the lust for pleasure

Our people need comfort and care as well as exaggeration

Our truth is secondary to our selfish purpose

Our truth is painful as well as worth it


My introspection and objectivity is being smothered

I am surrounded by people certain of everything

To the questions with no answers and the laws with no merit

My heroes dying passing on the torch to an unprepared generation

A generation fascinated with feeling well no matter the cost

Whether it be integrity, sanity, or even humanity

We're a lost tribe mistaking mistakes for originality


Self assurance is the death of all progress

As fear is the death of all discovery

Stalling in the place of our predecessors

Acknowledging our strengths instead of fixing our weaknesses

Losing our realization of which our extermination is self inflicted

Prepare your sons and daughters for a hollow apology

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