The new worlds fate

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An Englishman leaves Europe for the Americas, only wanting to live peacefully with hise wife and children. But the new world has other plans in the form of Indians angry about the theft of their land. The story picks up on the second raid a small band of Indians make on his farm.

Submitted: June 04, 2013

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Submitted: June 04, 2013



I had awoke early this morning to prepare food for my kids, sense their mother had passed away it was my responsibility now. As I was finishing up with the furnace and calling to the children to wake up for the day I saw them. The horde running over the hill, tomahawks in hand. The savages that had killed my wife Leesanne, they wouldn't ruin my life again, I came to this new world to get away from opression, and this time I was prepared, I would make them pay. Quickly I grabbed my already loaded muskets, 5 in total and threw them over my shoulder, I grabbed my axe and my sword. I strapped the sword on my belt line and tucked my axe between my hip and belt as I was rushing to the childrens room.

Kids get under your beds, hide and do not make a noise no matter what you hear or what you see. They did as I said, they are good kids and they understand that I have only their best interests in mind. I closed the door to their room and rushed outside as quickly as possible closing the cabin door behind me. By now the savages were just reaching the staked fence surrounding my estate, roughly 100 yards away. I thew the muskets to the ground, grabbed one and took aim. One savage was struggling on the fence and stalling, I drew a deep breathe, stilled myself and fired. A spray of blood shot from his neck as he stumbled to the ground, I threw the musket away and grabbed another. The savages were getting much closer, and I knew instinctively to take the first one before he reached me. I steadied myself once again and shot, the ball missed, but how. I grabbed another musket and took aim as quickly as possible, in a panic state I pulled the trigger. No contact, he continued to run towards me.

I grabbed my axe from my belt, drew back my arm and threw it as steadily and forcefully as possible. The axe hit the savage in his chest, instantly dropping him to the ground. There are still 10 savages left and only one of me, but I came into this fight prepared to win. I drew my sword and ran forwards with no regret, as I approached one of the savages he stopped and waited for me to come to him. I kept running full speed, sword in hand, as I was right upon him he drew his right arm back with a tomahawk in hand prepared to hit me. I jumped to his left side and struck him on his neck with a broad clean swipe, the sword dug into his neck. I landed and pulled my blade from him, there were two savages on top of me at this point. One of them ran at me from the front, at the same instant the other ran at me from the back. I ran directly at the one in front of me, knowing my sword had a much longer reach than his axe I held the sword directly out infront of me. As we drew near, he tried to dodge my blade to the right and come in for a strike with his tomahawk, but I thrust my blade to the right with all my might and the tip of the sword dug deep into his heart. The other savage from behind was appraoching quickly, I could hear his foot steps gaining ever closer, I quickly kicked the half dead savage freeing my sword and turned around with my blade coming at the savage with an arch from over head as he ran at me, in an instant my blade came down upon him and was clean through his skull, cutting his head in half.

There were now 7 savages left, but I only saw 4, I turned around towards the cabin and saw the door open. I had closed the door on my way out. There was nothing I could do at this point but keep fighting, all I can do is hope for the best. I turned around to continue fighting and the 4 savages were retreating. I instantly ran towards the house, the door wide open, I ran in ready for a fight, but there was no fight to be had. The 3 room cabin was completely empty as I could see from point of view from the door. I rushed to my childrens room and looked under the bed, hoping to see my sweet daughter and my first born sons face. But nothing was there, nothing at all. As I knelt by the bed in a confused and troubleing state, I hear the door to the cabin slam. I rush to the door and try opening it,but it's barricaded, I slam my fist against the door, and begin to run towards the only window in the house. The savages had taken my wagon and rolled it along side the house blocking my escape from the window, but through a crack I could see my children being carried off by the savages. I felt a relief that they are alive and at the same time a deep hatred growing inside me. Instantaneously I grab a chair and start to beat against the door, I have no idea what is barricadeing it, but if I have any luck at all it will break through. After several hard and devistating swings I give up on that idea.

Now trapped in the house with no apparent way out, what could I possibley do. My mind racing back and forth, thought after thought. I notice smoke starting to flow into the cabin from cracks in the logs. They lit the cabin on fire, this situation has gone from bad to the worst in a matter of minutes. I can't quit now though, there has to be some way I can escape. As I stand in amazement, I can think of no way to get out alive. The cabin is starting to blaze it is like dry hay for the fire. Still I stand clueless, I realize nothing I do will get me out of the cabin. As fire starts to creep to every part of the cabin, I am moving away from the fire where ever it spreads. At this point im trapped in the corner of my quarters. In an instant I realize, you don't have to escape the fire, you just need to survive it untill the fire creates an escape in the wall. I grab all the blankets from my quarters throw them on the ground, run to my childrens room and grab all of the blankets on the beds and rush them to the pile of blankets in my room. I grab 2 pails of water sitting in the den which I had gathered early that morning for drink and I pour the water on the pile of blankets and sheets. One by one I pull a wet blanket and wet sheet over my body and I lay on the floor. By this time the fire is so hot that i'm starting to sweat and there is almost no air to breathe, I lay there trying to watch for the fire to burn a hole in the wall through all of the smoke. This seems like an eternity I told myself, the fire now every where, seeing almost impossible and the soaked blankets I had wrapped around me were starting to dry out from the heat and burn, and still no sign of an escape. The fire started to creep up the blankets and sheets, I could feel the heat on my skin, If I don't make a move now i'm going to die I told myself. I jumped up as quickly as possible with the blankets still around me, barely giving me any protection. I ran at the point of the wall where the fire had began with all of my might, I slammed against the wall with a hard thud, I could feel my shoulder crack, I desperately run away from the wall and try again, and again. Finally, I felt the wall give way slightly, one last time I back up and rush at the wall with everything I have. It collapses and gives way to the outside. I stand up and run, tearing the blankets and sheets that are fully ablaze off of me.

I stood there in the once green early morning field in front of my cabin, now filled with blood, and death. Covered in my own blood and sweat, my muscles exhausted beyond belief and my body burned all over. I stood there with a bitter sweet peace, a relief to be alive, but at the same time knowing i'm in no condition to chase after my kids. My mind wondered, my eyes have seen so much, but could any one ever understand all that I've seen? There is no answer, but some questions must be asked. Here I am, at the end of the world, where I was suppose to be happy and free from all the horrid in life, now I am left with nothing but despair.

In this current state of mind time seems so trivial and awed before the aftermath that had just taken place. As I look back on my life and the people I love I see nothing but fate, nothing else could have come from the events that had taken place. To be honest, I wish I could go back and change it all. I had so many chances to change how things unfolded, but I suppose that is the essence of fate.

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