"It has begun. For years I have plotted my revenge, no one belevied me. I could have created a better world for everyone. They thought I was sick, twisted, but they have underestimated me. I AM ALIVE!"

Lex's world is turned upsidown when he is dragged into a world he is vying to escape from. Now hunted by ruthless enemies and bloodthirsty mercenaries, he must wage a three way war, with a terrifying secret at its heart; Who would you trust?

Table of Contents

Hand of Darkness

A Preview of a longer peice I will be writing. VERY Genric... and I apologise. Read Chapter

The Virus

“Goddammit!” Jack cursed darkly, looking up from his research around the darkened laboratory. Taking a sip of his coffee, his lips ba... Read Chapter

They're all going to die...

Lex offers an alternative veiw on work life and Alan realizes that the guy on the phone was not a very nice person. Read Chapter