The Darkfire Chronicles:The Heart of Kruul

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Welcome to Milanden a world forged by the dreams of the mythical others by the almighty Dreamwaevers; spirits bound in physical bodies. A world corrupted by the darkness in the hearts of the others. To the east stands the mighty Kruul heart of the vampire empire, in the south the mighty Rokka and beautiful Mryyanden, not forgetting the varuious small cities and the stunning Artine montains. The shadows have set in motion a ploy, one based on a prophecy laid down by the dream weavers, and one that could spell doom for every race on Miladen.
This is a longer story I wrote (15 Pages)so feel free to go easy on this one and take your time! Parts of it I liked parts of it I thought were a bit weak. I would love constructive criticism, As This is still A work in progress And I will edit it as nescescary. I would like to dedicate this to two people who have helped me greatly in my writing, Spell thank you for helping me get this far on the site and taking the time to read my work. Teddy, thank you for putting up with me five days a week and my proof read nagging.

With every leap, every bound he took the darkness ushered him forward. His Thick black trench coat billowed in the night, the blade at his side basking in the cold dusk-light, glinting with anticipation. It was still a virgin blade purchased earlier that day, and had yet to taste the glory it would bring. The shadows writhed around him, a huge seething mass, yet they spoke to him in hushed voices leading him further into its grasp. He was the hunter and the darkness was his prey. The forest was bathed in an un-earthly glow that night. He had arrived at an area where the trees parted allowing ghostly shafts of light to break the otherwise impenetrable canopy. The clarity at which he was now able to distinguish the vivid scenery was startling. The vivid greens of the trees and the thick brown earth almost glowed in the supernatural tendrils of light. It was peaceful here. The Trent-flower, with its blue- red speckled tear shaped leaves, blew gently in the wind, and the fresh dew was already forming in small glistening drops of the leaves and bark of the trees. He paused. A hesitation could cost him his life, he knew that, but above the pleasant, fresh smells of the forest, he could pick up on something far more pungent; rotting flesh. Instinctively he withdrew the blade at his side and without turning plunged it into the darkness over his shoulder. There was a howl of pain and as he withdrew his arm the once silver metal now ran the deepest scarlet. Now the game was on. He closed his eyes, let shadows cloud his mind, guide his blade. He heard grunts and cries of pain as his quarry slashed at him with rock hard talons only to be met with his deadly accurate slashes, but as swiftly as they had come the flurries of attacks halted as his opponent feinted away into the never-ending dark. He felt the impact seconds to late. It was as if someone had punched the air from his lungs, but that wasn’t what frightened him. A cold shock had run through his body, numbing his senses, sending stabbing pains up and down his spine. Whatever had just hit him was powerful, and that, was bad. He had landed sprawled in a blood drenched heap, the earth being forced into his mouth by the impact. He spat out the salty earth-blood mixture and stared up into the cold dead eyes of the fiend before him. It moved with inhuman speed and grace towards him. Its feet padded lightly, its breathing course and rattling. He groped for his sword in-vain. Now it was upon him, crushing his wrist beneath its foot, he let out a strangled cry. Slowly it bent down bringing its face close to his. How quickly had the hunter become the hunted? He had underestimated his prey, and now he would pay the price.
Tears of blood ran down the rotting paintings that lined the wall of the great Kruul Chapel. Gently the Allseer ran his gloved hand over one of the paintings, wiping one of the tears with his finger. He pressed the digit to his tongue, Visions exploded into his mind; He could see his city shrouded in eternal darkness. His high position of power had been diminished; Kruul had been laid to the ground, enveloped by flames. The glittering jewel of the empire had been shattered into a million pieces, and one stood above it, blood-splattered and battle hardened. With a flash the all-seer was back. Struggling to regain his breath he turned to his three associates, the lightening flashing, illuminating the huge, bloody gash in his face. Despite his authority, concern filled his eyes;
“Bring me the Diviner.”
The shadows ruptured, a huge wound in the darkness. Like blood she came forth, vicious like rabid dogs and as unstoppable as death itself. Her wolven grace not even matched by that of the creature she was fighting. The creature turned, releasing its grip on its prey, facing the newcomer. It bared its large teeth, saliva dripping from the maw, blood red tongue flicking uncontrollably. Never stopping her relentless charge, she drew two daggers from her side, both glinting lustrously in the insipid light. Coming in for a side maneuver she swerved around, bringing the dagger hacking towards the creature, she ducked to dodge the frenzied blows, missing the soft pale flesh by inches. Now the creature swung its huge diamond hard claws towards its new adversary ripping into her shoulder as she tried to dodge the attack. Blood dribbled out of the wound, proving a trying distraction. Her attacks became more frenzied, flashes of blades diving towards the monstrosity’s fleshy tissue, each time they were batted away as you would bat away a fly. Growing tired, she let out a cry of frustration, taking it head-on, she dived towards it. With about as much effort as it took to blink, it smashed her to the floor. She let out a cry as she smacked into the soft earth, blood rushed into her mouth. Screaming to resist the temptation, her Canines began tingling, a horrible sensation rushing through her body; she stared up into the eyes of her attacker. The creature bellowed in triumph; it grabbed her around the throat, digging its claws into her neck, and brought her up into the air close to its grotesque face. She could see the huge pupils in dead sagging eyes, and blue veins pulsate under its pale white skin. She took a deep breath and spoke slowly and calmly although in a strangled voice;
The creature genuinely looked bewildered, as if it actually knew what she was saying… No it couldn’t could it
Still clutching her daggers she drew them in a bloody arc across the creature’s neck, slitting its throat. The creature’s eyes bulged in their sockets and it let her fall to the ground. landing elegantly on one knee she looked up to see the creature grasping its throat; drowning in the air, it lurched forward, its mouth a gushing scarlet fountain then with a nauseating crack the hell-spawn fell dead.
The hunter lay sprawled on the floor, his broken arm throbbing painfully. The girl stood over him; she looked young, eighteen or nineteen no more, her long blonde hair fell in wavy locks down to her hips, her large green eyes gazed down at him whimsically. Her pale skin contrasting with the long, steaming red and black medieval style dress she wore; He had to admit she looked very pretty. She was still clasping the two daggers; their hilts formed ornate mosaic serpents writhing and twisted, their blades stained by the blood of her fallen enemy. Her face broke into her usual coy smile as she bent down,
“Need a hand?”
“Ha, bloody, ha.”
“Thanks would have been nice!”
“Just… Help me up”
She reached down and supporting him under one arm, hoisted him up. When he found his feet again using one arm to support his broken one he turned to her.
“Looks like hose daggers came in handy.”
“Yeah, much more effective than that claymore you insist on dragging around. Why don’t you get some they’re much better, promise.”
“Thoughts to yourself assassin!”
“Speaking of thoughts…” She turned to the corpse lying in the clearing, “… What the hell was that?”
“Well it definitely wasn’t a wolf; it’s a Bloodmoon it would have turned. Vampire?”
“No, there was no connection. Even if it was, why would it be this far from Kruul?”
“You’re right… They wouldn’t try again would they? I mean, not after last time.”
“Definitely not…” The hunter could see the flames in her eyes, it was a sensitive topic; he should not have brought it up.
“It’s not your fault Archie, so don’t even for one second pretend it is. I wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for you. The blood is on the Allseer’s hands, and so is every drop I have spilled in the last five years…” She began to stumble on her words, tears started to well in her eyes and she pulled him into an embrace. She sobbed quietly and after a few minutes pulled away.
He put his hand on her shoulder, “I’m going to help you get him Lizzie.” He glanced across at the body again vying to change the subject, “So! What is that then?” He strode across to the body and let out a strangled gasp. Shaking his head he strode over to her; “One small problem.”
“You…Hic! ...You’re my besht friend, did you know that? Hic!”
The bar they were sitting in was small, cramp and stank of urine.The dimly lit interior suited the rough crowd that gathered here. An Ork sat in the corner draining yet another glass of some vile black concoction apparently called Pigzbladder; Elizabeth wanted to know neither how it got its name nor what went into it. Several dwarfs sat in another corner playing a rather unsavory gambling game that involved smashing your opponent’s around the head with a large club made of Garooth tusk. Apparently the last one alive was the winner. Many other shady characters were littered around the bar, trying to barter wares or services. And now the only person who she could trust was so hammered he could barely order another drink. The bartender, a shaggy haired elf with various scars and bruises, had reluctantly begun to understand that if Archie raised his arm it meant ‘Bring me another drink.’ Great. The bartender moved behind her.
“Anything for you luv’?”
“No thanks, unless you have anything for that.” She motioned to her perpetually drunk friend.
“Well, I could run out to the stable and get you a bucket of cold water.”
She removed several gold coins from her purse and pressed them into the bartender’s hand. The bartender disappeared out of a door in the back of the shop; meanwhile Archie had broken into sing some unrecognizable song;
“Shixty-five gold penniesh…And one man dead,
Then there would be Shixty-eleven… No,no,no Shixty…Shixty…”
The bartender reappeared with the bucket as promised which she swiftly emptied the bucket onto Archie. He gasped as the cold water ran down his face and soaked his clothes. Then began to groan and clasped his head in his hands,
“You have no remorse, do you?”
“Better now than in the morning.” She looked at him as usual her eyes glittered, even in the dim light, “Do you even know what you were drinking?”
“No but it tasted like crap.”
“When you said we would be going out to celebrate, this isn’t exactly what I had in mind.”
“I know… I’m sorry. Look, I’ll make it up to you; I’ll book us in a nice comfy inn tonight before we go to Mrryanden tomorrow.”
“Mrryanden… any idea what we’ll be doing there?”
“Well the count said it was being terrorized by a werewolf. By my calculations the Bloodmoon will still be with us by the time we get there so be prepared for a fight.”
“Should be fun… So how much did we make here?”
“About seventeen gold coins. .”
“Well that makes a change from getting paid next to nothing.”
“The count of Rokka has more money than sense. Still, we slew his monster and we’ll need to use quite a lot of money for the inn tonight and our journey tomorrow.”
Elizabeth leant in, speaking in a quite voice, “Speaking of the monster, did you work out what it was?”
“Well that’s the thing. I think it was Human.”
“A victim of a blood-rite or something?”
“I don’t know. That’s what’s irritating me!”
“Well, well, well. What have we here?” The snide voice was all too familiar. “If it isn’t the hunter and the assassin; two little children way out of their league.”
Archie turned to face the half-Ork, “Lucien,” He spat, “I’m sorry did we rob you of your prize.”
Lucien’s dark eyes flashed with anger. “With some difficulty so I hear! You were merely quicker to the mark. I would have dealt with the monster without hindrance had I been facing it. You know I’m surprised the count made this a commercial hunt, and not just hire me to deal with the beast; I suppose he wanted speed not skill.”
Elizabeth spoke now “He didn’t hire you because he wanted the job done, and not some bag of hot air to sit there talking about it. The count may not have much sense, but he has more than enough to now that you could not possibly kill. You don’t have the skill or the stomach.”
The anger in Lucien’s eyes quickly Burned into rage. With a blood curdling cry he grabbed Elizabeth by her throat. “You little freak! How dare you insult me!” Then he stopped feeling the cold metal to his throat. Archie had the knife directly over his jugular; all he had to do was press. Archie’s tone was unnervingly calm;
“Don’t you ever touch her, or talk to her like that; because if you ever do, I’ll kill you.”
Lucien let go of her. After Archie removed the knife and a hand gesture from the bartender, he haughtily stalked out of the bar. Elizabeth twisted around rubbing her neck,
“Don’t mention it. Now we’re even.” He turned to the bar tender “I’ll give you half a gold coin if you bar him.”
“Dun’! We don’t need people like ‘im around here”
He gave the bartender a shiny coin then turned to Elizabeth;
“Come on, we should get a rest.”
The Allseer sat in a small room facing the Diviner. The air was laden with thick exotic spices and incenses. Behind him all seven Shadowseers shifted uncomfortably in the tight space. The Diviner’s pupil-less white eyes rolled in their sockets, her hair strewn around her face. She murmured quietly to herself for a few minutes then let out a high pitched squeal. She began to ramble in an unusually high voice.
“Look… See it! See Kruul fall! Watch as it is buried in it’s own ash! Oh and who is this!” The Allseer leant forward hanging on her every word “She is returning! Coming back to us! And they die! All eight will be dead! ” She began twitching uncontrollably. “No… That’s not possible…” She began to writhe in pain knocking over the incense burners and chairs that stood in her way. “They wouldn’t…” Her final scream was accompanied by a flash of blinding light. One of the Shadowseers made their way over to her corpse and lifted up her head by the hair.
“She’s burned out.”
The Allseer’s wise, old features twisted with concern. “Meaning”
“She saw something someone didn’t want her to see.”
The Allseer couldn’t hide his fear. The humans had magic, as did they, but a full on psychic assault… This was magic beyond his wildest dreams. Whatever the humans had done, gotten hold of, they had to be stopped. Before they killed everyone. He turned to the Shadowseers. “We mobilize, tonight.”
When Archie and Elizabeth arrived at the inn, as promised they rented out the comfiest room. This only had one bed. As the bar has been Archie’s choice he set about making the floor as comfy as possible as Elizabeth settled down on the bed. One Archie had finished his pillows-straw-trench coat compilation he settled down for a nights sleep.
Elizabeth watched as the flames enveloped hose after house. The creatures flew from the darkness; enveloping all they saw, killing everyone. Her mother grabbed her hand, pulling her towards the house. She saw the soldiers being torn to pieces on the spot, their silver tipped spears doing little to the malevolent creatures who fed upon the copses of their fallen foes. The flames licked higher and higher throughout the town, the smoke blotting out the sun, creating an artificial night for the creatures to thrive. Her mother was tugging harder now, running faster and faster. Bloodthirsty cries of glee and harrowing pleas fro mercy echoed behind them. The door of the house lay smashed of its hinges and the dark rotting deenwood creaked uncertainly under her feet. She knew the house was no sanctuary, it would, like the rest go up in flames. However this seemed a better death than the ruthless creatures offered outside. The shadows flickered and moved involuntary, aching with the evil they concealed. Something was following them she was sure of it, hunting them from the shadows. A shot of cold adrenaline ran through her; for the first time she was terrified. Terrified for her life.
Lucien pushed his way through the dark streets of Rokka, hesitating to touch the scum, drunks, tramps and beggars as he came to them. Filthy creatures! He was above them all; He was to them, what men were to Gruuk and Bultaag. Bring a half-Ork himself he had some empathy towards the cruel way men treated the green-skins, but then again, it wasn’t hard to see why. They were stupid, brutish and overly callas. He just thanked the gods his father had slept with a human, this left him in a prime position, the intelligence and cunning of the humans and the great strength being an Ork provided. The slight greenish tint to his skin, and the protruding two bottom teeth was a necessary sacrifice on his part, but he did not care. The figures were waiting for him; they stood motionless in the alley, to him looking like they weren’t even breathing. Then one spoke;
“You have done as we asked?”
“I have.”
The figure plucked a knife from its sheath, and brought it through the air severing a small pouch from his side. As the pouch hit the floor Lucien heard the dull chink of the money cushioned by the Gruuk hide. Then the figure spoke again.
“Stay close half-Ork. We may have need for you yet.”
Lucien watched his patrons fade away into the shadows. He didn’t know who they were, but they paid him well. Not just in money, something that ran far deeper. Revenge.
The cold sensation gripping Archie was unbearable. He tossed and turned sweating uncontrollably. Shakily he awoke. He found himself slumped on the floor a few feet from where he had actually gone to sleep. The cold sensation playing on his mind, he heard a hissed voice from across the room.
Slowly he looked up; Elizabeth was lying on the bed, a vacant glazed expression on her face. He could see her eyes uncharacteristically filled with fear.
“I had a bad dream.”
Archie was on his feet;
“But I thought”
“We don’t… Why did you save me?”
“Excuse me?”
“Why did you save me?”
“Was the dream about… By the gods I’m sorry”
“Just answer my question.”
“My job is to kill the monsters, save the people.”
“But I am a monster.”
“You are not a monster! Now listen…” He felt the skin on the back of his neck pickle and His eyes scanned the darkened room for any signs of danger, once he was sure it was clear, he turned back to her. “When I was fighting that thing in the woods earlier, I felt a cold stabbing sensation as it touched me. It was then I knew this was powerful. But I had no idea of just how powerful, whatever is doing this, it has power of an unfathomable proportion. To cause you to dream and to cause me to feel that same dark, cold sensation… and we don’t even know what’s happening” He smashed his fist on the floor. Then he turned his head. “Bugger.” The door shattered in to a million sharp, tiny pieces. Archie jumped over Elizabeth protectively as several of the small sharp wooden splinters shot towards her like bullets. Archie turned to the creature in the doorway, puling several of the splinters from his back.
“Now” He growled “I’m really pissed”
The creature’s plaid skin seemed to pulsate in the light, blue veins rippling like worms under it. Its large black eyes sat above two slits carved in its face for a nose. Blood red lips parted to reveal two huge canines and a lolling forked tongue flicking out, tasting its next victims. It had a huge frame, encased by muscle and cartilage, giving the skin a papery texture. Equally making it hard to kill. Archie searched hopelessly for his sword, but it was no where to be seen. Come on Archie Improvise, He racked his brain for ideas, knowing the creature would only size him up for so long. Then it attacked. It flew at him, baring teeth and claws outstretched, honing in on its helpless foe. Archie swerved around the attack, grabbing a long, sharp piece of wood; he wedged it into the creature’s underbelly, causing it to cry in pain. Ripping it out again he went at the monster full on, sliding under the claws as they came around fill circle. Rising up in front of it he smashed the wood over its head with a rather gratifying crack, causing the nostrils to dribble scarlet and the monster to stagger back.
“Bite me.”
The creature whiled round kicking the wood from his grasp, before he had time to react he was hurled off of his feet into the wall. His eyes flashed, white hot rage. He felt the power building beneath his skin.
“That’s the way you want to play it?” He raised his fingers “Fine!” He concentrated all the energy into his finger tips. It surged through his body, powering his senses. Feeling the influence make his skin crawl, he unleashed a blinding fury of power; small blazing shards of light launching from his fingers, the creature stared in stunned silence as the shards razed it to the ground. He fell to the floor exhausted, drained and looked at the bloody mess before him.
Elizabeth stared at him, trying to understand what had just happened.
“Archie… You can use magic?”
He turned to her fatigued and weak, “Apparently.” He stood up his legs shaking. “If we have to fight another one of those…”
“I thought you liked hunting monsters”
“Well I wouldn’t mind, but they’re so bloody hard to kill.” His face wrinkled as a sudden thought hit him; “More importantly, what was it doing here?”
“It was almost as if it was…”
“Tracking us? Yes I got that idea.”
Suddenly they heard screams from outside their inn room;
“Vampires! Their army is here! Run for your lives.”
Both Elizabeth and Archie felt a chill run down their spine. Suddenly it became clear.
The Dreamweavers stared down at their work, wondering where it had gone wrong. They watched the stillness of the good thousand strong army that stood before the gates of an innocent city, they watched as a single Dakla brid flew over the darkened straits of some deserted ruins it’s eight eyes scanning the landscape for small animals as its prey, The shadows seeping onto the world from every direction, they watched the world turn once, twice, thrice. Now as it seems the shadows were beckoning them too. They had done all they could. In a sense this was their doing, one prophecy laid everything to rest, the darkest time would come. True to their vision it had come. The Dreamweavers sighed, their purpose was served for what was about to happen was beyond their control. One by one, the Dreamweavers looked into the void, each dropping dead in turn, a lifeless shell. Even immortals can die.
Lucien stood in the shadows outside of the inn, watching vaguely as the action unfolded through the window. After a few minutes of desperate combat the whole room glared with violent light. Lucien did not know quite what that meant, but he was pretty sure Archie was dead. Chuckling to himself, he strolled down the dark alleys of Rokka, tossing the moneybag up in the air and catching it. He could see several shady characters eying the moneybag but thinking better of their actions after seeing the huge great sword he had at his side and his large build. He should go to the bar to celebrate, perhaps try something a little more, lucrative. Not only had his clients given him enough money to last a life time, they had also given him the privilege of watching his arch enemy’s death.Life was good. He swiveled around, what was that? Running back out into the street, he saw a woman screeching uncontrollably, something about the Vampires. His heart skipped a beat; This would be very impeding for his employers if this spread, they hated the vampire cause, and if anyone found out about the Vampires hiding outside Rokka, It would hinder their plans to scour it out. Keeping to the shadows, he pulled out a bow. Carefully removing an arrow from his bag, its tip dipped in a lethal Hemaphine concoction, and notched it on the string. Aiming he drew back the bow string.
The Allseer strolled into the main tent. The shadowseers were already there.
“She is here, my spies confirm it.”
The Shadowseers looked at him and spoke, “We should attack.”
The Allseer smashed his fist against the table, “I will not attack until the humans know we are here and we have discussed some other means too achieve our ends. War is only last minute.”
“Your values are too old fashioned master.”
The seething Allseer stormed from the tent. He valued honor, righteousness and courage not Evil, Ruthlessness and ignorance.
They erupted from the inn onto the street. Dead. Everyone was dead. As they made their way down to the ground floor of the inn everyone had been slaughtered, innocents lying in pools of their own blood. It made them sick. Elizabeth gasped; a body was lying in the street sprawled across the floor, limbs hanging limply from their joints. She could see the tears welling in Archie’s eyes as he too saw the body.
In the dark she could still see pale spirals of deep purple radiating from the body, “Hemaphine.”
“Hemaphine. Whoever did this used Hemaphine.”
“Lucien… I’m going to kill him. KILL HIM! CAN YOU HEAR ME YOU HALF ORK BASTARD!” Archie was working himself up, and if what Elizabeth had just seen was true and not her mind playing tricks on her, that would be bad. Very bad. That is for just about everything within a twelve mile radius of him.
He looked up at her, his eyes filled with sorrow, fear and confusion.
“…I’m going to help you get him.”
“I’m sorry.” He pulled himself up, his voice returning to its usual cool stature. “This means Lucien must be playing for the vampires, and if they are already here we are in deep trouble.”
“The Allseer…”
“If the vampire army is here he will be as well.”
“We need to speak to the count of Rokka. Now.”
The journey to the palace was hassle free, both keeping on guard in case of an attack.
“So, what were those monsters?”
Archie looked around; she had just asked the question that had been baffling him all night.
“Powerful. They were new to me, but the Vampires have clearly done something wrong, very wrong. Those things could trigger sensual glands in the body, making me feel a rush of cold every time one touched me, and as for making you dream…”
The came to a corner, the darkness cast into light by Archie using his new found powers to make a small fire in his hands.
“Since when could you use magic?”
“I don’t know. There was once when… Never mind. I just felt angry, and solely bent on stopping that thing from killing anyone else… It just happened I suppose.”
“It doesn’t just happen Archie, you were chosen for something.” Her eyes flickered for a moment then she just had to ask “Dose that hurt?” She motioned to the fire in his palms.
He gave her a toothy grin; “Asbestos fingers!”
The palace was unmistakable, the huge brooding structure shot out of the ground like an ulcer. The count sat behind his magnificent table, spread with all manner of exotic foods. As they burst in, blood-splattered and weary, he turned his head. Some unidentifiable mat in hand, he spat at them across the table,
“Ah, Well is it isn’t…” He trailed off “Isn’t… Is that right…? Oh yes; if it isn’t my little monster hunting friends. Come take a seat, there’s plenty of Pigzbadder to go around, but don’t touch the food; that’s mine!”
“Actually your lordship, we came to talk to you…” Archie tried desperately to catch his breath. “The vampire army is here.”
The count bellowed with laughter, “Here? At Rokka? Funny little man I’nt you”
Elizabeth tried now, “They have tried to assassinate us twice, please, you have to help us.”
It didn’t take an Ork to see the honesty in her eyes when she said this. Slowly he rose, A huge stupid grin spreading across his face, “Bring me Skull-Krusha.”
Lucien proceeded carefully down the alleys, fearing he may step in something rather unsavory. He still couldn’t believe it, after all these years, his revenge exacted. At first he thought the shadowy figures were mad, rambling about some prophecy or other, but then they saw into his soul. They poked around until they found what he really wanted.Then a sudden wave of guilt hit him, he remembered back to the times when they had been friends, partners, hunting and slaying monsters together. They had killed the vampire scourge of Turdaal, slain the brutal Wolf-man of the Artine Mountains. He shook it off, what Archie had done to him was unforgivable.
As the figures blended from their hiding places into view, he involuntarily gasped. The first of the figures spoke;
“There has been a problem”
Lucien looked stunned, “Nothing major I hope”
“The humans have been alerted to the Vampire presence.”
“But I… That means… Archie.”
“Yes. He survived”
“We’re going to need you in the final battle Half-Ork. Only those two could ruin everything we have set out to do.”
“How will I know when you need me?”
“You will know.”
Lucien turned to leave nodding his head respectfully, and then turned, “This time let me deal with Archie myself. I get the job done.”
The figures did not reply just stared past him blankly, taking this as his cue to leave, he sauntered off in the direction he had come.
“This was not as the Dreamweaver’s foretold.”
The first figure turned to the one that spoke, “Do not fear brother, this can only further our cause; the complete destruction of both the human and the vampire races!”
The alley was filled with dark cackles until, one by one; they melted away into the abyss.
The armies stood, facing one another. It was day now and the bright sun shone down on the soon-to-be battlefield, illuminating the three leaders who stood at the head of the Rokka army, and the eight seers in front of the Vampire army. Archie and Eizabeths stood next to the count of Rokka, who was clasping his gold and iron trimmed war hammer, the aptly named Skull Krusha. Elizabeth had her daggers, both seemed to be lusting for blood, and Archie had his sword, sheathed at his side. The count had managed to muster an army of surprising numbers in one night, nearly outnumbering the Vampires 2:1. But Archie knew numbers were nothing in an all-out war against these monsters, and as he looked around his heart fell to his shoes, many of the number were dressed in simple attire, not even carrying simple armor to protect them. They had all been issued weapons with a thin flimsy silver blade; enough to kill a vampire, but brittle and easily broken. The vampires on the other hand, although their numbers scarce, had come dressed in fine gowns and robes, armed with glittering swords, axes and scythes. He knew these were not just simple Vampires, but lords, each with their own house and arms. Their milky white complexion and brooding red eyes gave them the appearance of feral, rabid animals. But he knew these were much more, Cunning, devious, completely devoted to the Allseer. The count trod forward, Archie began to follow but was waved away, The Allseer also began to move forward towards the count, meeting him halfway.
“Why you Here?” The Ork spat.
“Forgive me, your lordship, we mean you no harm. We only wish to ask you a favor.”
“Let me hear.”
The Allseer whispered in the counts ear for a few moments, then the count withdrew horrified and spat,
“Over my dead body!”
“Then I’m sorry. Truly I am, for any blood spilled in this battle.”
The count waited for the Allseer to get back to his army and cried,
The battle had begun. The skill and speed of the count as he dispatched two Vampires with one swing of Skull Krusha spurring his men onwards. The ruthless hacking and smashing as man took on beast was overwhelming. Elizabeth brought her dagger up severing one of the Vampire’s head from its body; Bringing her dagger around again she punctured another’s lung, the silver going to work instantly. Archie’s colossal sword was also getting some action, as he effortlessly split a vampire’s head in two.
“Where’s the Allseer?” Elizabeth cried to him.
“I think he went inside that tent.” Archie yelled back motioning to the Vampire’s Portable HQ. “Duck!” He cried as a vampire loomed from the shadows behind her, she did so slicing her daggers into its legs making it howl in pain and fall to the floor, allowing Archie to bring his sword down into its neck puncturing the tissue. “Go! Quickly!” He cried, as more of the creatures began pouring down upon them. The battle was looking bad, a mysterious enemy was hacking down their men as if it were squashing bugs, and even the count’s Vampire smashing could not keep the men’s morale up for much longer. Elizabeth ran towards the tent as fast as her legs could carry her, meanwhile Archie, now alone watched in horror as one of his men were punctured lifted up and tossed to one side as if they were nothing. Archie stared into the eyes of the killer, a flash of cold malice stirred within him. Then the Killer spoke,
“Hello, old friend.”
The Allseer turned his head as Eizabeth entered he tent, The Shadowseers stood in one corner mumbling to themselves incoherently.
“Elizabeth. We have been expecting you” The Allseer’s gentle voice surprised her, was this wise old man, the one responsible for the death of her family, her friends. Was this the man that killed her?
She drew her daggers, slightly phased, “You… I… Must kill you…”
He smiled a weary, old smile, “I thought as much.” He pulled open his robe revealing his chest. “Do it.”
“Is that it? All this time, I have been waiting for revenge, biding my time, waiting in the shadows, and this is it?”
“Revenge? My dear, why could you possibly want revenge; the prophecy says you will become the greatest Allseer of all time, which is why I surrender myself to you. What is this about revenge?”
“The attack on Llyanden, the attack you ordered. I lost everything, my family, my friends, my life…” she fingered the bite marks in her neck. “That is why I have speant all this time hunting you down… to kill you.”
“I ordered no such attack”
“No, I did.”
Elizabeth and the Allseer turned in stunned scilence to the Shadowseers, The first stepped forward.
“You ordered an attack, without my consent?! HOW DARE YOU!”
“Silence Old man!” He turned to Elizabeth, “I ordered the Attack to create her. You don’t think I hadn’t seen this? Fool! She will become the greatest weapon of destruction that ever lived. Under my command! For I am the Grandseer! The most powerful Vampire to have ever lived!”
The Vampire ripped back his cowl to reveal the sickly pale face beneath; a large golden crown sat atop his shaven head.
Despite the impending danger the Alseer never one faltered “I never wore a crown.”
“You were never a king!” The monster giggled, “Now kill the old man.”
“The Dreamweavers will stop you!”
“Oh the Dreamweavers! They have been taken care of! How shall I put it… Converted to our means”
Ellizaeth felt a chill ran down her spine, those creatures they fought, they were the Dreamweavers, perverted and mutated beyond belief.
“The rest committed suicide before I could get to them, but worry not! Meet the new six Dreamweavers!” He waved absentmindedly at the six other shadowseers. “Now kill him!
Elizabeth screamed as the six remaining Shadowseers formed a silent ring of death around the Allseer, and watched in horror as six daggers punctured him over and over again, leaving a mangled bloody mess in their wake. The Grandseer turned to Elizabeth
“So will you join us? You could become one of the greatest Vampires alive! Join me!”
“Shame. Kill her.”
Without hesitation the Shadowseers rounded on her.
“Now, if you’ll excuse me I have to be back in Kruul soon. I have a new race to build, and two old ones to wipe out.”
As he left he Shadowseers laughed coldly their blades glinting…
Lucien’s Axe curved towards Archie’s head, missing by inches. The Half-Ork cried out in desperation, and brought the Axe around again. Archie’s razorblade sword moved swiftly towards Lucien, reflecting the malice in his eyes. Both of the men, filled with rage and vengeance.
“I owe you for what you did to that Civilian.”
“And I owe you for what you did to me.”
Axe and sword crashed again, sending sparks flying.
“By the gods, you really don’t remember do you?!”
Archie’s blade caught Lucien’s armor with a heavy clunk and bounced to one side.
“Remember what, you abandoning me to die in the hands of some spider Daemon!”
Lucien’s axe once again cut through the air, Archie dived out of the way.
“You think I abandoned you! That hit to the head must have done you more damage than I could fathom!”
Lucien Paused In confusion, Archie’s words made no sense. He remembered it clearly, the contract, from an anonymous client, was to slay a huge spider daemon, summoned from the very depths of hell itself. They had supplied at a nearby village and set out the next day. They found the beast in a cave, gorging itself of the flesh of a child. They had launched attack after attack onto the beast, but it wouldn’t seem to die. Then it grabbed him, he cried to Archie for help. A look had crossed Archie’s face, it was unrecognizable… A mix of anger, fear and helplessness. Then he ran. He ran away, Lucien was not sure what he resented him more for; abandoning him or the contract. Then he blacked out. When he awoke he was laying in a bed, a woman tending to his wounds, a passing adventurer had found his body lying there and taken it to the village, it was a wonder it was alive.
“You actually think I would do that! Allow me to enlighten you! When the Daemon grabbed you I felt angry, pure white hot rage. I felt it surge through me, taint my blood.The power collated, making itself home in my fingertips. Somehow I knew what to do, raising my hand I let the power disburse, killing the creature outright, but leaving you unharmed. Who do you think that adventurer was that carried you to the village? And when I came back for you, you had left. Left in a fit of rage. I have been trying to tell you this all these years, and now look what you have done. Given the enemy information, help. Innocent people will die because of you! You have abandoned your duty for petty revenge!”
Lucien looked stunned, he let his axe fall to the ground, and fell to his knees, tears welling in his eyes.
“You… You… saved me?”
Archie stood over him and offered his hand down to him. “So, whose side are you on?”
Elizabeth stared in horror as the Shadowseers moved for her. Their daggers and hands drenched with the Allseer’s blood.
“Get away from her you Jack asses!”
There was an explosion of light as a bolt of pure light buried itself in the one of the Shadowseers. He instantly crumpled to the ground. Another fell as an axe split its head down the middle, blood and brain oozing all over the blade. Archie and Lucien stood united as they hacked down the unsuspecting Shadowseers. The Shadowseers looked at Lucien; “What are you doing?!!”
“Choosing a side.”
Elizabeth was not slow to react killing another two with her daggers. The remaining two had become wary to the surprise attacks. Archie turned to Elizabeth. He could see into her mind, feel her emotions, and see what had unfolded here. “Elizabeth! Go to Kruul! Stop the Grandseer!” She nodded and fled the tent, heading for the final battle. Archie turned to Lucien,
“Just like old times!”
They took on the remaining Shadowseers one-on-one. Lucien’s Hack and slash routine proving hard for the Vampire to block, Archie’s swift brutal sword one moment on top the next the Vampire had the upper hand. Archie brought his sword across the vampires face cutting deep into the flesh, the monster crumpled instantly. Lucien let out a howl of pain as the Shadowseer’s dagger cut into his side puncturing his lung. Archie’s sword was brutal for revenge slashing around the Shadowseer’s neck killing it instantaneously. He looked down over Lucien’s body; the Half-Ork’s voice was horse.
“The Dreamwaevers decided my fate the moment I was born. Now I will pay for the evil I have caused. I…Am…Sorry…” Lucien took one last final rattling breath and died. Archie bent down and closed Lucien’s eyes.
“Sleep well… My brother.”
Krull was burning. It was all too familiar for Elizabeth, the death, destruction, killing and the lack of mercy. Now it was her turn to stride through the street, seeing the vampire’s for what they really were; Nothing. She was the savior, he was the demon. This ended now. The huge chapel that lay in the center of Krull was the only building untouched by this devastation. The huge throne forged from blood, bones and fire sat in the centre, the familiar figure sitting upon it.
“Elizabeth, Welcome!”
She glared at him her eyes practically burning in her skull; “All of this time, I thought it was the Allseer I was destined to kill. And all this time it was really you.”
“Don’t be like that; I have given you eternal life! Join me! It’s your last chance!”
“Archie gave me eternal life, not you! Oh by the way Your Shadowseers are dead. Look’s like your games up!”
“Meh. They were useful to an extent; they got me power and allies, spurred on by the belief that they might become Dreamweavers. Hah! No! That position is reserved for me, and me alone! All eight will die. The last metaphorically, for he will become something much more, much more than that pathetic Allseer ever could!”
“He was much more of a leader than you will ever be, had a longer rule as well by my reckoning.”
With a cry of rage the Grandseer leapt from his throne onto her. Smashing her into the wall of the chapel. She struggled to get up, but he gripped her by the throat and sent her crashing into an intricate mosaic, shattering it instantly. Elizabeth felt her canines tingle, elongate, her eyes writhed as a heat blazed behind them turning her pupils yellow.
“Yes! That’s it Embrace the vampire within you!”
She leapt at hum, slashing his face with her long nails. He retaliated raking his claws through her shoulder. Toppling back, she let the wind take her and she disappeared in a flurry of shadows.
“Very impressive!” the Grandseer chided as he circled the hall. In another flurry she was back, making a connection between her foot and his head. Staggering around with amazing speed he plucked her from the air and smashed her to the floor again.
“My, my… Is this what passes for fighting these days?”
She ripped up and round giving him an upper cut to the jaw, making him bite his tongue off. He roared in agony as he spat out the detached muscle, meanwhile she smashed her foot into his jaw, sending him sprawling. Very slowly she moved over to the limp body. She could hear the voice in her head, “Go on, Bite me… Or don’t you have it in you.”
Standing over him, she could smell the blood; she could so easily embrace her dark side. Gorge herself on her prey, become one with the dark. But she spoke clearly and calmly to herself. Never. She drew her silver dagger, and plunged it into the figure on the floor. Revenge was sweet.
“You were right about one thing.” She whispered, “I was the greatest weapon of destruction to have ever lived…” She stood to leave the hall “… To you.”
When the news of the death of the Allseer reached the lines; the battle was all but won. The vampire’s morale was broken, and the swarm army was all too much, they conceded defeat and retreated to the dark lairs from which they came. Hissing and cursing, unaware that this loss had saved all of their lives. The count of Rokka raised his head, bellowing like a bloodhound. He had smashed the vampires to a pulp, leaving no one satnding, for he had seen somthing lying amongst the rubble that no one should ever have to see. The count of Rokka had stared down upon the lifeless body of his son. The half-ork prince.
Archie stared out at the dark rock face, wondering what to do next.
“Hey.” An older looking, but still very young and beautiful woman came and perched next to him. He looked at her for a few moments and then smiled,
“Well, well, well Elizabeth… Stunning as usual. I take it the new Dreamweaver granted your wish then.”
“Yep, 100% human now.”
“Any hint’s to who the new Dreamweaver is?”
“Let’s just say it’s an old friend.”
She grinned at him, “Oh by the way I worked out how you use your magic”
“Really? How?”
“You use it not because you are angry but to protect the ones you love.”
”Great. I get cool powers and they are only good for something cheesy.”
“So, where next."She stared over to him grinning sardonicly, "There's a monster is'nt there?"
He grinned too; "Hell there's a monster!"
"You do realise I'm mortal now right, If I die I'm going to kill you."
He rapped his fingers on his side, gazing down from the rock face to the rubble below him, "Why did you bring me here?"
She cocked her head to one side, "I want to know everything."
"Everything. What happened on the day I died?"
Archie sighed, His heart strings tugging uncontrolably, tears welling in his dry eyes, Slowly he raised hishead giving a small sad smile "Well... Where do I begin..."

Submitted: January 29, 2010

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Okay, I haven't read it all yet – I'm about a third of the way through – but I simply can't wait to comment. I am utterly amazed by this story so far! I love it in every sense of the word! Bravo! The plot is completely captivating, the characters are wonderfully interesting, and the action is intense and vivid. (As you can tell by my blatant abuse of the exclamation mark key, I rather like it :D). It's really late here right now but I will finish reading this as soon as I possibly can. Amazing work! Oh, and thank you for the dedication ^__^ This is such a great story so I feel completely honoured. I can't wait to read the rest!

Fri, January 29th, 2010 11:03pm


Thanks! Don't worry I understand, this is loooooooooooooong. I can't realy grasp the idea of a short story. So anyway thanks for reading and thanks for the great comment.

Sat, January 30th, 2010 8:35am


Loved it! This was so full of action, suspense and mystery that I was literally on the edge of my seat throughout. There were a few small typos and grammatical faults, but they didn't detract from the piece that much. I really must commend you on this! Incredible work :) I know the challenge limiting yourself to a "short" story can be – both of mine are far too long :D However, I think that, unless you're a truly exceptional writer, it's difficult to get the depth and suspense into your story in the space of a couple of thousand words. Therefore, I'm all for long short stories, and yours has to be one of the best I've ever read! I'd give it two Likes if I could :) Well done!

Sat, January 30th, 2010 5:56pm


Thank you! I must admit I realy had to think about this one, so I am glad you liked it!

Sun, January 31st, 2010 8:52am


Hi, Dan, sorry for posting my comment on your profile. Right, first of, much improved ending. It moves very smoothly and is much less cliche'd. I also like the way you've left an opening for another Krull based story in the form of Archie's prophecy (very cunning). I'd give the whole story a "liked it" if I knew how to. I'll have to recomend it on my profile. By the way, Stoner's online, he's listed as "The Wild Rider" on my site.>

Tue, February 2nd, 2010 7:46pm


Thanks alot Teddy! It's fine by the way, oh yes Stone found me, He trawled through 140 pages of D's! Hehehe!

Tue, February 2nd, 2010 11:54am


OMG, Its Great! For a short story, it is very detailed and your fantasy world has a great background to it! If I hadnt known any better, I would have thought this professional story written by an accomplished author. I have next to nothing in the way of criticism, apart from some spelling mistakes. Make sure you go over your work to check for them (I sound like Mr. Adam Reynolds). This is a great piece though and I would like this to be the first of many in a series of Kruul short stories. Well Done.

Wed, February 3rd, 2010 5:52pm


Thank you very much XD! I shall check for mistakes with all haste!

Wed, February 3rd, 2010 11:26pm

Sara Blake

LOL! This was awesome!!! I really enjoy reading it, it's very well written and you have a lot of imagination. Great job ^-^

Thu, February 4th, 2010 7:59am


Thanks a lot! and Thanks so much for reading, it means a lot.

Thu, February 4th, 2010 5:40am



everything was so well-written and imagery! loved the beginning on the dark stuff and how he attacked- how darkness is his prey etc. even though i'm in a brightly-lit room, i sort of feel 'dark', if you know what i mean. =]

and the creature you created is really... hmm, way more disgusting than chucky, if you've watched that movie. =]

and really loved the suspense you created in this story too! makes me want to not stop reading! :D

the part on vampires was something i didn't expect too, like most vampires are usually sooo charming in storybooks, but i think yours is the first i've read to describe vampires as such disgusting-looking creatures! i love how you've created vampires 'below' humans at the beginning!

so in all,
WELL-WRITTEN, VIVID, GOOD FLOW (hmm, a few punctuations to correct =]),

Thu, February 4th, 2010 2:19pm


WOOO! Thanks, the comment's much appreciated. XD Yes I know about the punctuation, and have no fear I will seek out and destroy all the typo's, all of them... MUHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHA! So thanks again for reading and taking the time to comment, XD

Thu, February 4th, 2010 8:01am

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