Rag Dolls of War

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This is a poem about the war of independence, and the cost of that freedom. The glory of victory overshadows the reality of war. This (July) is the month of the anniversary of that war. I believe it is a timely reminder.

Submitted: July 22, 2012

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Submitted: July 22, 2012




Rag Dolls Of War


I have visions of soldiers wading through mud

I have visions of soldiers with tattered cloths

Splattered with blood

Tattered cloths

Blood splattered

Mingling with mud


I see the enemy from both sides crouched in a trench

I see composite bodies like dog shaken rag dolls

I smell the stench

Rag dolls

Someones loved rag dolls

Splattered with blood and buried in mud


I hear commands to advance from voices of steel

To leave the trenches to slaughter at will

What do they feel

For the comrade dolls left behind

Rag dolls soaked in blood

Face down in mud

I have visions

The sound of the bugle echoes my words

About a war where friend became foe

And the clash of swords

The price of freedom


Rotting rag dolls

Splattered with blood

Covered in mud

We count the cost

We march on

We sing the victory song








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