Sand In Footsteps

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This poem is about depression and love, about a man who lives by the ocean and arrives home to find the front door open. He sees his lovers footsteps along the shore and follows them.
Years later, with those footprints etched into his mind, he returns to pay his respects.

Submitted: July 22, 2012

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Submitted: July 22, 2012




Where are you now?

You were a xmas present on carpet of snow

Melting snow

Body aglow

Unwrapped with carresses and whispers of wonder

Under the moonlight a picture to ponder

To lick

To kiss

To inhale

To impale

And why did you dissapear?

You were a fluttering bird in hand without fear

A captured heart held dear

As you whispered in my ear

In husky voice





Was I not seeing/listening/careing?

Empty bottle on kitchen floor

No note pinned to the open door

A lovely spirit crushed for sure

Staggered footprints along lonely shore

Clothes in a bundle

Murky water

Into the deep . . .

Tears on cheek

I miss you . . .


. . . I returned to the city

Honking horns and and sirens blaring

Silted rain on People uncaring

Grinding together shoulder to shoulder

Stuffed into subways like sausages oozing

Vomit from buildings of boozing

By the day

By the hour

The minute

By the second

Traffic lights flash warnings in color

Street maps of gloom with nothing to follow

Page after page I arrive at the ocean

Sad memories in motion

Of long long ago

Along a familiar shore I trundle

No faint voice on the wind of despair

No abandoned clothes in a bundle

No footsteps in the sand

Only sand in the footsteps



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