Look Up

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I never loved my mother I am yet learning how to love her. We were always fighting and never could agree.

Submitted: April 26, 2013

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Submitted: April 26, 2013



I look up to see

the death of life

the pain of all

the burdens of hell

the mother cry

a daughter die


Mom must understand that i was never alive

I was always dead inside

no smilie

no laugh

no life


Look up mother of mine

your daughter is not gone

She feels the pain you carry

She knows your alive


Look up and see the life you have

look up and see your beautiful

Look up to see you smile

Looking at those tears run down your face


Looking and feeling hate towards myself

I wish i could be what you want

I wish i make it all better

I wish that man never hurt you

I wish he never left me with you


We both been cheated out of life

We both know love is fake

made up by the fake

made up to destroy us


the burdens of hell carry on us

they drag us out of life

out of the light

we hide


The pain is to much


Look up mother of mine

You will be set free

I will nolonger remind you of pain


Mother of mine

this is real

what burns in my heart

the love created as a child

it still burns


Look up

look up

look up

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