The Breakthrough

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
When a titan of industry deals with his past and present in a society described "disturbed" way, he finds out that his entire life is meaningless and slowly discovers a way to deal with it.

This story is ment to jump start the thoughts of readers, and get them to question why i wrote this.

Submitted: May 19, 2009

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Submitted: May 19, 2009



A Breakthrough


The smell of pavement and exhaust filled the air of downtown Manhattan.  She wasn’t awake yet and he felt like taking a walk outside.The sight of a sunset overlooking traffic amazed him as he crossed an intersection,  Wide awake now he still couldn’t help tripping on the crack that was sticking at least a half inch up in the center of the sidewalk.  But even that little incident couldn’t bring his mood down today, so he grabbed a cola at the local quick stop and headed back to his office. 
 One, two, three, four.  He counted the steps like he has been doing since he was four.  “Jerry”? she moaned out in a confused voice.  Jerry snuck down to the office.  “Hello”? She yelled again.  She was a cute girl with short brown hair and built like a gymnast.  Her eyes where like two balls of hypnotic fire, as Jerry would describe them.  She made her way out of bed, stepped down onto the hardwood floor and looked around; she didn’t get to last night due to all the excitement.  The bedroom was a huge grey, black, and glass piece of art.  She was amazed when looked out the window, star struck by the entrancing sunrise she stood staring for five minutes, then made her way to the next room which looked like a huge dining room that could seat a hundred guest.  Touching the chairs and exploring the area she called again, “jerry”?  A woman with long blonde hair walked in the room holding her purse, “Jerry is tied up at the moment, but he requested I show you out, and there’s a cab waiting out front for you.”  She smirked slightly. “I see Jerry Hoffman’s reputation precedes him”
“He tries miss” The assistant remarked with a since of haste in her voice.
“Will you give him something for me”?
“Of coarse miss”
The dark hair women leaned in and gave the assistant a kiss on the cheek.  “Ill tell him you said goodbye miss” the assistant said with smirking.  She watched the women get dressed and walk down the stairs and out the door.  She pressed the button on the speaker, “she’s gone Jerry”.  Then a beep followed by, “good”.  She walked downstairs into the office to bring him his coffee.  The office had one desk in the center of the room and smelt of scotch and cinnamon. 
“Thanks doll”
“It is my job Mr. Hoffman”
“O and you do it so well” Jerry said followed by a seductive wink.  She smiled and walked out.
“O and Marry!”  He stopped her and said, “Next time make sure you give her a real kiss.” Jerry Hoffman always new what was going on in every piece of property he owned.  Marry sighed and said “of coarse sir”.

 Jerry Hoffman was born in Miami, Florida where his parents owned over five hundred acres and controlled most off their entire beloved city.  He’s mother was a fierce firecracker who never took no for an answer, She had long dark hair, small blue eyes, slim and petite, and always wore a suit.  She used to always tell him, “if you want to be successful, dress successful!”  She never once looked out of shape, out of context, out of her element, and never ever looked as if she just woke up.  Even when she just just had woken up she looked like a million bucks, Jerry’s guess was she just trained her body, hair, and skin to look professional twenty four seven.  He’s Father on the other hand was not necessarily a sloppy looking man, no, just an ordinarily looking man.  He had a goatee and sideburns and always wore a Gucci suit.  He was a man of label dedication and very material.  He always preferred a nice computer to a walk in a summer afternoon, and always told Jerry, “if you’re going to love outside so damn much you mine as well be a bum.”  And for some reason that always stuck with Jerry.  And he would always push himself for perfection because of it. Never the less Jerry likes the childhood he had, it made him the man he is today.

 When the infamous parents got their divorce Jerry was devastated, He was thirteen and did not know why they couldn’t work it out.  But when he turned eighteen his father died, the doctors said he died of alcohol poisoning.  And Jerry inherited his fathers half of the empire.  Jerry Hoffman was now worth eighteen million dollars and growing.  When he turned twenty one he took control over the entire family business, and after a rough start, he caught his break when he bought out the controlling interest of king industries, a company which made computers and electronics.Worth over two billion dollars Jerry was one of the most powerful men in the twenty first century at the age of twenty two. 

 He’s lust for women grew enormously and Jerry began to grow an obsession with being with beautiful women.  Vowed to never get involve, for fear of making him weak and intertwining with his beloved business, Jerry quickly obtained a ruthless womanizer reputation on the streets of Miami.  But the boring repetition of his daily life made him think about moving, so at the age of twenty five he moved to Manhattan, New York.  Still maintaining his businesses in Florida, he also bought out several small companies in lower Manhattan and turned most of them into major ships of industry.He lost contact over time with his mother who he had abandoned over time and his brother went into the medical field, where he met his future wife and what Jerry assumes got married and had kids.  He really never cared much for the things that didn’t care fore him.  He thought about writing him for some time, but kept thinking if his brother really wanted to hear from him he would have contacted him by now.


“Wake up sir your breakfast is ready.”  Marry called through the intercom.  “ya..Right….im on it doll.”  He replied.  “O and Jake is here.”“I’m on it.”  Jake Schlitz is one of Jerry’s oldest friends, most likely his only real friend as well.  Jerry went downstairs to greet him and show him the plans for the day.  Jake was sitting in front, one leg crossed over the other and dressed in a black suit with a white tie.  He had a futuristic since of style with his square glasses and long curly hair.  Schlitz was the owner of a world wide magazine called Wild Word, mostly dedicated to extraordinary stories that he and his associates find.  In last months copy there was an article about two homosexual dolphins, which Jake discovered from two fishermen sailing the pacific.  Jerry wasn’t quite sure what to think about his magazines, he mostly thought they were a joke, never really understanding why he couldn’t edit something a little more serious and was always brutally honest when he gave his critiques.

 As Jerry Pulled a silver briefcase from the desk he began to talk business and go over the plans for the upcoming merger with King Industries and the recently new company that called themselves Gulf United, who mostly handled accounting differences within different agencies.  He could tell Jake was not in a business mood and began to get annoyed by it.  “If you have something better to do than go.” Jerry snapped.
“Not particularly, this stuff has always bored me, you know that.”
“I suppose I have.” Jerry finished with the general ideas and looked slightly up at Schlitz.  “Come on, where going out for a drink.” “Ahh there he is!”  Jake laughed.  They walked out the door into Jerry’s car, he drove a black Porsche during the week and white Corvette on the weekends.  Jerry was always a big fan of diversity.  He would always say its one of the many spices in life. 
 They arrived at Jerry’s favorite bar and ordered drinks, “Scotch on the rocks.” Jerry said.  “You want anything else?” replied the waitress. 
“Well what else do you have doll?”
“We have a lot.” The waitress said with this twinkle in her eyes that Jerry absolutely loved.
“When do you get off?”  Schlitz looked at Jerry with a smile, he new how he operated, a couple smiles here and there and then before you knew it the girl was on her way to his house.  He’s gotten used to it.  He admired how Jerry never went to the places he would be recognized, he like the difficulty of the chase.
“My shift ends at nine.”  Jerry jotted down something on a napkin and handed it to her. “Come to this address at ten, and ill show you a good time.”
“A great time?”
“What ever you want doll.” Jerry said with a smile.
 They sat there drinking their dinks when a man walked past Schlitz and accidently spilt his drink.  He walked past the accident not applying his regular fist approach, “Damn I hate men like that!”  Schlitz whispered.  “Be careful Jake you might hurt his feelings.”  Jerry said laughing.  “Jerry you earn over ten million a year, why the hell are you still around these types of places?”  Schlitz scolded. 
“The people here….their interesting Jake.  The places you call classy and sophisticated are nothing but boring, look at the women over there.”  Jerry pointed to a blonde with pink stripes in her hair, she was with a man covered in tattoos and looked about forty years old.  Jerry light a cigarette and continued.  “Now what would you say her life was like?”
“Well I would say crappy, white trash, possibly unbearable.” Schlitz replied.
“Well you’ll wrong you know, that women’s life has been filled with pain and suffering, yet she looks as happy as ever, now that’s interesting.”
“It’s a ploy, a pathetic attempt to cover up how sad she really is.”  Schlitz remarked.
“Possibly, but even if that’s true, I would rather be surrounded by people who have been through something dramatic than people who’s most traumatizing experience was when they where required to cut back on their budget.” Schlitz shrugged.
“You always have like people Jerry, Just not my taste in people.”
“You mean boring people?” Jerry said with a laugh.
“No I mean our type of people!”
“Well I highly doubt we would be good friends if we didn’t have our difference, that’s just not the way I feel.”  Jerry said while eying a brunette across the room. 

 They got out of their seats and started to walk home, it was cold a musty out.  Jerry was wearing a black overcoat and leather gloves over a grey and black suit.  When they arrived back at jerry’s house a man with glasses and the look of desperation was on his face. “Can I help you?” Jerry said. 
“Yes Gary Dwight from the New Yorker, How can you explain the recent hundreds of families on the verge of bankruptcy in Miami Florida?”  Jerry Gave him an angry look and said, “I run my business the only way there is to run a business, and it makes money, and that’s all there is to it.”It was fifteen past ten when Jerry saw the girl from the bar walk closer towards him.
“Look I need you leave, now.” The reporter smiled. 
“Ill leaves when I get my story.” Jerry reached in the inside of his jacked and pulled out a gun, “No, you ca leave now.” The reporter achieved a new look of fear and ran to his car.  “I think its time for you to go as well Jake.”
“Anything you want, I thought I told you to stop carrying around that thing.” Schlitz said. 
“I said go, I have a date.”
“All right all right, goodbye good friend.”
Jerry walked in his house and called Marry.  “Set my alarm off Mary, Ill be sleeping in tonight.”



 I never exactly saw myself ending up like this, but then again I was still considerably young.  I always wanted to become a doctor, long hours, and big pay, surrounded by nurses.  But I suppose owning a billion dollar company isn’t a bad road to go down either.  The waitress stirred as I got out of bed, and made my way to the bathroom.  I got a glimpse of myself in the mirror passing by, my hair looked like shit.  The words of my mother, “Dress professional, be professional” Rang in my head. 

 I stepped out of the shower and threw on my suit, when I walked into the bedroom I discovered the waitress from the previous night was gone.  It’s happened before and didn’t exactly bother me, I couldn’t say I wouldn’t have done it, hell I do do it.  “Jake left a package on the front table for you sir” Marry shouted.  I liked Marry, I really did, and she had read hair and the slightest since of cuteness in her voice.  Almost walked like a model too, mysterious and yet ever so shy.  I suppose that made her interesting, which is why I hired her in the first place. 

 I walked downstairs to claim the package Jake had left for me, one, two, three, and four.  “Where is it?”
“On the counter sir.”
“Seriously doll, stop calling me sir.”
“What ever you want sir.” Marry replied. 
 “Marry take the day off.”
“Yes sir.”

 As Marry walked out the door I opened the package, it was a book.  Hardcover with elegant designs on the cover.  The front page read, “If you plan on reading this, think before you do.  For these pages contain the diaries of some of the most troubled families, children, and mothers in the 16th century.” Jake probably thought I would get a kick out of this.  He truly doesn’t understand me, I set the book on the nearest book self and walked towards the office, and then the phone rang. 
“Hoffman here.”
“Jerry?” the voice replied.
“Yup, Jerry Hoffman, who is this and what do you want?”
“Jerry...Jerry its Mark, your brother!”
His annoying voice chopped at my ear drum like a wood pecker on crack.
“Mark, how are you, long time.”
“Well Jerry I’m getting married and I know we’ve had our differences but I’d like you to be my best man Jerry, you are my brother you know.”
Jesus, I can’t believe what I’m hearing, this moron has never showed an interest in me my entire life and all the sudden wants me to be his best man at his, well what is probably going to be a disaster of a wedding.
“Mark I thought you would have been married last year.”
“Jerry we haven’t talked in five years.”
“Fine mark ill be there, when and where?”
“Three o’clock, this Saturday, the old catholic church by the college here in Miami.”
“See you there brother.”

 Mark is two years younger than me, short black hair and equipped with a long rainbow like streak of joy, it sickens me.  He smiles like a jackass and never takes anything seriously, just another stain on the carpet of the universe.  I grabbed a glass a scotch and sat on the balcony.  “Here is to you Mark!...jackass.” 


 There was a red rose in Mary’s hand when she woke him up that morning.  Jerry picked it up and rubbed it across his nose.  “Who do I owe the pleasure to?” Jerry said quietly.  “Well I thought you might need a pick me up.” Marry replied.  Jerry got out of bed and started to walk to he bathroom, stopped said “Thank you, Marry.” 

 It was the fourth of June set on a Thursday, nine o’clock in the morning.  Jerry had a full schedule and little time to get ready.  Jake was supposed to pick him up around noon for lunch and then off to a meeting in L.A.  He was growing tired of these meaningless gatherings where all he did was stand in front of ten to fifteen brain-dead morons and read to them what they already had in front of their eyes.  Parasites Jerry thought.  And not to mention they were all boring as hell, they were corporate slaves that couldn’t think for themselves if I handed them the keys to their shackles my self.  They always complain about their kids wanting money when we go out to eat afterwards.  I am so glad I don’t have kids, they wouldn’t get a dime anyway.  Lighting a cigarette he walked out on the balcony waiting for Jake.

 He saw Jake pass under the archway and walk towards the front door.  Marry answered and said hello, as Jake began to reply he leaned towards Marry and they kissed.  Jerry was curious and somewhat dumbfounded.  Jake had a wife and two kids at home and he seemed to Jerry he was moderately happy.  Even the most boring of people can be a little interesting he thought.  However he never expected Jakes new interesting passion to come from Marry.  I mean in complete honesty Jake wasn’t even that handsome, he had a horrible new mustache thing with a dying goatee.  He’s laugh was the most intrusive and annoying noise that had ever interred Jerry’s ear drum.  A slight feeling of jealousy came into Jerry, he began to accumulate a line of sweat across his upper lip.  Jake spotted Jerry from below the balcony and began to grow wide eyed and terrified as he looked into the eyes of his friend.  Jerry’s face could have frightened a lion at that moment. 

 Jerry looked at his hands, they were shaking immensely, he felt calm all of the sudden, as if time had elapsed and everything had gone still.  Jerry frightened himself for what he was feeling and how he looked.He didn’t love Marry, he wasn’t even that jealous.  No, but Jerry grew excited when he thought of all the ways he could end Jake’s life, the gun behind the counter, the knife in the kitchen, the phone cord, or perhaps his very own hands.  “Calm Jerry, calm.” He whispered to him self.  He could he here Jake walking towards him as he sat in the sofa across the upstairs room.  “Jerry, what’s the matter friend?” Jake said with squeaking with fear. 
“Why were you kissing my maid Jake?”
“Now Jerry calm down, I didn’t know you loved her.”
“Love is for people who need something to keep from dying of boredom, I don’t love her.””Then why are you acting this way?”
Jerry thought to himself, it started out of jealousy, but he had nothing to be jealous of, next he just simply liked this feeling.  Anger for no reason. The thought that he could just simply take the life of another man was thrilling to Jerry.  He replied, “I don’t know.” Whispering.  Jerry began to step closer to his friend, one, two, three, four, as he counted he laid his hands on Jakes terrified face and said, “Are you paying attention?” Jake’s eyes grew wide with fear, He tried to run but Jerry had taken a knife into his ankle.  “Jerry, stop this!” Jake yelled.  Jerry looked at him with a hint of laughter and replied, “No.” taking the knife from Jakes ankle and in one swift motion propelled the already blood stained knife into his friends throat.  Ending what little significant life he had. 

 Marry came running up the stairs, looking around her staring at the bloody floor and lifeless body with Jerry standing over it motionless, emotionless.  “Marry, you look like you want to say something.”  Jerry remarked.  Marry still scared motionless replied opened her mouth and let out a magnificent scream.  Jerry’s eyes grew wide and grasped the knife from the floor and threw it into the abdomen of his maid.About thirty seconds later silence returned to Jerry’s manor.  He walked into the bathroom and stood there examining himself in the mirror, emotionless, dead inside.


 The next morning Jerry’s state of mind had changed very little.  He had to find someway to clean his mess up.  He was quite disturbed when he caught himself calling it a mess, not a murderous sin, not a blood stained parlor, or even a crime, no just a mess, like a four year old would call spilling his lemonade.  What if someone found out? He wandered.  Although not exactly paranoid worried he was curious.  Walking over to the …”mess” he stood there, staring into the eyes of the fallen.  Now this was truly a site to see, he thought.  The most interesting thing in life is death, all that you’ve worked for, all that you’ve strived for in life ended at death.  All that we know about death is that it ends life on earth, beyond that, it was a crap shoot. 

 He was still a little curious of what drove him to this extreme, but thinking about it, was it really that much of an extreme?  There are thousands of people that die everyday, would the world really miss two more?  Better yet would the world even find out? Probably Jerry thought.  Jerry put on a Mozart CD and began to clean.  First he toweled all the blood up, and then grabbed two trash bags from the cellar.  Jerry looked at the faces in the mess one last time.  He put the bodies in abstract formations and shoved a limb in one at a time. 


 Jerry finally had his roomed as clean as he wanted it, slightly paranoid he kept close watch on his windows, installed a new security system and gathered all the information on who ever would come looking for the recently doomed.  Jake had a father still alive and the magazine to look after, Marry on the other hand had no one, no one that could possibly come looking for her.  Jerry decided to take immediate action on protecting his reputation and safety.  He decided to head to Jakes office and leave a letter saying he was going away and his whereabouts were private.  The letter read:

 Dear Wild World employees,

 Something has come up that requires my immediate attention, I am deeply sorry that I have to leave you so quickly but I assure you, the great care and supervision of Jerry Hoffman will look out for you and this magazine.
Sincerely, Jake Schlitz.

 Smiling as he left the letter on his friends desk he now had control of his entire company and the thrill of murder. 


 It was the day of his brothers wedding, Jerry was confused with the feelings of excitement and nervousness.  It surprised him that he could murder two innocents and not feel a thing but get nervous when it came to weddings.  Jerry had to finish his best mans speech and recite it in less than five hours.  The flight down to Miami wore him out, he was incredibly paranoid and yet over relaxed all at the same time. 

 He reached into his bag and began to look for his notebook and pen for he had started his own journal.  Jerry wanted someone to know what he had done when his time had come.  His fingers bending and reaching for the pen when they all of sudden cam across the book Jake had left for him that one evening,  He opened the front cover and began to read. 

 The book was so insightful, so in lighted with sorrow and misery he didn’t know whether to be happy or sad, or quite possibly mad.  He read the book for three hours straight and instead of taking the book as Jake intended, which was to change his life and respect the hardships people go threw, Jerry took it as a excuse to hate people even more, and to hate the thing that made them so miserable, life.  Jerry cursed Schlitz and the book that he was only half way threw in, for making him see the truth he for so long has been ignoring.  He felt ashamed and sinful for what he was thinking but he couldn’t help the way his mind worked.  Sitting there in his tuxedo ready to walk down the isle to his brother, he leaned over to the mirror hanging on his wall and whispered. “No one is innocent.”

 Jerry Hoffman had a look in his eyes, a new look, this was a look of misery and hate.  Even his own brother that had not seen him for such a long time was surprised when he saw Jerry.  He had an aura around him that screamed terror and mystery.  It was hard to believe that only one week ago Jerry Hoffman went from man on top of the corporate world to murdering psychopath with no emotion, no social activity, no love from the outside, with only seclusion and contempt to harm. 


 Jerry Hoffman was his brother’s best man that afternoon.  And attended the after wedding party as a guest of honor.  The bride and groom unaware that the time of their demise was only two hours and a few gun shots away. 

 After their death Jerry stood over the bodies of the dead, some of them where his own flesh and blood, some of them he had known since child hood, but all he could see now was the blood stained carcasses of people that did nothing with their lives, and made no differences.  Jerry felt no guilt, no shame or excitement, only the since of accomplishment.  And with a small sigh Jerry could here the sirens coming a mile away.  He blinked, and heard a noise coming from below his waste.  A bruised and mangled cop leaned his head up, reached his hand towards his gun and shot Jerry once in between the eye. 
 Jerry’s last thoughts where this, “If I am to die today, I am to die in vein.” And he grasped his journal in his right hand and fell to the ground.

© Copyright 2020 DrPacman. All rights reserved.

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