Ghost and kidnapping

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base on ture story yo

Submitted: May 24, 2013

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Submitted: May 24, 2013



It was a truth story about me, when I was in year 10 in 2009

I was walking home from school, under the heavy rain. Even though I was totally exhausted, wet, and felt like passing out in any second, but I still enjoy the wind, the rain, and the large rainbow in the sky. Nothing can disturb me; the cold, wet, extreme heavy school bag (I never pick up my bag) always was part of my enjoyment. Except for my school assignment, it was due the day after, but I was a type of terrible student who save my homework to the last second.

Just like the normal days, I walked pass the houses, stores, a group of kids training footy. It was all good until I saw an old lady crouching on the ground and crewing something in her mouth. When I got closer and looked closer, it was a bush, but it seems much deeper under the dark and cloudy weather. It freaked me out a bit, but it didn’t make me scream. So I walked through it. Then I heard an old person voice, “Matthew”, it sounded like whisper, but clear. I ignored it, kept walking, and the voice came again “Matthew”. It was much loader. I looked back; nothing was there, so I walked off that street as fast as possible.

After I walked off the street, I was still thinking about the old woman, was that a ghost, or my imagination, or I was too tired, or maybe I took too much pills. It was almost the creepiest thing I ever seen. But I was not afraid, I had saw a dead body when I was five, I had saw a bus squashed through a young woman when I was ten, I had deal with my primacy school bully, I had deal with a few creepy men who tried to date me, I had deal with my best friend death, and I could even deal history homework. So what I can’t handle. I don’t scare a bloody ghost, if they try to mass with me, I will kick them back to hell. Yeah, that’s what I thought.

A really nice and expensive car was driving slowly on the road, and apparently the driver could not control the car well. It was another teenager stole his parents’ car and forgot to put his P on, I thought. The car was run slowly nearby me, I thought it would be some crazy kids screaming out from the car, but it didn’t happen, the car was totally quiet. So I thought it might be a nice person wanted to give me a ride. Nope, the car went pass me in an unbelievably slow mode. When I looked inside curiously, to see is who that weird driver was.

It was no one, no one was driving, no one even in the bloody car! Somehow the car was driving itself, or the other possibility is invisible being was driving it.

“Holy” my breath suddenly gone fast, my heart was bumping like a Dr Dre beat. I never knew what could freak me out in this world. I finally found it. I was scared, I felt like I almost piss on my pants, lunkily I didn't. I was just standing there and doing nothing, and then I felt a shock in my bran, then I pass out.

I woke up right in front of my house, I didn’t know what was going on, I didn’t know I got there, all I knew was the sky completely dark, and my watch slowed that it was seven o’clock, which means I have been coma for four hours.

God knows what happened with me, some say I was kidnapped by UFO, some say I had a little trap in hell, and some say I took the wrong pills, and my mum say that was a ridiculous excuses of being home late. But whatever, I have done my assignment on time, and my teacher didn’t scream at me, and I didn’t get detention in the following day.

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