Panda Bears

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Just a little reading if you're in the mood for some general enlightenment about life and all that. It's up to you, really. I mean, it's pretty light, but at the same time...

Submitted: January 17, 2013

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Submitted: January 17, 2013




This situation wasn't new to me. I wasn't really here to do anything, but then again, why waste valuable energy to walk upstairs, change into appropriate clothing, and get into bed, just to do the same exact thing, This. Eat. Sleep. Procrastinate. Browse the internet. Again. It really is the same, and if anybody in our world wants to find some sort of way to live longer, it's not medicine. Psychological time, something I've studied briefly, is different from absolute time. The latter is unnecessary to any living entity, especially humans, if the first is accomplished. In order to lengthen psychological time, we have to change our routine, do something different and something out of of our comfort zone frequently. Live life. An expression used so frequently but actually seen as nothing more than a cliche. 

Why can't I just go off right now and visit Japan? Use all my savings to book a flight to Japan and come back a week later, knowing more about Japan in that week than I ever will in my entire life? More importantly, I'll have come this much closer to knowing myself, something any relatively intelligent piece of stardust has a desire to enlighten themselves on. Themselves. It's funny how we go to the moon and back, but there's one small thing the population has seemed to forget. What we are. I'm not talking anything physical by any means. I'm not talking about the elements that make us up, how we're made up of subatomic particles that act like waves at a less than molecular level, and that humans do study that under a subject called quantam physics. If I wanted to know more about quantum physics, I would've taken a course. Rather, it's easier to talk. Talking helps you realize what you're thinking may or may not sound rational. For instance, me going to Japan? Not rational. Why? Because I know myself enough that I wouldn't want to spend money on one thing, and gain such little concrete rewards. As someone whose characteristics are derivatives of greed and all things human, I know I wouldn't do it. 

The Dalai Llama hits it home with his ideology on humans. We're some of the weirdest creatures on this planet. We save a lot of money and never spend it when we're living, but we're willing to spend all of it to save what we can barely call a life. The meaning of life and the meaning of existence are two separate things. Until someone truly realizes that, the majority of people existing on this planet will never live. Sure, they'll do what they want to do. Sure, they'll eat. They'll sleep. However, people tend to have this strange notion that if it doesn't help their existence, the task or whatever is usually becomes last priority. Think I'm wrong? Hypothetically, you have a son. He has a game coming up in another state. You have a business meeting to attend to that day. You lose your six figure job if you miss that meeting. Which one do you choose? Now it's a different situation, right? 

Panda bears. They're an endangered species, almost extinct, in fact. However, they have literally the exact opposite philosophy as our species. We think to survive. To exist in a better fashion. They think to think. They do things just because why not. They live. And unlike a panda bear, we humans spend most of our little time here to eat, sleep and whatever it may be to exist in a better fashion for the minority of the time that we're actually not doing anything. You know. To have a false sense of security. A word made up over time as civilizations have risen and fallen.


It's funny what we'll do for a bone. We'll run all the way to the edge of the world to grab even the smallest bone rather think or even doubt. That's of course a pseudo intellectual and superficial piece of shit I just wrote. However, that's also a statement of foundation. Based off of that, I want to be much more declarative and say how there are some people that will make themselves seem stronger or smarter than they actually are (pretentious) to get what they want. Rather than actually study for the test, they cheat. However, this isn't a test. This is isn't purely an existence of ours. This is life. It's time we start living it.

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