Driving Home In Traffic

Poem by: DrunkenRam


Submitted: October 17, 2007

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Submitted: October 17, 2007



While traveling along through life's numbing brawl,
From light to light, the traffic did crawl.

Through all of the noise the honk and the beep,
A familiar sound awakens me from adult sleep.

I felt an old tune waft past my ears,
From so long ago...so many years.

I remembered the tune from whence I was a lad,
Every time I heard it, it made me so sad.

People said it's melody was so very spry,
But every time I heard it I broke down and cried.

I would listen to the lyric and the story that it told,
And swear to myself that I would never grow old.

But school soon started and I had to go,
To learn how to live, to begin to grow.

From Winnie the Pooh and Tigger too,
To Polo bikes and anything goo.

The Rocket Ships and Aeroplanes,
To Baseball mitts and Lionel trains.

All of these things I did not miss,
When teenage years brought love's first kiss.

To High school proms and Dipity-Doo,
Then Off to College, Oh what a zoo.

Then off to work, and that first paycheck,
To changing diapers and power-washing the deck.

My career this and your career that,
I am in a maze, I am a rat!

And then one day, a tune in my ears,
From so long ago, so many years.

Shoves my heart deep into solace,
I lied to myself, I broke my promise.

Just like the little boy in the lyric of the song,
I left my childhood, I did life wrong.

Many miles from Hona-Lee, many years from Puff.
Never again the Autumn mist nor any of that stuff.

I had to pull over, and try to get a grip.
But with such heartache, the tears did slip.

Asking myself "How could I do such a caper"
I woefully realized....That I am...

Little Johnny Paper.

© Copyright 2017 DrunkenRam. All rights reserved.

Driving Home In Traffic Driving Home In Traffic

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry


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