Pres. Bush Has No Balls!!

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Basically about, The Ivy League University, that allowed, The Iranian President, Come for a visit.

Submitted: September 25, 2007

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Submitted: September 25, 2007



In 1979, I wasn't an American for very long, only a mere 17 years, by that time I had learned what it meant to be an American, I had learned of the many wars and conflicts both social and aggressive that helped shape the very fabric of our society.
I had so many men and women portrayed to me in history books and lore, that I had a literal plethora of hero's to choose from, all upstanding and great for their achievements.
People like George Washington, William Tecumseh Sherman, Theodore Roosevelt and George S. Patton,
and not to mention Eleanore Roosevelt.
From these people I learned that I must always do what is Right, No matter public opinion, I must always be compassionate, the hero for the downtrodden, I must always be willing to fight to the death to defend My nation, My Rights, My Freedom. (And like Patton would say "Make the other Damn fool give his life for his country".)
And from those like Patton and Sherman, I learned that when My country needs Me I must give My all to "Give em Hell". From Sherman, I learned that One must never give up until ALL is won and all transgressors duly punished.
So as a young man of 17 years, and fresh out of High school I was more than eager to raise My hand to my honor and swear in to the U.S. Navy as It's Youngest Sea Bee Ever, and so I did.
At the time... The country was gripped by the every night trauma of watching our fellow countrymen and women being held hostage by some little piss-ant stone age country called Iran.
I knew at even that young of age, that this person we called our President "Jimmy Carter" would by no means get re-elected.
I was eager to be already trained and ready to go by the time our next president would be sworn in.
At that time, I knew not who that would be, but I was sure that He would have more balls than the one we currently had.
When the elections rolled around I cast My first vote for President of the United States, I was duly Proud of Myself "I have never failed to vote ever since". I voted for the person whom I thought would First: Free the hostages (By force... Hopefully) Second: Right the nations economy and Third: Restore Honor to America, I voted for Ronald Reagan.
As we all know from historical records The Iranians instantly backed down and freed the hostages, they were rightfully afraid of Reagan and I was proud of that, soon to follow was the invasion of Grenada, where I unfortunately did not get to serve. But Reagan emphasized by that move that he would protect American lives.
And soon after that, the fall of Communism.
I was proud to serve under Ronald Reagan, He Had Balls!! He knew when to hold em and he knew when to fold em. He knew what it meant to be a Proud American.
Yesterday, I watched the news and saw where an Ivy League "I wont honor their name by mentioning it" University invited the President of Iran to come and give a speech and don't ya know the little Munchkin came, and did.
How quickly we forget, did anyone happen to think of the feelings of the former hostages, in fact about thirty former hostages have identified him as one of the terrorists who took them hostage, and video footage places him inside the Embassy where the hostages were kept. That to me is enough evidence to call him a terrorist and a criminal, of all the things that man has done to progress his own personal evil and to have the gaul to come here...Baffles me!
And what about those who invited him, well...I think they should be choke-hanged to death.
I think of what George Washington would have done, or thought of the current events. What would he think of that University, what would he say to the soldiers who froze to death at Valley Forge, if those soldiers knew this would happen, would they have stayed and continued to fight for a people who would become so spineless and prideless.
What has become of the office of President, Has He No Balls!! The Iranian President is a criminal!! Arrest Him!!Ronald Reagan would. But then again Ronald Reagan Had Balls. 

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