The Wind's Transparent Breath

Poem by: DrunkenRam


Submitted: December 14, 2007

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Submitted: December 14, 2007



The Wind

Transparent breaths,
of the invisible whisperer,
reveal themselves as waves,
upon the fruited plain.
Rolling across the sea of grain,
scattering the seeds of life,
upon the fertile soil.

The Great Sower.

Unseen hand grips the forest trees,
gently pushing and pulling,
swaying all,
leaving none untouched.
Dislodging the receivers of sunlight,
from the source they swore to nourish,
ending the season's symbiosis.

The Deliverer of Change.

I see ye not,
yet your effect thereof does fill my canvas,
not a mast shall bend without thee.
Billowing the sails of voyagers,
upon the great and many Mares,
the driving force of Man's discovery,

The Explorer.

Oh Mystical force,
Who can understand the origin of your being?
What manner of womb delivered you?
From what land did you arise?
To what Eden, do you rest?
To what end is your journey?

The Wondrous Mystery.

Logic aches to understand,
how you throw the sea upon the land,
tempest hearted, merciless gale.
As God's finger you do spiral,
the unrelenting torrent,
yet tamed by a child's Kite.

The Wind.

© Copyright 2017 DrunkenRam. All rights reserved.

The Wind's  Transparent Breath The Wind's Transparent Breath

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry


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