Rose Cotton

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A poem for all the ages

Submitted: March 03, 2014

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Submitted: March 03, 2014



How can it be that cotton stays so white?

When the labour of the slave means he stays up through the night

Sweating blood so to be sure he makes it through the night

Blood for sure

A curse to be poor Poor

in the sense of humanity

It's hard when life considered empty

Red Cotton, for the men of the fields

Breaking sweat and blood, holding back the tears

Who is to say there is little blood in their eyes?

To commit to a killing of the masters in their eyes

Red Cotton, red for the blood in their eyes

At sunrise, it was a surprise

That they came into consciousness so early

They Rose like a bud, like a cotton bud

Early in the break of day

Cursing another day unlike today

Rose Cotton, that was the day

Like today but without the pay

The men Rose like cotton

Unlike the cotton, without the white.

Without the red, but for the day

A day, unlike any other day today.

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