ProNatalist and Anti Natalist Policies DS97

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This short essay provides a description of the Pro natalist and Anti natalist policies around the world.

Submitted: October 10, 2015

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Submitted: October 10, 2015







Pro natalist policies are policies introduced by the government of the country, when the government encourages its citizens to produce more children because the country is currently having a decline in its birth rate and an increase in the ageing population.

Pro natalist policies are many at times offered by monetary incentives or tax benefits.

The government of France has promoted pro natalist policies by:

  • Offering cash incentives.

  • Subsidized holidays.

  • Maternity leaves.

  • Tax benefits until the child reaches the age of 18.

  • Paid weekly day offs.

  • Pension schemes.

  • Payment of 1000 euros for couples having a 3rd child.

Reasons for introducing pro natalist policies are:

  • Decrease in supply for labour.

  • Less people to support the economy.

France once thought they could increase their country’s population by banning contraceptives, but this only led to an increase in STD’s. The government had to withdraw this policy.

Countries such as Germany, Sweden, Italy, France and mostly European countries have adopted Pro natalist policies.


Anti-Natalist policies are policies introduced by the government of a particular country when the government feels that the increase in the population of their country will bring about economic fallout and many other problems in their country.

China is the only country to have the world’s strictest anti natalist policies. China’s current population is expected to be 1.4 billion, this figure was recorded in 2013. Chinese officials say that their population would have surpassed 2 billion if it wasn't for the ‘one child policy’ .

China’s anti natalist policies include:

  • One child policy

  • Creating awareness about contraceptives.

  • Subsidizing abortion rates.

  • Family planning


However these policies have given rise to:

  • People paying bribes for having extra children.

  • Sexual imbalance.

  • Female infanticide.

  • Abandoning disabled children

In conclusion i think a better way to solve this problem is to invite immigrants from other countries to countries favouring pro natalist policies. And that China should slowly ease out their radical policies.

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