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If you guys like this you can expect a part 2

Submitted: October 11, 2015

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Submitted: October 11, 2015



Unknowingly 9/6/15


“Down in the dumps are ya son”

“Well my girlfriend just dumped me”

“Pfah! That’s not even a reason, you youngsters have it easy”

“Your not really helping…”

“Would you like to listen to a story? Its about my friend Stevie”

“Well my phone’s dead so I wouldn’t mind a bit of entertainment”

“So here goes..”





Steve Cooper, 38, unmarried, half a billionaire. The most respected man in all of Old Trafford, he’d made his wealth by completing his father’s dream to build an empire by importing olive oil from Italy at cheap prices and labeling them into luxurious commodities. Steve graduated from business school to turn his fathers small shop of olive oil into a company that sold it as if it was petroleum. At the age of 29 his photo started to appear in a few magazines, soon he was nicknamed “The Slippery King”. He wasted his youth working and bathing in deals that showered money, until one day on the eve of his 37th birthday his father passed away. Shaken by the incident his sorrow knew no bounds, so he turned to something he promised his father he never would: Alcohol. At first it seemed to calm him but then it started to consume him, bartenders in the area would recognize Steve from a mile away. His drama kept on going until the board decided to relieve him of his duty as the Chief Executive. That’s when it hit him like a train, he was WASTED!

He needed a new distraction, a hobby, anything that would give him 5 months of peace and the Board a bloody good reason to take him back…


He tried going to the Club and playing cards but his luck seemed to run out. He went to the Polo grounds and quit the same day due to having dissension with the horse. Heck! he even tried matchmaking sites but no avail, no woman wanted a date with a 38 year old no matter how rich he was. It was a matter of time when no amount of cute puppy videos could cheer him up.


He fixed an appointment with his psychologist, Dr.Green . After a few worthless sessions Dr.Green decided that Steve should adopt a dog , well his exact words were “ an assistance dog should do you good” , to which Steve replied , “ I’m not blind and neither am I disabled I think this has been a bloody waste of time to be honest I think its you who requires help, I’ll send the cheque .“  

Steve wondered to himself, “ I guess there’s only one option left now, a visit to my estranged mother “

He was always a gentleman and didn’t forget to bring his mother a box of bitter dark chocolate.



“ To ring or not to.. That is the question isn’t it”


“ I’m coming, hold your friggin horses, by lord has never ringed the bell twice since….”


Hello mother”

“Don’t you hello me young man I’ve read all about your misfortunes. Oh my and look how thin you’ve become , I heard you have started drinking , tell me that isn’t true , I know that the departure of your father shattered you , but this is too much, are those for me ? Why are your….”

“I’ve come to talk to you”


And thus telling his mother everything over a cup of coffee, his mother was speechless for the first time in years.


“ So they kicked you out?”

“ Yes”

“And you’ve come here to ask for my advice, yes ? “

“ Yes mother “

“Do you really want advice from a crazy person?”

“ I wouldn’t mind…”

“Okay then think of this as my last wish: I want you to adopt a boy and raise him as your own”

“But what will people say”

“ I suggest that you don’t give a shit about what people say because it’s their job to say something”



And then off he went to find himself his successor. He went around atleast a dozen orphanages, but he never could find one because he graded the children even stricter than a critic in a restaurant, there was only one last orphanage left for him to check “The Westbury Home”. He entered the orphanage with very low hopes and met the Nun in-charge, after viewing some of the children the nun realized that Mr. Cooper was not pleased at all.

The nun quickly said, “A boy of 4 came to us just day after yesterday, he is very well behaved and hardly cries”

Steve replied, “ I suppose it wouldn’t hurt”

The nun took him to the boy and upon seeing the boy Steve felt something in his heart, something he had not felt for a very long time.

After looking at his eyes the nun said , “Would you like some time alone?”

“Yes please”

Steve walked up to the boy, before









God had given him everything. He could have anything in the world, but something always held him back; maybe it was his dark side



To be continued.....

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