The Adleburgs Police Institute

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This is a short story about a troubled police officer, attempting to take down a vicious serial killer who skins his victims alive. However, not everything about this case is as it seems.

Submitted: May 19, 2015

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Submitted: May 19, 2015







I looked down, grasping the file, with the thought of disgust, lingering within my mind. This guy was serious, he skinned his victims, not after, but before killing them. This sick freak, he must be a real psychopath.

“So?” My boss is asking for my opinion, if I think we can take this guy.

“What do you think?” He looks directly at me, of all the time I’ve known him, he has never been this serious before. This is most likely a result of this murderous villain killing both his retired partner, and his recently-married wife. He just can’t take it anymore, I think he’s on the verge of breaking his own sanity, the mask is about to slip, and he might just, well, loose it.

He says he’s going to retire after he finishes the case, but I know, that although he will stop this life, there is nothing that can stop his mind from continuously reminding him of this tragedy.

“I think we might just have a chance,” a sudden smile comes across his face, the happiest he’s been all week, which is simply adding to the pressure of my part.


* * * * * *


I’m looking down, at a torn apart, skinned, disembodied corpse. The body of one of the victims. It’s sickening, how a man’s mind can be so creative in such a disgusting manner. We’ve found very few leads, although, we just found something in this body with is very different; there’s a gunshot wound. He never shot his victims, we took out the bullet and managed to find an engraving on it.

It reads: “27 Adleburgs Avenue, 18th June.” I guess he wants to meet us, or lead us into a trap, either way, we’ll be prepared. Ok, 18th of June, that’s in a week, we’ve ample time to prepare.


We gather all the items required to give a decent chance on what we’re up against. I hope we can do it, for the sake of my boss’ sanity.


* * * * * *


Ok, we’re ready, we’ve prepared ourselves, and we’re just coming up on 27 Adleburgs Avenue. We move right up to the door, we’ve got officers surrounding the building, I hear windows shattering, that’s our que. I kick down the door, and move in. I search around the house, to try find him. I make my way to the upper floors, look at the state of this place, it’s an absolute mess. The walls are a horrible shade of brown, and there’s a grotesque smell emerging from the hallways. I take another looks at the walls, and discover a repulsive liquid, that has stained the walls. I continue to wander this deserted house, in search of our killer.

I do multiple laps around the house, and find nothing, just more proof to show that this guy really doesn’t care much for good living conditions, although there’s different types of medicine, scattered all over the floor, I make sure not to touch them, suddenly, I hear a sort of ‘bump’ coming from above, so I go to check it out. I manage to find a trapdoor on the ceiling that, when pulled down, creates a stairway, and I go up.

Once I reach the top, and climb in, and my feet touch the floor, there is a moment of sheer panic, as I realize that the whole room is pitch black. I move my hands around the area, attempting to find some sort of light switch or a string that came be pulled, in order to turn on a light.

“Alright asshole! Time for dinner! Come and get it ya little shit!” I hear one of my fellow guards calling- I mean, uh, officer of the law. Anyway, I hear him calling me. I really don’t think now is the time for dinner. I continue to avoid the medicine.

Finally, I’ve located a switch, and I turn on the light. I move my head, looking around, surveying the area. My eyes come across a man in the corner of the room, he begins walking towards me, with the medicine in his hand. This is him. I begin slowly backing away, trying to find something to use as a weapon, to defend myself, but although I can see weapons, I cannot pick them up, or touch them. The guy keeps walking towards me, still holding the medicine, however now he’s raised him arm, and is pointing the needle towards me. I begin to sweat, and panic on a higher level.

“You need it,” he begins to say. “It’s a part of your prescription.” He starts walking a little faster, there’s nothing I can do. I continue to panic, I am helpless to save myself, and none of the officers know I’m up here, and the guards don’t care. He’s about a meter away from me now, so I try to push him away, but my hands are tied behind my back. I choose to give up, and just close my eyes, brace myself, and allow him to kill me, after all, there’s nothing I can do to stop it.

He begins injecting the needle into me, and pushes the liquid inside, I can feel myself slipping away.

“There you go Timothy, just take it in, this is good for you.” He begins saying this, while he’s pushed, half of the medicine into me. But, but my name isn’t even Timothy, it’s, um, it’s… well, I think it was, uh, Alfred, no, um.

The medicine has almost finished being pushed into my bloodstream. I can detect it taking affect. The once brown wooden walls, are beginning to turn into grey, concrete walls, covered in graffiti. I turn my head towards the medicine man. His once dark, deep ocean like jacket, is now turning into a white coat, sort of like a lab coat.

“That’s all of it,” the doctor says, as he’s finished injecting me with his poison. I let my head drop down, so that I’m staring at my straight jacket. He puts a little cotton ball on my arm to stop any small amount of bleeding caused by the blade of the syringe. The doctor walks away, and begins talking to another one. I hear just slightly what they’re saying:

“And it worked?” The other one asks.

“Yes, the delusions have stopped, although they may come back at some point.”

“Right, we’ll make a fortnightly injection then?”

“That would be best.” He looks back at me or just a few seconds, then back at the other doctor as they begin walking away.

I begin to scream, tortured by my own insanity, the mask is about to slip.

These are the horrors, of Adleburgs Metal Institution.



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