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The best from the 7th gate of the 2nd parallel,

Submitted: September 12, 2012

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Submitted: September 12, 2012





I felt a sensation when i fell asleep, the darkness began to creep

I stumbled apon this gate. Where i heard whispers of people that sounded  like ghouls of the night.

Dark rhobes, Sceptor and rod, I saw them chanting U'LEH, AS'SARAH! i had no idea what the hooded men were saying.

I crept slowly and kept my distance, I was a silent as a cat after its prey. My eyes opened as i saw a light. The light sent chills down my spine.

I screamed in horror at what i saw. A giant creature came out, A head of a decaying skull,Eyes of a cat,Wings of a bat, tentacles, And apengages about 40 feet of length.

The hooded men heard my gasp of torment. They Grabbed me and dragged me to this beast. "RAWLZIA OF THE 7TH GATE OF THE SECOND PARALLELL!" they shouted.

Rawlzia was one of the sacred gods. A group of gods that were casted out by the Christian god. Demons of hell casted out by Lucifer.

I saw the beast coming near me. "Mortal! your soul is mine!" said the creature. My heart beated as the creature wrapped it's slimy tenacle around me.

The hooded men grabbed a book. The grimoire the book was called. They began chanting. Ralwzia the high priest of the sacred gods began to devour his followers as theychanted to him. The flesh began to rip off their bodys. Thier bodys began to fall one part by one. Legs, torsos and intestines all sucked up by Ralwzia. After the demons feast he took the Grimoire and said "Tim Kent! Your the vessle that i need to walk on your world!". I shook in complete atrocity. I was to be this creatures vessle in order to take over the planet.

Rawlzia This 300 foot beast. Took me and laid me on the Altar

I began to throb as i felt a sensation hit my stomach.

As i see the plasma of the beast began to come inside me.

I trembled at the sight of seeing my stomach ripping as the beast entered me

I began to shriek in terror as i was being controlled by this beast of the 7th gate.



Suddenly, I awoke from my nightmare. My heart beating and my face sweaty

I took a book off my shelf, In order to write down what i just expeirenced in my nightmare.

I wrote down every little detail of my experience and finally my work was done.

I took the razor from under my bed, And slit my wrists.

Before dying. I wrote the sacred words of Rawlzia on my walls in my blood.

"Rawlzia Lives!"

i wrote, Never again will these words be spoke..

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