Goodbye, Jenny

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Jenny is unaware of the certain happiness that is hung over the whole town. She feels free, but would she for long?

Submitted: November 02, 2012

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Submitted: November 02, 2012



The house was dark and quiet with the smell of dust in the air. The Adams family was cleaning the house for the first time in months. The men were outside sitting on the porch taking about the old days. It was already seven o’clock and most of the house was clean only the frames Mrs. Adams had neglected to clean. She stared at them for a while, until her husband walked into the house.

“We’re ready to head into to town, are you?” he said. Mrs. Adams jumped at his voice and turned.

“Yes, I’m all done here”, she said. She walked away looking back at the frames.

They all climbed into the old rusted car. The Adams kids road in the back with their parents in the front seats. The ride took a short while, passing the Dickenson Farm. The kids leaned in to the right window to see their friends from school.

“Look its George and Patty!” one of the boys said. They turned their heads to see a happy family standing outside their house smiling at the passing car. The Adams waved and smiled back.

The road twisted and turned all directions going through a small patch of trees. The kids pointed to a squirrel that had been following their car for a while, but then ran through the trees deep into a thicket in the trees. They strained to look farther out into the trees, but lost interest. A little while later they herd a gun fired. All their heads shot to the direction of the blast and stared gravely. They herd a rustling in the trees and saw a man step out.

“Hello, how you doin’ Adams?” the man asked. He was a big man with a long gray beard and had overalls with long brown boots.

“We’re doing fine, how about you John?” Mr. Adams asked.

“I’m doin’ alright, just doing a little hunting before I go to the Gathering?” John replied.

“Yeah, we’re on our way. You need a ride there?” Adams asked.

“Oh no, I’ll be there a little later” John replied.

“Well we better get going, see ya John” Adams said.

“See ya later” John said walking away with a small brown rodent in his right hand.

When they finally reached the edge of town, people were already walking, chairs in hand, to the center of the town. All the children were running with their friends laughing and playing silly games. One group was sitting at a table talking with each other until at the Adams’ car passed and they began to scream ‘Let them free! Let the Free!’ and throw things at their car an. It was a while before the men in blue uniforms showed up and restrained the mad teenagers. The kids in the car looked at the people in cuffs.

“Daddy, why are those people in chains?” the little girl asked with a stern look.

“It’s because their being bad to the nice people of the city, Jenny”, Adams replied.

Jenny looked out the back window and didn’t see any other cars on the road except their own. In fact, nobody at all was even taking a step on the road. She had a desperate look on her face.

“Daddy, why is nobody else on the road?” Jenny asked.

“They left it open for us because we’re special” Adams replied.

Jenny looked at her mother, she looked pale. The smile that was present at the safety of their home was no longer present. She now had a straight look, almost a sad one, but not quite.

Jenny looked over at her brothers, who were playing a harmless game of rock, paper, scissors. She turned back to her mother and father who were talking quietly amongst each other. She could only make out a few words: ‘Gathering not far…ready to…let go’. Jenny felt her chest tighten and was breathing heavier.

“Okay, we’re here!” Adams said. He opened the doors to the car and stepped out with the rest of his family.

They were the second car in the parking lot. They walked up to the tall building and walked into a huge room with yellow walls. Mrs. Adams was the only one that stayed behind at the entrance. She began to cry. Her hands to her face, she looked straight at Jenny and said

“Goodbye, Jenny”

She ran back through the doors and back into the street. Jenny ran after her, but was held back at the door by her father. She stared at her mother until rolling blasts of gun shots were fired into the street. She saw a figure fall and stared at the body that formally held her mothers soul.

Jenny sobbed for a long time, sitting on the wall of the inside of the building. She continued to reply her mother’s final moments in her mind visualizing every moment to it’s minute detail until her father came up to her.

“Come we must continue to the Gathering” Adams said.

“What? How can..? We need to get mother’s body!” Jenny screamed.

“What do you mean? Mother has been gone for a long time now” Adams said.

“What? Mother was just killed out in the street!” Jenny said.

“You must be mistaken, she died giving birth to you, remember? I told you the story every night for the past two years” Adams replied.

To Jenny’s surprise, she did recall the stories be told each night.

“Ri…Right, I must have been day dreaming” Jenny said.

“Alright, well we better get going to the Gathering now, it’s almost about to start” Adams said.

They got up and walked over to two giant double doors at the end of the room. Jenny was surprised to see how much of the room she missed when she came in.

They walked through the doors and all the heads from the seats turned at once to see the people that walked in. Everyone turned back abruptly when the man at the front of the room spoke. Jenny and her father walked through the back and found the seat next to her brothers, already sitting.

“As you all know this Gathering is for the youth and to test the true elite of our community” the man spoke.

“As your leader, it is my duty to gather all of the young and place them in situations that may be faced in the future” the leader said. “I will now select the initiates of this years test”

He had two men turn huge levers that turned a red basket in the middle of the room, full of paper. The men stopped and the leader pulled a tiny paper from the basket.

“James!” he called. A boy walked up from the small crowd and sat in a chair in the front.

“Davis! Sally! Roy!...” he kept calling. A row of five was filled at the front.

“Last but not least……Jenny!” he called. Jenny felt the whole of her heart fall to the bottom of her stomach. She felt like throwing up. She couldn’t move. She didn’t know what to do. She slowly stood up and walked to the last seat at the front.

“Now let this years test officially begin!” the leader said. The chairs slowly sunk into the ground going deeper and deeper. Jenny stared at her father. He was smiling at her with white teeth. When she was fully underground she swore she saw a tear forming in her father’s eyes.

The walls faded into concrete all around and saw that she was the only one that was scared and anxious to know what was to become of her. The others seemed placid with expressionless faces staring straight ahead.

When they reached the bottom of the chasm there was a small TV screen in the front and six doors on all of the other walls. The room was small with only enough room for the six children. The kids were still staring straight forward at the TV screen and she noticed that she was the only one looking around the room.

The TV screen violently blinked on and displayed a snowy picture with loud screeching sounds. It then blinked a few more times and showed a picture with a random assortment of colored bars and made a low frequency noise. It blinked a last time and displayed a picture of a number, then another. Finally, the numbers were arranged in 10, 5, 14, 14, 25. The TV screen shut off and a small compartment opened underneath the screen. I was the first one up and looked into the drawer. It had a pile of papers inside. I grabbed them and read the first one.

It had the names of everybody in alphabetical order:







I looked back to see the kids, but they all had gone away. Doors were suddenly slamming and only one was left untouched. Number 4. I walked over to the door, shoving the papers into my jacket pocket. I turned the door handle and pushed the door.

In the room, there was a square box right in the middle. There was only one light which was hanging right over the box. I ran straight to it, but then stooped just in time to dodge a knife that had come down to the edge of my forehead.

I looked up and saw multiple blades ready to be released at the sense of movement. I looked around saw a door at the opposite of the room. I was thinking of a strategy when suddenly the door swung wide open and a girl sprinted through. I tried to yell out at her, but I was too late. The knives came straight down and impaled into her in all directions. I looked down at her and began to tear up. It was all I could do. I sat there for half an hour.

At that moment I realized that this is a test of survival, but not for the elite, no this was for the stupid leader to murder the people he has judged as weak. I knew that I could not go on with this. I must stop this chaos from reaching any further.

I ran toward the door on the other side of the room and opened it wide. The knives didn’t come down because they had already been taken by sally lying on the floor. I ran through hall way searching a way out of this chasm. I looked all ways until I found a small vent on the ceiling. I climbed up and pulled the vent down with all my strength. I lifted myself up and climbed into the metal tunnel.

The cold wind chilled my whole body, but I kept crawling trough the body sized tunnel. I herd the bend of metal suddenly and felt the floor of the tunnel loosening. I began to crawl faster, but fell straight through. I hit the ground hard and pain filled every limb. I got up after an hour of dazed pain and scanned around the empty room. It was full of cleaning supplies and boxes.

Feeling for the door, I reached out my hand and gripped the door handle. I turned slightly and pushed the door open just enough to peek through. I looked and saw an empty hallway. I opened the door fully and ran through the hallway looking for an exit. Just as I was about to turn a corner I saw the shadows of people walking toward me.

Frightened to death, I reached for the closest door and scrambled into it. I was too terrified to even look at what was in the room until I smelt it. It was a deathly rotting smell that could only have been one thing. I looked behind be and saw the lifeless body of a woman leaning against my back. I saw its entire figure. Staring at it I realized I was looking right at my own mother.

I began to remember my mother.

I walked out of the closet with my mother in my arms. I stumbled at times and straight into the men on the other side of the hallway and they just stared. I kept walking, straight out the doors and into the middle of town. My father was standing with the leader outside on the top of the center building and I walked to them laying my mother’s body down on the ground. I walked over to the edge of the building when my father stopped me.

“I can’t let you do that” Daddy said. I turned around and stared straight into his eyes.

“People have to know” I said. I turned back around and walked forward.

“Goodbye, Jenny” Daddy said. The gun in his hand moved to my direction and the muscles in his hand flexed.

The bullet pierced my heart and as I was falling I could hear the second bullet entering my Daddies skull.


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