what a wonderful day - by landonslester

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feeling better

Submitted: September 04, 2012

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Submitted: September 04, 2012



hey yall it me the troubled one of the family dose any one know what a cry for help looks like?

i'll give you a hint it involves blood stained clothes and a really sharp knife.

drag it across my arm just one time put the blade down wait for my next bad thought and its in my hand again

nothing like a little bit of  blood flow to help the healing begin

as i watch my troubles trickle down my fingers and on to the floor

i think mabey it wasnt enough mabey i could use just a little more

this time i let some go along my leg and a lot go down my chest

sure ive tried other forms of medication but found this one seems to work the best

and as i watch my problems seem to run away

i cant help but think to myself what a wonderfull day

some call it sadistic and some just call me sick

some say that i have issues i say that all of you dont know shit

if your going to judge me by my actions mabey you should get to know me first

"but i wont get a chance to get to know you if you end up in a hurst"

well then you better make it quick or shut your fucking mouth

im not trying to kill myself you bastards im just looking for some help

well then talk to some one who cares like your family or a friend

someone who truley loves you and will be there till the end

well you just seem to have all the answers dont ya, you make it seem so easy

mabey i am where i am becouse im all alone and have no one to please me

that didnt cross your mind becouse you really have no clue

im trying to fix my problems which have nothing to do with you

im going to do what i need to, to make myself feel better

and if it becomes to much for me ill put it in a letter

a letter placed upon my desk which is where you will find me

sitting there in my chair in a puddle of my misery

not alive but not quite dead just barely holding on

to what that is im not quite sure cause all my cares are gone

mabey i just want to see where my life is headed

but untill then wraped in skin this knife will stay imbeded

it seems to me a cry for help is a sad man who couldnt wait

and so despratley wanted to end his life but then did hesitate

so he left himself with a scar because he couldnt get the job done

oh what the hell its just as well besides its all in fun


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