Creator’s night

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Have you ever thought about how our Solar system was created? Why is planets location order happened extremely rarely in the Universe? My story is about it.

Submitted: October 20, 2016

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Submitted: October 20, 2016



Creator’s night


Have you ever thought about how our Solar system was created? Why is planets location order happened extremely rarely in the Universe? My story is about it.


- What’s up? - Familiar voice came in Stone’s communicator.

- I’m ok. What do you need, I’m so busy right now? - Stone said without any courage.

- Oh! C’mon! Did you forget we have a big party with my group mates in the club? You made a promise that we would go on it together.

- Pfff.

- Get it? Okay, but… you should smile and be happy. Don’t freak me out. Okay?

- You know, I remember I have homework to do. I must bring it for the tomorrow lab. Okay?

- Okay, do you love me?

- Yes, of course.

- And…

- I like parties, good sound and cocktails. All of this is a good spending time at Tuesday night. Oh man! It drives me crazy. Do you promise that I return to home not later than 3 a.m.?

- Deal! Headliners complete playing at 1 a.m. We’ll hang over with my friends. Which project do you fire this time? - She sonorously laughed in the communicator. - Look at me; I always do my business in time, that’s why I’ve got free time.

- When pigs fly! We’re different enough; I do my stuff in the last moment, ‘cuz it’s my tradition, anyway. Who’s talking about it, but not you? You drink like a fish.

- I do. How about a challenge?

- It sounds good. If I beat you, what will I get?

- As if! You said as if you have chances.

- You’d better encourage me. Okay! Do you remember I’m your boyfriend?

-I see, - She laughs. - If you won me, I would do everything you want all night long.

- Why will I need to accept this one if I have all of you offer me? ) Give me soothing more. How about cooking? Ahah! Yes, I know you hate doing it anyway.

- Grrr. But… If I win, you’ll redecorate my apartment and fix my vehicle, and…

- Wow, wow! Easy girl! It’s too much.

- C’mon. It won’t be a problem for you. You do it for money, so not be a bore. I wanna get something for myself.

- Deal.

They shook virtual hands.

- I pick you up at 9 p.m. Will you ready to go?

- Okay. I try to focus at my work.

Call was over. All things about the project were gone and I have fewer two hours to prepare. Stone went to the kitchen, opened a fridge and took some meal. When he turned on music, he started eating. I must do this project very well. It depends on it, will I study in the university or not? Stone came back to his room and looked on his “papers”.

- I think, they’re enough materials for it.

Stone was crushing in creating and He didn’t notice time on clock. Communicator rang again.

- I’m here, put on your clothes and go. We’re late.

- Take it easy. We’re always in time.

Her personality sometime angers me. She has been growing in a reach and influence family. She was spoiled by her parent’s care and attention. I don’t care about it. I love her so what she is, but I notice that she’s come to change herself in our relations. For other people she kept herself like an over impulsive person. Stone locked his apartment; went down the stairs.

- Hi Stone!

- Hi sweetie! -He kissed Joanna.

- Let’s go.

- May I help you in driving? -Stone turn on an over smiling regime on his face.

- Nope! We get a little competition, while I’m driving to the party.

- Which one?

- Remember Michael?

- Will you want to defeat him? Right now? Do you let me do it? I like your good mood today and the only one thing, I don’t want, it’s your throw-down. You’ve never won him before. Why do you think you can reach on this goal right now?

- Do you believe in me?

- Yes, of course. If you wish it, we’ll do it. Okay, any way I’ll be co-pilot. Only one lap, okay?

- It’s enough.

When she started driving, he sent a message to Michael and started talking about the conditions of the competition. One good idea has popped into his hade.

- Michael, I thought a little about it, and… How about losing this lap? It’ll make her happy for not less one month.

- It won’t be fair, anyway.

- You know, let her make a little rejoicing. Think about it like a good way to date her friend Jolie.

- You can be convincing.

- I’m. Okay. I call you later.

The “One lap’s” competition is a basic way to reveal the best driver. It’s not only for junior drivers, sometime, pro will use this way, if they have no time. They have left own district and kept driving downtown.

- Call Michael to check he is ready.

- Mike, hi man!

- What’s up?

- We’re waiting for your ass. Where are you?

- Two minutes, keep waiting.

Michael’s vehicle is parking so close.

- Hi Joanna, You look awesome. Hi bro! I renew my car, that’s why we’ll complete very fast.

- Are you holding all the aces? - She was asking with a hint of doubt.

- Ahah! Where’s your courage going? If I win he won’t be able to pay me your losing. Start in 10… 9…

- Oh, c’mon! He only intimidates you and nothing else, I believe in your skill and luck.

Vehicles jumped up from the virtual starting mark. Joanna started leading. Michael told to her the best way to the finish. He’s known downtown perfectly, ‘cuz he often visited this district to play, to fight and completely to drive.

- Joanna; go this way.

- Nope.

- Believe me, I know what I say. Go! Right now!

She hit the brakes and turned right. After twenty-minutes race, they won the lap challenge.

- Okay. It’s. You drive confidently and quickly. You can talk about it. I confirm. See you!

Stone armed her. She turned in his arms and gave a strong and long kiss for him.

- Party isn’t celebrating itself, is it?

- My brain is blowing out right now. Chill out; think about a party.

Vehicle’s crashing into the traffic jam. They’re coming in the club’s parking for half an hour.

The security guard stared at them. His voice showed welcome notes.

- Hi guys! It’s a private party. Could you possible give me your pass codes?

- It’s not a problem, - She gave her hand to scan. -Get it?

- How about your partner?

- He isn’t a partner. He’s my boyfriend. You’d remember that at last.

- Okay, okay. I think, both of you can pass via yours.

Stone threw her on his shoulder and went in the club.

- Put me down! You completely dork. I’ll break up with you if you aren’t doing it right now.

- You were mine, security guard said. I’ll do with you all I want. You’re my girlfriend.

This action took place in front of her friends. He put her down and gave a hand to keep her.

- Hi buddies! He’s Stone, you know. How much time we have before a band starts its performance?

- It’s less one hour. We took a private room for our company, you in?

- Yes, of course.

Guys gave their ships to pay and proceeded to VIP room. Music was so loud, but incredible cool songs were played in an arrow.

- Who would be drink cocktails? Many hands. - Okay, girls your move.

- We’re going to the bar. Relaxing guys. We have to do a competition.

- What? - People turned their heads and stared at them.

- C’mon! It’s our business, not yours.

- Sweetie. Can you tell me that this competition is about?

- Stacy!

- I’m your best friend. What’s happened?

- I don’t hang out with him for a long time. I incited him to do the drink competition.

- I see. What’s the reason?

- There’s no one. He’d relax at least a little bit.

- Are you crazy? He has a last lab for 9 hours. Do you wanna him to fire from university?

- Oh! C’mon. You’re a boring ass. Take it easy.

- Grow up a silly girl! Do you check out his last homework?

- Nope. It hasn’t completed yet.

- Oh well-well!

- Stone! Go making a drink party!

Couple went to the bar. Joanna gave his chip to pay for lickers and cocktails.

- What do you prefer drinking?

- Two black pirates are good for starting.

Stone whispered something lovely to her and they were drinking.

- Headliners start singing; go dancing.

- This band is playing cool. Are you with me?

- Yes, I do. Thank for inviting me on the party.

After dancing Joanna and Stone kept going drink each other under the table. Stone checked out her. She was tight enough.

- Okay. You keep abreast of me.

- I’d like to win twice today.

- It won’t be easy.

Couple went to strong likers. Nobody wanted to lose. The prize wasn’t big, but all of them caught the courage. Winning this competition became the most important thing in the Universe.

Stacy came to the bar.

- Hola amigo, hola chica, - She showed off while she was coming to them.

- I try to win, - she said so indistinctly.

- I see. Can I pick you for eye-to-eye talk?

- Yep. Don’t run away, I’m fast.

- Dear, what do you need win this competition? I heard about your one lap’s win. Isn’t it enough?

- Don’t be bore. Anyway, I want to fuck him and competition is a pretext for it.

- Okay. It’s a good idea. Go dancing and you’d better go doing it. Why not? I’ll bite you if he fails the last. Get it?

- Don’t get mad.

So, I don’t want to lose. She checked time. It was a half of 2 a.m. I don’t throw it on midway. She returned to Stone. They were sloshed enough.

- I quite. You win.

- Oh, c’mon. I’m quitting too. I give you this win. It doesn’t matter, ‘cuz all of you asked me about, I do for you whenever you want.

She was going smiling.

- Thanks, - and continue whispering. - It’s very important for me, you know, not concede in anything.

- I know you better than you. I provoked you to increase interest; to be this win more valuable.

Couple came back to bodies.

- Guys, my boyfriend decided that it was all. We have to go. See ya later!

- Don’t be silly. When do you do that he says?

- Guys! Please stop, anyway, continue relaxing without us.

They went out fast.

- I got plastered.

- So did I. Use autopilot, okay? Go to home.

- Are we driving to my house or your apartment? - She laughed.

- My apartment. - He said confidently.

Vehicle ran fast avoiding danger places between districts. The weather began going bad. A scattering of small raindrops decorated vehicle’s windows. They came back at home in a good mood. While they were coming in his apartment, they merged in a kiss and kept dressing off each other.

- You have to work, Stone.

- We have sex twice, but may be three times.

- Only twice. You have more after visiting the university.

An excitation reached on its limit. First one was going like a little dream. Joanna made him prepare his papers for the laboratory work, ‘cuz it was really hard.

- Take a cocktail, - She gave it to him and went on the sofa.

Stone started filling data for calculations. After that, He verified information model and formulas. All stuff looked ok, but he wasn’t positive in it. Alcohol little by little transformed in a headache. Two hours have gone. Joanna armed him after taking a little nap.

- How is it going?

- Ok.

- I know how I may help you.

She was going on her knees and stood on front of him. It smelted like lust. Does it help him? Anyway, I like doing it. If it helps I’ll be happy otherwise … Oh, my brain stops thinking. She closed her eyes and kept doing her business. Stone was going to a deep breath.

- OMFG. You’re perfect in it.

Time went and it was less and less.

- Okay. A little breakfast and we’d go to the university.

- I’ve already done it. Let’s eat.

He completed his model; quickly prepared and they were going outside. He took vehicle’s keys, turned on it and autopilot. Students got together in little groups and noised. All of them got rattled, ‘cuz today we had a test day. He found his group mates and was talking about the last lab. Professor came and let them into the auditory, the lab was started.

- Today all of you, show your models which you have been preparing during this academic year. The best of you will be great creators, but best of the best will be able to become architects. All of your project will be implemented. Just that our university differs from others.

Group mates started showing and introducing their models. It was time to introduce his own model.

- Which model did you pick to develop?

- Transform a nebula to the star system with planets.

- Okay. Well, what is your model name?

- I think it would be called the “Solar system” in the galaxy “Milky Way”.

Stone opened his model and talked to auditory about its structure and celestial mechanics. Stone kept saying about interactions between planets when professor stopped him.

- Do you know about the transformation nebulas into the star system and vice versa?

- Yes sir, of course, - his face gave out his condition.

- Paragraph # 121 subsection # 3. Planet disposition in the star system. I see, you remember; keep doing. Big planets, like gas giants, usually, are located not so far from the star and between star and gas giants can’t be located rocky planets.

- What did you name them?

- Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune; and I have planets which would be crashed in creating system processes.

- This system isn’t viable, because you have a lot of mistakes in your calculates. Not only will this system be  stable about 1-3% but also there will be NO chances that life will begin to emerge.

- BUT! I believe that life will begin to emerge.

- You’d better not interrupt me. I know that he’s your boyfriend but our university only for the best students. I offer you think about it outside of the auditory. And about you, I’m disappointed, but I can’t change anything in your model. It’ll be implemented how you see it. I keep your model like a model which does nothing. There’re no stabilization and no life. See you in the next academic year.


History has chosen the hardest way to come true. The Sun nebula became to the Solar system. Miraculously planets lined up how its creator wished. After a while, Life arose on Earth until Life began progressing and trying to understand itself, environment. When scientists were going to explore the Universe, stars and their own Solar system they were surprised of the fact that only their own system has had the so strange order position of the planets. If our scientists know why our planets placed in this order which has happened extremely rarely in the Universe they wouldn’t believe in it anyway.



This story can be used like a blank for:

- The pilot for TV-series.

- Stand-ups production.

- Cartoons creation.

- Advertisements creation (Develop, IT companies, Student & Motivation).


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