Dismantling Prosperity

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Dismantling Prosperity

Submitted: June 15, 2012

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Submitted: June 15, 2012



I've watched the greatest minds of my generation fall apart
Tearing their hairs out in unbridled clumps on the floors
of bathroom stalls
While a girl in a short skirt with shapely form feeds them pills
From the palm of her wilting hand
She knows as they do that she's as used up as the supply
As torn as the posters on the closed down concert hall
In the streets they scream for justice
For whom?
The masses scream about justice for the individual
Their own private injustices that they paint in blood red on bricks
That belong to no one in places no one will see in 20 years
If Alice met here with the Mad Hatter
I have a strong sense he'd tell her "None of this matters"
This regime will fall to the next
And the next
And the next
The constant is that they're consistant
And across the plaza in suits and ties
People discuss how to spin the ends of people's lives
In order to turn a profit
In order to not get put to death over it
They seem to have found a balance between
Being friendly with the man upstairs
And to the one below, pacifying
I have seen misguided men do brave things for the wrong reasons
Or do wrong things in a brave way
Or do nothing at all except complain
I have seen smart men do the same
I have seen men apathetical to everything except narcissism
They don't care what you say for they won't even listen
Lest they pick up a torch
With the hand that handles the silver fork
And set a fire in the hearts of people who give a damn
Why change the status quo?
We can tell them we're doing all that we can
Somewhere in the mind of one who's seen all these things
And who will undoubtedly see more
There's a screaming urge to lie upon back
And float
For if the narcissists won't listen
And the swan song remains the same
And the constant overlord is consistant
How the fuck are we going to change?

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