Sicker Than Cancer

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This came out of nowhere. I was listening to the doors and Jim Morrison's line in "Break on Through" [Your arms have changed, Eyes that lied,] caught my attention. so i started rhyming and i liked it enough to put it down on here.

Submitted: August 07, 2008

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Submitted: August 07, 2008



I'm spitting up cliche's in the toilet
Your arms have changed like Morrison
And furthermore you're so important
I'm feeling under the weather like it's snowin
And there's lines on a little mirror
That say maybe tomorrow it'll be clearer
And the image reflected will see her
But the skeletons don't want to hear
Like a tell-tale heart couldn't feed your hunger
I am a blanket now get under
Or I am the ground now get under
If you mess around in winter you won't see summer
How long will this head push up daisies?
A length of time but just maybe
An angels choir singing "Save Me"
Could bring me back like Mercury
But I have a feeling it will be like Nath
Your memories will take a bath
And I will be thrown in the trash
Once you're gone there's no coming back

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