The Darkness Of St. Louis

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A small Horror/mystery story of some teens.

Submitted: September 08, 2010

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Submitted: September 08, 2010



One dark and cloudy night six teenager and an adult were running from something. Something that they thought was pure evil and would kill them if it got the slightest grip one of them with is deadly grasp. The group was scared out of their minds. They started with 15, at a party in downtown St. Louis. Now only seven of them had survived the first brutal hour of the night.
Noah, was a jock, he was the most popular boy in school and one of the few survivors. Logan was the only adult and their English teacher. Being 25 had its perks; he was the strongest and most fit of the group. While growing up in Canada, he learned many skills on the street. Ethan was the only one who took the lead, which means he took the deaths the hardest. His life had been complicated his whole life so he was used to having to be resourceful. Jaylen and Javen were brother and sister. They were left in a foster home since they were very little and Jaylen has taken care of her little brother her whole life. Ava was like a girl Noah. She was popular and a complete jerk to everyone else. To her all outsiders should stay outside. Gabriela was a shy small girl. She didn’t really belong to any group but her best and only friend Elijah brought her with him to the party. Elijah wasn’t unpopular, but his relationship with Gabriela left him out of most of the groups.
The other children were killed within minutes of the first sighting of the darkness. The lucky seven that escaped got out through the back of Jonathan’s house. Jonathan was the host of the party but was also the first killed. He was closest to the door and was engulfed by the darkness itself. The rest were shell-shocked by his instant death. Ethan led the few that he could find, out of the house and into the alleys were they ran through the urban part of St, Louis, attempting to get away from the darkness. They were weaving in and out of the streets hoping not to be sucked in by the demonic entity that followed them. Javen, who is younger than the rest was having trouble keeping pace, so Logan picked him up and carried him so he wouldn’t fall behind.
After 4 hours of running, it struck midnight, and something amazing happened. The bells on the church rung and the darkness seemed to melt away. The seven stood in shock as they saw their friends bodies drop to the floor on top of the piles of trash. A few of them let out sighs of relief under their cries for their deceased friends, but Logan had a feeling this wasn’t the end of their journey. He told Ethan about his feeling and he agreed. They needed to stay together.

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