To The Sagitarian

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You know who you are.

Submitted: July 16, 2012

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Submitted: July 16, 2012





You, with the beautiful brown eyes, the dark hair, the tan skin.

You, with the charming smile and the mischeivious look in your eyes.

You, with the muscles and the strength.

You, who made me fall for every word you said.

You, with the knowledge of persuasion; of the perfect charm.

You, with the romantic words slipping off your tongue.

You, with the perfect hand placement and perfect sentences.

You, the liar.

You, with the ability to lie to get what you want.

You, with the drink in your hand to help you out.

You, with the phone in the other to type out the kind lies.

You, with the perfect kisses of adultery on yours.

You, with the wonderful personality when drunk.

You, with the strength in your legs to get up and run away.

You, with the intention of charming and leaving.

You, with the flaw of cowardice.

You, with the look of bewilderment on your face as I catch you making eyes at me; making me almost let down my guard again.

You, with the dumb mind and stupid personality.

You, who I now see right through.

You, who is dumber than a rock.

You, who only knows how to run away.

You, the "player".

You, the imbecile.

You, the piece of shit.

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