The Joy of Reading Books

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

An avid book lover makes a wrong and soon ends up in the type of life he never imagines. (As told by his friend)

"Were you an accomplice?

I could scarcely make out the words, but I understood. The same question was being bombarded to me for the past 3 hours. For those three hours, I managed to respond with useless answers. A few minutes after that last question I managed to mutter another one.

"Bill was never a normal guy, but sometimes it`s good to not be normal. It`s the normal people that are remembered in history as unimportant, useless even."

"I understand what your mean, sir, but youneed stay focused. I will ask you again: Were you or were you not an accomplice in the murder?"

Upon hearing this, I knew I couldn`t stall anymore.

We were in a dimly lit room, somewhere in Chicago. I don`t know where exactly because they blindfolded me before they threw me in the van. I could barely see the entrance, which was a small wooden door. I knew we weren`t in a police station because the room was so badly maintained. The walls were grease stained and I could see that the guy in front of me had a badge. I couldn`t see much else.

"If you really want to know the answer, then I need to start from the beginning. If I don`t, then everythingt I say will make no sense."

"We have plenty of time, just don`t take too long."

And that`s how I finally got a chance to tell one of the many adventures I had with Bill. Of course, I had to summarize it, but now I could have just one less story bottled up in my mind. I finally had the chance to share my adventurewith someone.

"Alright, it all started like this.....

Bill Barnagie, my best pal, loved to read books. I had met him in high school, I forgot in which grade exactly. He would spend hours, sometimes forgetting to eat, reading books. He only read classics though, none of the more modern books.We would spend days together, reading books mostly. He was very well read and intelligent but didn`t attend college because he didn't have the money. He lived alone with his father. I never found out what happened to his mother. And when his father died, he was too lazy get a job, spending all his time and money on reading his beloved books instead. When he emptied his savings, oh thats when he started to steal. There wasn't a publi library in the small town we lived in, so he couldn`t get books for free. "Being dishonest" is what he used to call it.

It started out small, usually stealing books from the libraries themselves. Then he started stealing wallets, watches, etc. After his first enounter with the police, he started thinking big. I recall it very clearly.

He was walking on the street, looking very casual. I was walking next to him at a slightly slower pace. We were having a very strange conversation. First he asked me to walk in a nearby jewlery store. When I said no, he went and did it himself. He just ran in, took all the earings, necklaces and bracelets he could find and ran out. The next thing I heard was the store`s alarm. Before he knew it, the cops where on his tail. Heran no more than 3 blocks when his pursurers pinned him to the sidewalk. Luckily, bail wasn`t high and I paid it. Before long he was stealing and pickpocketing once more.

Soon after, he asked to help him in crimes. Soon after, it stopped being his love for books that drived his crimes. They were now fueled by greed. One day, he approached me with a plan for a bank robbery. I contemplated the question for many days. In the end, because I felt that I couldn't let him down, I reluctantly agreed. As I`m sure you know, there were complications. I don`t want to describe the violence, so I'll just leave it there."

Now that I was finished telling my story, I looked at my watch. Though I could barely see, I managed to figure out that it was about 5:00 PM. A few hours had passed. As I was getting up to leave, a man came up from behind and handcuffed me. My interrogator then muttered something like "Take him away."

As I was being led out of the room, and therefore in the sudden sunlight, I blinked. It was a sunny day. On my way, to who knows where, I thought about life. I thought about how one bad choice led someone like Bill down such a horrible road. Most importantly though, I thought what was going to happen to me.

Submitted: April 28, 2010

© Copyright 2021 duder. All rights reserved.

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Ben Walker

Nice story poor guy he just had to help bill out =/
uhm heres some typos i found

"I never found out what happened to his mother. And when (is) father (dies,) he was too lazy get a job,"
I think you mean and when HIS father died he was too lazy. (if not sorry)

"Now that I was finished telling my (stroy)"

Lol sorry just trying to help. Keep up the great work!

Wed, April 28th, 2010 9:53pm

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