My Beloved Wife

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A story of a man, madly in love with his wife who brutally betrayed him. Will he survive without her?

Submitted: October 17, 2011

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Submitted: October 17, 2011



"How could you betray me my dear wife? I loved you more than anything, I still do. Where did I lack?" He begged before the gigantic close-up pegged neatly at the front wall of the living room. He stepped closer to the picture, touched as though he would run his hands though her soft brown hair, and slowly ran his fingers down to the dimple on her left cheek. He embraced the picture and stood there for a while.

He turned around and realized that it was the same room they tastefully decorated together after their marriage. He looked around and realized that though she left him long ago, she still lived there more than he himself did. How on earth would he be able to forget her? He looked at the small crystal memento she brought for him when she visited Hong Kong for a two-day conference. He remembered how sorely she missed him already the moment her plane took off from the airport. His wife always loved him. What made her change so drastically? He slid against the wall, until he sat on the floor gazing blankly at the ceiling. The memories of the first day at St. Stephens College flashed through his mind.

He was sitting in the cafeteria when a girl with lowered eyes holding her notebook close to her chest approached him in her soft voice, “I saw you in the class today. Do you mind if I could share the table with you?” He looked at her and then looked around and noticed that no other table was available. He nodded and went back to reading his book. She had a cup of Earl Grey tea and two pieces of muffins. She offered him some, but he declined. He pretended to be absorbed in reading and stole a few glimpses of her subliminally from the corner of his eyes. She had a round face and she looked intelligent in her grey eyes. She was wearing a pink gloss that complemented her fair complexion. She was beautiful.

The next day when he was in the chemistry lab, she came and stood in front of him. He looked up and she greeted him cheerfully. He was glad to see her but he didn’t know how to strike a conversation with her. She explained that she missed her lecture and wanted to take notes. Without a moment’s delay, he gave her his notebook and she left. He wanted her to stay and talk to her but was too shy to ask. He kept looking in her direction until she became smaller and smaller and then disappeared finally.

She didn’t show up the next day and another no show on the following day. He grew curious. He waited for a week and finally took her contact number from the office. When he called, her mom told him that she was down with viral and may be back to the college in a couple of days. He felt relieved.

When she returned, she expressed gratitude for his caring gesture. It was the beginning of their friendship. They spent most of the time studying together. At other times, they spent evenings strolling on a beach. Their relationship continued four years of college even though they went to schools in different parts of the country. Following graduation they married. They were more than in love with each other. He never seemed angry at her or never raised his voice and she did anything he would ask.

His endless accommodations elicited her trust in him to the extent that it was so easy for her to admit one day that she was having an affair. He felt bad and held himself responsible for her to look outside the relationship. He wanted her to stop seeing the other man but held back thinking that it would hurt her. Instead, he asked her if she planned to continue the affair and wanted him to leave.

One might have thought that this would have touched her heart and made her feel that she was married to an angel. Instead, it infuriated her.

She asked “Ain’t I worth anything to you at all?”
He just looked at her.
“Wont you say anything?”
He replied gently, hoping that it was the right thing to say, “Do you want a divorce?”
“Divorce!! God damn it. What the hell do you want?”
“I want your happiness. That’s all I ever wanted.”
“Don’t you think I deserve the happiness to make someone happy, too?”
“I don’t know.” Tears filled his large brown eyes and he stepped out.

He stayed at a friend’s for a week. When he returned, she had left.

Tears were rolling down his cheeks when the nurse came and shook him before giving him some medicines. For a moment, he wanted to believe what he saw was only a nightmare and that his real life was still good.

My dear beloved wife,

Marrying you has been an expensive affair and divorcing too. I must have disgorged 6 millions to you in alimony and you still play on my mind! I feel like a lost addicted gambler who continues to gamble despite knowing that he will never win for losing. Sometimes I get so agitated that I want to slap you, and sometimes pine for you. Since I no longer understand my mood swings, I decided to write this letter to you. I remember I wrote my first letter to you about 20 years ago. You were so beautiful back then. I wish you had never sat next to me that day. Neither would I have lost my heart to you within five minutes, nor would you have betrayed me; and I wouldn’t also have been trying to take my heart back from you. Now that you’ve taken your heart back, please return mine; I will make better use of it, perhaps will give it to someone else.

My beautiful witch, you have always been self-centered. Remember the day you came to the court for our divorce, how beautifully dressed you were as though it was our divorce party. And poor me, I thought I still mean something to you. I so wanted to request the judge that I won’t divorce you. But then your cold eyes revealed that I don’t mean anything to you for a long time. I am just a stranger to you who used to be your husband and you want to get rid of me. But you don't worry, I am not depressed without you. I listen to happy songs and party with my friends. All my friends 'here' know what kind of a woman you are and how much I hate you.

I am at home today, haven’t gone to work either… collecting your stuff which you left behind. Do you know how much space it occupies in my house? On top of that, do you know how much space you occupy in my head? Never mind. Tomorrow is the anniversary of our broken wedding, I have decided that I will murder you tomorrow evening. I have taken out your wedding dress and all your jewelry. I want you to dress like a bride again. I will divorce you again. I have booked a taxi and ordered flowers. So what I am going to murder you, I am a gentleman and I haven't forgotten my etiquette.

Today I was so furious that I decided that I will complete the letter before going off to sleep. We are anyway not allowed to step out of this asylum but don't worry, I will rent a helicopter or ask my friends to arrange a ship for me so that I can tell you that the day you left me, I was moved to this new house and since then I have been thinking about you. I can do anything for you my beloved but I don't want to think about you anymore. I am totally worn out. Please release me from your grip. Didn’t I tell you that I am 'mad' in your love… I am m.a.d.

Your ex-husband

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