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Its a letter to parents as i have been both a parent and a child i believe im in a better position to advise parents on raising kids to be successful.

Submitted: April 17, 2013

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Submitted: April 17, 2013



A letter: To all parents.

I love my mother she raised me on her own  when my father was not there to love me, she like many strong single mothers  struggled to provide everything I wanted but she always made sure I was taken care of. There were times in my teens that I doubted her love I thought she wanted nothing to do with me I just assumed if she can’t give me what I wanted that she simple didn't love me .

As I grew up I came to realize how much my mother loved me, probably the day it hit me so hard that she loved me is when I came so close to being raped, that day I knew God and my family loved me so much My mom was in tears and everyone showed me so much love that I could never ever doubt their love ever.

One thing I realized as I grew up, is that in life every child seeks approval from parents whether their grown or young all they want is for their parents to share in their dreams to be happy for them to show approval for any of their achievements, and all that any great parents should do is become passionate about their kids Dreams I believe it’s sort of a right that all parents need to fulfill  Let it not be for money because money doesn't equals happiness but happiness comes from the fulfillment of Dreams.

As a parent I have come to know how hard it is to raise and love a child, I have to accept that it’s not about my dreams for my baby but her dreams for her life although my baby is young I have made mistakes in showing her love that sometimes I had to sit down and think about how I need to compromise myself in order to show love for her. In her young life I have come to realize what a big impact I have its like when she first started trying to walk it is because we cheered her on that she never ever gave up even when she fell she would rise up to try and take baby steps until eventually today she can walk, the same applies in life I need to cheer her on that she should live to fulfill her dreams and when she falls she will not dare to give up on her dreams because she knows I am there for her,  cheering her on to keep going.

Being a parent is not just being a provider it is so much more and the sooner parents step up to the game the easier it is for kids everywhere to stand up and make a difference, remember we are raising future leaders. we need to become more than just bread winners for our kids we need to show them love and encourage them as it’s not the teachers job but  our job as parents .God gave us this little blessings of life so that we can nurture them and grow them into little shinning stars.

The amazing thing when it comes to love it’s that it is never too late to change, so to all the parents out there don’t beat yourself up, change love your kids be part of their lives and the love will grow in their with me today I have come to love my father although his not a big part of my life the love I have for him is amazing, that one time that I came to share with him meant the world to me.



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