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These is an inspirational piece on tapping into that which is your life purpose, it basically tries to motivate you to follow your purpose as true hapiness comes from fullfilling your purpose and it also tries to guide you on how to try and remain positive in your mindset.

Submitted: April 17, 2013

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Submitted: April 17, 2013




I like many people i have come across,  just exist. we live from day to day to just be and the only thing people search for is happiness  but really i believe the key to happiness is finding your purpose in life and fullfilling it only then you can achieve your happiness.

The problem i have seen in life is that so often when people Face hardship they fail to see what lesson life is teaching them or should i say hardship is a ladder that life presents to one in order for them to climb up getting to the top has never been easy you can never rise up when your in your sleep ..

Just like the rainbow comes after the rain success which results in your happiness comes after the hardship so instead of asking why me you should learn from it look for the positive in the happenings and rise to the challenge.

Finding out your purpose in life is only the beginning you need to come up with a plan for how you can achieve your purpose in life, in all this activities you need to be persistent and also be not too harsh towards yourself know the saying  'you only fail once you give up' if your still trying its not failure but a lesson the only thing you need to do is come up with a new way of going about to achieve your purpose.

When i was young probably about twelve i found out my purpose the only time i could really be me was when i was writting when i had my pen in my hand i would be the happiest but i didnt know then that it was more than me being a loner, i only came to realise later on that it was more, that its what im meant to do to share my ideas in my writting although today i am still struggling with a plan of action i believe in myself that one day i shall realize my dream aslong as i dont sleep on it because without action words or dreams are pointless.

Once you have a plan you need to execute it, set the ball rolling in motion and you must know success is not guaranteed at first try, it is not achievable over night you need to be dedicated and you need to not fall at the first sight of difficulty many succesful people tried many a times untill they got it right so stand firm and be the master of your mind in coming up with a way forward always.

Success is not a destiny it is a journey in that to keep being successful you must keep up with the work and be innovative, be humble and gracious  one thing to remember is that success must be maintained.

the definition of success is to live your purpose, it is to make your dreams come alive.This is important 'your dreams' not what others dream of because i can do what others dream of  and claim to be successful thats why i come to the conclusion that success is being happy, because your only truly happy once you achieve your dreams.

a few  important things to know on this life changing journey to live your purpose:

  •  be yourself always never let others define who you are.
  • A silly thing to do is write your dreams/goals down and whenever your going through hardship or feeling down read up on your goals, it will lift your spirit up.
  • Self talk also helps or power thoughts do such exercises, it will do wonders for you.
  • remember in life there is no manual, the is no right way to do something its trial and error.
  • A plan is essential because without a plan we have no clear path of where we are going .
  • As people we are called out for different purposes so not everyone will see your purpose as having meaning.

As humans in our nature we do feel down when things do not go our way, i have adopted a philosophy in my life where by i have come up with the 40minutes period in this period after an event that usual is negative i allow myself to feel down to take in all that has happened and after those minutes i try to think of the positive things that could have resulted from this negative event in so doing my spirit is lifted up and i begin to feel better.

This philosophy is very difficult to execute, i myself sometimes struggle with i,t its because to kill a bad habit takes time so sometimes you might not be able to execute it successfully the trick is to keep trying untill its just how you react all the time.


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