Pit of Despair

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Poem about hurting the one I love

Submitted: July 20, 2009

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Submitted: July 20, 2009



The wraith of my inner demons shredded your warm heart with their icy claws. I didn’t hold back my putrid demons. I let them shred your heart into invisible slices. I was not your knight in shinning armor this time. After, I could not find the invisible slices to your beautiful heart.


Oh, what you must be thinking and feeling. Your knight in shinning armor turned into a hoard of wretched demons and shredded your precious heart. Oh, you can no longer trust your knight to not turn into demons again, so you decided to throw him into the pit of despair.


Oh, how dark and lonely it’s here. I cannot reach you from the pit of despair. Angelic women do not travel close enough to this hellish place. Did you know you threw me at the very bottom of the pit of despair? You can only throw me down this far without your beautiful heart.


I hope I’m not in the pit of despair long enough for it to annihilate my heart. For each hour a piece of my heart dies.

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