My Sentiment

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A tribute to my daughter who has estranged herself from my family.

Submitted: February 03, 2007

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Submitted: February 03, 2007



You entered my world

immediately stealing my heart

transfixed by your perfectness

My life changed indelibly by your presence

I adored you with my entire being

And you returned the sentiment

Slowly as you learnt new things

You taught me too.

amazed at your boundless energy

I believed you had no fault

I continued to adore you unquestionably

I knew you returned the sentiment

Then came the pain.

The days of aching, the nights of agony

I held you in my arms

Unable to ease your hurting I cried for us both

Still I remained faithful,

giving you all

I believed you returned the sentiment.

Your life began to change

In direction, thoughts and desires

sometimes I questioned you but never demanded

Your life became a secret I was not allowed to know

I still loved you, unwavering.

I doubted you returned the sentiment

Then you were gone

You took away my light

Leaving me bewildered, deserted, inconsolable

My life an empty shell of what had been

my love remains steadfast

I knew now you did not return the sentiment

Every day I hope

I hope you will think of me

That you will realise I am not the cause of your pain

All I desire is your happiness

I wait in anxious expectation

You will one day return my sentiment

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