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A short story of a love that wasn't meant to happen.

Well, this is what happens when we, humans, don't think our actions before making them. Let me take back at least twenty years, so you know my story. I'll try to make it as teenageable as possible.


Tenth grade and my life was doing great, Yeah! I was always smoking weed and drinking after school. I've always blamed my parents for never giving me the proper attention. So yeah, smoking and drinking were my little demonstration of: I NEED ATTENTION. I might've taken it to the extreme but who cares, who says that you can't have fun while you are doing what you want?

Anyways, one day when I came from school, mom and dad were awaiting for me at my room with a pack of weed in their hands. In that moment I new that my life as a free soul into the dark mist and hallucinating world of the weed would end. In that moment, I tried to use something as an escapade to the whole problem and decided to tell on dad. I told mom, that I found that being unfaithful to her with his very promiscuous and SLUTsecretary. I escaped that day and went to an abandoned house that I used to shag around for weed. Still, mom and dad found me and they did what they thought would be best.

Take a wild Guess!! Come on, take it! Have you found it? If not I'm going to tell you.


I'm not going to bore you with the details of the shrieking and the screaming and the fighting before getting in a car to visit my home for the next sixty days.

Day One- The most boring day, in anybody's life was that day. It was completly out of control, I slept the whole day ignoring the reunions and everything that went on that day.

Day two- I decided to end with my misery and go to Yoga class. It was very early in the morning and everything made sense, fresh new day. I couldn't believe how I spent a whole day without my daily dose of weed and alcohol. But this day was different, it had something in the air; a cloud of mist filled with an emotion.

Then I met her, Dianne. She had the most beautiful body, gleaming blonde hair, ice blue eyes and perfect dimple in her smile. She was sitting next by a tree reading a book, seeming completly natural. My testosterone began working at warp speed and I felt an eminent rush to mingle.

"Hi" I said, sitting down next to her and I have to accept that the whole shade of the tree was comfortable.

"Hello" She said back smiling.

"What are you reading?" I asked

"Poe. The raven, my personal favorite" She responded

"Mine too" I lied of course.

She scoffed and bursted in laughter "You are a lousy liar" she commented.

"Yeah" I said. "So what you in here for?" I asked very curious.

"Too much Martinis" She said with a spark of a joke.

"Nice. Why did your whole addiction to alcohol began?" I asked

"Well, having a dad that only thinks of what's best for him. I think that's the whole deal" She responded smiling at me.

We met our gaze and it stood froze for several minutes, sending sparks between our eyes. We separated our gaze with nervous smiles. It was love at first sight. The days went as if nothing ever existed only her. I slept thinking of her and when I didn't see her for minutes I starved my mind with her thoughts. She was the most beautiful, fire starting and heart warming girl.

Day 10- We slept in my room for the first time. We weren't allowed to sleep with anybody, but we decided to sneak. P.S. Nothing happened!

Day 15- We were a couple.

Day 20- At night we decided to escape to the woods and sleep in the cold night. It felt amazing the whole adrenaline pumping in my brain, the wind making the trees branches thrust casting shadows around the ground; it was amazing. That's when everything happened. A kiss led to another and another and then we were making love. It was the night that I became a man and it felt more than thrilling. Not because I had made love, but because it was with Dianne.

Day 40- A loud knock on the door woke me up. I rushed to the door and opened it, Dianne revealed in a waterfall of tears. I lightning of worryness came to me.

"What happened?" I asked compeltly anxious.

"I-I-I- I'm pregnant" She said stamering and entering into panic mode

My heart slomped and my throat dried.

"WHAT?" I asked "Are you serious?"

"Of course Aiden, I'm not going to lie to you about something like this" She pressed getting angry.

I hugged her and I couldn't do anything else but to scream in laugh. I was scared, excited, and dissapointed- because I had led my family down. Still, I didn't care.

"It's okay, we'll handle this. I'm not going to run away or ignore the baby. I;m going to love you forever" I said trying to comfort her, but for some reason it brought more tears to her eyes.

"What's wrong?" I asked now perplexed.

"Nothing is going to be all right! They have called our parents and this is getting uglier. Dad, only wants me to marry Edward a very handsome and welthy man. He won't accept this, he might kill you" She said gloomly.

"We'll handle this I'll swear" And I did sweared it.

After long hours of sitting together hugging and kissing her dad appeared. His face was completly pale and filled with rage. His eyes wanted to rip my body apart. As soon as he saw me he launged at me and began to punch my face over and over again. I got up and ran to the door, trying to escape. All I could hear was the shrieking screaming of Dianne, STOP PLEASE was all that I heard.

"I'll find you and our baby. I WILL" I shouted with all my might.

That's all I remember. I don't know what happened.

A week later I woke up from a deep state of coma. I had hid my head with the corner of the stairs, from whom I fell. For two more years, I lived a lie. they had said that the reason I was in coma was because I felt from my house staircase, that was it. I lost complete memory of the Rehab. It all came clear to me when I had to make a report on Rehab's for my colllege phsycology class.

There, I met once again my Yoga class instructor.

"I recognize you. Yeah! you were here years before. You and a lady had a baby. How is he or she?" She said very excited.

And that did it! From there I went home like a hurricane wind. I needed to comfront my mother who was drinking her usual cup of coffee.

"Why did you lie to me?" I asked with rage.

"What do you mean darling?" She asked inocently.

"I spent time in Rehab, and I have a kid? Is that true?" I asked rasing my voice.

She choked on her coffee and there I knew that it was all true.

"How did you found about this?" She asked.

"Doesn't matter! You lied to me!" I barked.

"You were young" She said acidicly.

"IT WAS MY CHILD" I snapped punching the table.

"What was I suppossed to do? Huh? Take care of you, your sister and your baby? I had little time for you, what made you think I was going to have more for three?" She said in a loud tone.

"You cold bitch" And with that, I escaped home that day.

I did everything I could. I invistagated her name, Dianne, and all the places she might've be. BUT NOTHING. I went ot visit her old house and she was asleep. I went to the hospital where the ladies at the Rehab Center told me, but the nurse that took care of my baby girl, had died. Yes, she was a girl. I tried contacting everyone and it all led me to find a private investigator. HE did all that he could to find out about my love, Dianne. He did, she was somewhere in New York. I was still in Portland, Oregon my homeland living with money from my dad. He was rich, so he supported me, because I convinced him.

For months and maybe a year I searched New York trying to find her. I traveled to Portland, Oregon to find where my daughter was. She was sent to an adoption center without Dianne's concern.

I had found my daughter three years after the investigation began, she was living with some family who took care completly of her. She was beautiful. She had azure eyes, black hair like me and a very spunky attitude. I loved her, from the moment I saw her. She was my baby my little me. She was a piece of my heart.

After months, I saw Dianne at the manhattan train station. She was with a guy and two girls.

"Hi" I said to her recognizing her fast. She hadn't change much.

"AIDEN?" she asked her eyes widening. She hugged me and kissed my neck "Darling why don't you keep going. I'll catch with you there, he's a friend from high school" She demanded to her husband. He was handsome but nothing like me.

"Wow! You haven't change a bit" I said.

"thanks" she said showing her dimples, I felled in love again.

"I found our daughter" I said very fast, cutting to the case.

"What? Really?" She said.

"yeah. I neeed you in the court with me in Portland. I need you there, so we can have our daugther back" I said excited because I knew that she would say yes.

"What? NO! I-I can't! I have my family, my life, and I can't" She said frowning.

"She's our daughter and they took her without our concern" I pressed.

"It was for the best" and a tear came out. She passed her thumb to stop it before it crossed her cheek. "I'm sorry" She said and turned away running.

That was all I heard from Dianne. It took me years and months to fight my daughter back and I did.



I still haven't forgive my mother for what she did. My daughter is my life and she's almost twelve years old. Right now, we are at Dianne's funeral. She died of cancer. She began to smoke and felled into a depression, because she couldn't find me. She spent years and years and never found me. But here's the catch:

We both lived in the same place, Cove Neck, New York.

She never found me and I always loved her! And my daughter is the only resemblance I have of her.

So here's a note for you:

NEver, Ever Let someone take away from you what's more precious.

This is for you, Estella.

I love you!

Always your father who is now in heaven with your mom, Aiden.

Submitted: March 14, 2009

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that was a great story.
keep writing more.
cant wait for the next one! :)

Sat, March 14th, 2009 4:54am



Sat, March 14th, 2009 5:56am

aria aiedail

wow that's such a depressing yet inspirational story...

Sun, March 15th, 2009 3:08pm


Thank You!

Sun, March 15th, 2009 9:26am


this was a great piece of writing. good job!!! =]

Sun, March 22nd, 2009 2:27pm


Thanks A lot!
This was a story for a script that I wanted ti write but instead I wrote a novel that's on the road of editing and so I decided to make it a short novel for BOOKSIE.

Sun, March 22nd, 2009 7:45am

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