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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
Zombies, demons, angels all part of my imagination to the books I write, but having all in reality? What the hell!

Submitted: March 14, 2009

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Submitted: March 14, 2009



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Please, give this to anybody out there who can help us. I don’t know how this massacre started. And when I refer to a massacre I really refer to the blood oozing and guts. Something, really bad has happened in this new town I’m living.

But before I can keep on, you will need to know what happened before this massacre. It all has to be said in fourteen pages, so I’ll be completely quick and graphic as I can be in this moment of crime.

Please have in mind that this is completely real and that it has everything to do with the government. But don’t worry, if we survive we’ll help you out of this trouble because you helped us out of the nightmare.

Seven years ago, my life turned completely upside down. I’m still eighteen years old, in case you’re wondering my age. My name is Scarlett and I’ve been the inspiration for most teenagers since my thirteen years of age. I’m an acclaimed fiction writer with two bestselling books (which haven’t been easy at all). About my physical appearance all I can say is that, I have blonde hair with whips of streaking black, tall and thin body with a toned skin, blue ice shaves eyes, and kind of a spoiled attitude. So, that’s gives you a pretty picture mind right?

It was November 16, 2004, when my mom died of lung cancer. Her death was massively tragic to me. I had nowhere to go, except with my freak dad. My dad lived, in a god-forsaken town in the middle of nowhere in Maine, U.S. I haven’t seen him since he left my mother when I was thirteen, the same year my first novel went platinum. I had no idea of what do to with my life. The custody passed to my dad, meaning: completely move to another place, plus I had the nagging bug of my agent in my neck hastening me to finish the sequel to my latest novel.

For almost four days, I was trying to decide what to do with my life. Either goes to hell’s town and try to find the simple inspiration of a tree that dances to the wind or go to my grandmother’s house in Argentina and help her with her Archeologist research. Everything seemed to debate with my mind desperately giving me pros and cons. At the end, I choose…dad. Yeah, a decision that almost made me kill myself.

Let me tell you that the ride to my dad’s house was completely boring. At first I was driven by an unknown driver whose face looked like it had come out of a Lord of the Rings gore monsters and second the entrance to my dad’s town was completely creepy.

After passing rows and rows of trees, the road opened to a town placed in the middle of a surrounding fence of mountains. Like a valley, but much more compact. The houses were sheltered by the trees, which grew higher and canopied above them. Getting inside the town was even more unbelievable. The car went down the mountain that opened to the town, –in a zigzag road- and finally entering the different streets. From the inside, the town looked always dark. The sun was dappled by the tress, meaning that maybe a twenty five percent of the sunrays entered the town. It was like entering a town described by own creepy imagination, where the only light is the twilight of the always moon.

As we made our rundown to the house where I was going to spend a life time, people that were outside their house froze at the car. They traced the car, with a horror-struck face –incident number one-.

“Scarlet my little love, how are you?”- My always beaming father said, as I hopped out of the car and paid the monster a huge amount of money.

I rolled my eyes at him. “Fine”- I spat.

“Well, it’s good to see that someone is in a good mood… should I help with the bags?”- He said sarcastically.

“Whatever”- I mumbled.

But get this; he really helped me with the bags…to the front door. From there on he showed me where my jail was. At least I had the view to the front of the street.

In case, you are taking wild guesses, I didn’t hate my father. I was just really irritated by the whole sequence of events that my life seemed to offer.

A knock on the door. Dad

“Hi baby, are you okay?”- He said, as he entered and sat by side in the bed.

I took a deep shuddering breath in. “Yes. Is just that everything is really blurry and I don’t find ways to unbend my life”

“I know everything is hard for you in this moment, but you have to be strong”- he said “Plus, You are in a new town, with new people, new experiences…”- he trailed off when he realized something.

“What’s wrong”- I asked frowning.

“I forgot and left my stove on”- he got up quickly leaving my side the wind of his swift movement. “I’m making teriyaki chicken, I hope you like it”- he informed with a grin and rushed away to the kitchen of the two story house.

I smiled at myself, because I saw me in him in that moment. I’m very forgetful…is that how it’s said? I’m sorry, I’m just writing all of this quick so the words spread fast.

After I had unpacked everything, I decided it was time to take a bath, eat and turn on my Mac to keep working on my upcoming sequel. I took all of my clothes, wrapped my body around the towel and went to the bathroom- it took me almost a lifetime to find it in the labyrinth house.

I closed the door, took a warming bath and dried myself. I stood, narcissistically looking, at my body in the mirror as always. I have the most beautiful and hated body, everything was made with a delicate touch.

But as I looked at my body, I dazed away to notice the most embarrassing moment of my whole life. The door had opened, and a guy, lost in the world of his IPod, was almost dancing behind me looking down at floor. In that moment, I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know how much time he had been there, but he sure had the time to notice my entire naked body.

As the adrenaline pumped my veins and my brain made my instincts work (wrapping myself in the towel), a pitching scream rose from my vocal chords and strummed out of my mouth blaring the bathroom, the house, the neighborhood and the whole Treesylvania town.

The boy behind me jumped with his eyes wider than a fish gasping for air and closed the door with a loud bang. I ran to my room, got dressed and went downstairs to where the “sorriest” of the boy were endless.

“You pervert!”- I accused at him pushing him with all my strength.

I met his gaze and he met mine. His eyes were pale yellow and his hair was high dark. He had a scar on his left cheek, which made him look sexily weird…the rest? I’ll leave to you to fantasize.

“You better apologize to me, you cretin!”- I said with a force of strong in my voice.

But then something sparked my mind. I looked around and nobody was in the kitchen except the two of us. Dad was outside somewhere and nobody else, apart from me, lived there.

So then, with whom was he talking to?

“Who was here just now? A partner in your peeping tom business?”- I spat.

You go girl! - I thought giving him a smirk.

From a petrified to an angry look, his face suddenly changed. He spun around and began to walk away, opening the front door and walking outside.

I felt insulted. But most of all ignored!!

“How dare you turn away from me when I’m trying to hear your apologetic script which you have under your sleeve prepared when the girls finally realize what you’re up to?”- I said in a loud tone, implying with authority.

He turned around and looked me straight-face. His eyes meeting mine.

“I.don’”-he clipped. And before I could’ve even say a word he turned away and walked faster than I’ve seen anyone in my life.

I swallowed hard and winced. At the same time my heart was racing wanting to get out of my body. Inside his eyes, I saw hatred, love and also mystery. For those seconds that I lost myself in his pale yellow eyes, I saw a cloud of different emotions registering his mind.

I took a deep breath and turned around. To my surprise my dad was behind me too close.

“So…I see you met karl. He’s a fine boy, he helps me around in the house”- he said smiling.

“Yeah! If you count peeping-tom as a help!”- I mumbled to low for him to understand.

“What did you say dear?”

“Oh nothing dad! He’s just plain nice”- I lied, of course.

I decided to let it go. Plus, this town was so small, that in some way I would meet again with that mongrel.

“Dinner?”- I proposed wearing the beamiest mask anyone can pull off.

“Yeah!”- Dad said raising his eyes brows content with my sudden façade.

The next few days everythign went perfectly normal. That was, until I went to school. All the kids were scowling and speaking secretly about moi. The classroom was a living hell, I was sitting alone in a corner while everybody sat away from me, saying something like \"intruder\".

I couldn't tell what they meant exactly by the whole intruding thing but now I know.

A month has passed and I have discovered that these people have superpowers. Some can fly, use electicity, create fire, create worlds as imaginary, run, jump; you name it they are freaking xmen.

I know this because Karl showed me his abbility to create another world. He can create another world via a hallucination. It took me about a week to digest this whole new world.

I wa a freaking fantasy writer and I was living in real life what I had writen. It was like, my novels were coming true. But this was different. This story I had started it and never finished it. Which means that I don't know what goes after I kiss Karl, because he has transported me to a world where I can walk on water, be a queen and extremely beautiful. Isn't that a dream? Coming back to the present, everything was a chaos. The army had found about them and had created an army of zombies for us. This zombies are nothing like Romero's zombies. These can run, jump, eat us and shoot. It was horrible.

The adults in this town had gone away and left the young ones because we are faster.

There arew about a houndred and sixty zombies running and butchering people with their powerful teeth. I was hiding behind a wall in the town supermarket. There's a crack that permits me to see. Karl has taken most of them by transporting to a burning world, hell. I was left here so, I can be safe. But no I'm not safe. The freaking zombies are here and guess what? They are sniffing the wall as if they are eating through their noses. Uh-oh, they are looking through the crack! What can I do? I can't get away from here without them noticing. I don't have a gun or anything. I can't defend myself. I'm going to try a risky move. I'm going to move slowly and try to run, if they grab me I'll kick because my life depends on it. And here I go. I just moved and they are still looking at the crack, now sniffing the edges. I keep moving and they aren't noticing. I'm still moving, I'm out and I'm running.

YES I HAVE ESCAPED! Oh damn. Oaaaaaahhhh, I'm hit. They have shot my leg and now around me. What should I do?

© Copyright 2020 Dumey. All rights reserved.

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