A Power to Be

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Thoughts of a powerful being

Submitted: September 20, 2013

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Submitted: September 20, 2013



Time didn’t matter here. Forces had no effect in this region either.

This was no land of magic. No land of reality or logic.

I walked around, watching the sun dart from place to place. The sea was a steady sheet of black, and the dead plants were bleeding . The sky lost its blue and was now sparkling with stars and dotted with planets. Stars shooting across the horizons stole the breaths of the wiggling mountains. The sun chose a far position now, a place where its fascinating shade of magenta was vague. The salty lakes flowed into the hearts of the yellow and black hills, and the comets tore off the earth’s crust and green lava splattered the planet’s irregular surface.

I was the only thing that mattered, the only force with effect, the only life that lives. The planets appreciated my existance and sent their welcoming gifts leeking star light. i felt the earth swallow its pride as I ordered more stars to fall.

I walked around, aimless. Flexing my old, wrinkled fingers. The movement of my aging bones sent rocks crumbling down steeps and flying into the ocean of dead spiders. The turning of my head set out the an explosion in the moon of the moon. The echo of the steps I took made young stars age 40 million years. The power I had made mountains erupt, colorful wind blow, and mars’s crust melt.

I had the power over dimensions and reality itself.

The only thing I didn’t have with me

or even in me

was me. 

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