Behind a Perfect Mirror, There is a broken Wall

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A classic LOVE story which took place back in 1954. A story which took place when England was ruling over India. Full of love.conflicts and memorable things.

Submitted: September 17, 2012

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Submitted: September 17, 2012




Oh well, it’s another Monday’s morning of 16th August, 1954. Okay, so you might be wondering who am I ? Ha ha……well my name is Colonel Richard Cornwall and I have just reached India to attend the Queen at her palace.

As soon as I stepped off ‘The Golden Chariot’ on the harbor of West Bengal I could smell the fresh odor of grass after the shower of rain. India is a country full of chaos and shouts. I was a little irritated of that. The soldiers took me to my room for some rest and I was there on the sofa sipping some hot tea with milk and sugar in it.

In the evening I was called at Her Majesty’s palace in some district of West Bengal. The harmony was played and the Queen arrived. She kept her sword on my shoulder and said “ I hope you will take care of my districts and keep the British people happy here. Well, you can keep the Indian dogs hungry and let them know the true power of us.” Then it was my first time I could have a glance at her face. She was fair and tall. Her lips were red and her hair was blond. Her cheeks were pink and my heart began to bloom. She gave me a slight smile and went away.

The following day during noon while all the Indians were taking nap and I was sitting under the broken wooden ceiling of my office .The postman arrives as usual but this time I was taken aback for getting a letter from ‘Elisabeth Rose’, well, you can easily guess whose name might that be? I quickly opened it quickly and my heart was palpitating as I if I was running off of oxygen. It read –

“ At your first glance towards me, I could feel that passion in your eyes. Your brown eyes have enchanted me in a word which I always have been loathing. That word is so common to write or speak but hard to describe…………It’s LOVE. I shall be very pleased to see you at my palace this evening for a supper. I hope you shall be there by seven hours pass noon.

The Queen”

I reached the palace on time. I was lead to the table by some maids. They whispered “The Queen is getting ready.” Then soon the huge wooden door opened and there she was. Standing as proud as an eagle’s scream. She was so beautiful. Her red lips were so perfect. She came and sat opposite to me. Smiled.  “You look full of grace and beauty”, said I. She giggled and said “ You are not less Colonel.” We talked very less that night. We mostly spent our time smiling at each other and chewing our food softly. I can tell you, we were in love.

Days past by and I kept receiving Elisabeth letters every day while I always send her one red rose every time I reply her letters. I went for war in Delhi with the King of that place. Unfortunately, we lost the battle because my mind wasn’t there with the soldiers at all. My mind was with Elizabeth. During the week of the war she went back to England to have a look at the financial problems and the Indian Slave over there. I felt like I was all alone during those days.

Four months later, she returned from England and I was over joyed. The very first day when she returned I attended her. She didn’t even look at me but I could see one stalk of rose in her hand with no petals. She had always been keeping the roses even if they dead.

When the attending session was almost over she came near me and kissed my ear. She said “Do come to my room after the session is over.”

She went away and soon after I followed her to her room. We both were looking at each other for while in that dim room with two or three candles lighted. To change the silent situation I gave her a new stalk of red rose. But then she surprised me with a bad news. She told me that she was getting married with the King of Ireland. There was silence for ten seconds. She then suddenly howled and cried, insisting that it wasn’t her will to get married. She hugged me and kissed my lips. She said “Richard, take me away with you. I shall not live this life without you. I love you. Please, I do not want to get married with Banerthan.” She slowly took off her clothes and then loosen my dress. We were in true love. The candles went off and we were together, groping with passion.

The very next morning she left the bed and I hurriedly went to my office. I smiled to myself and was thinking about her.

At noon when I was still thinking of her, a chaprasi came running in and said “ Sir, we are over!!” I knew that something wrong was about to happen. I ran to the door of my office. I could see Elisabeth standing across the road. The red rose was in her hand. Then, a man stepped his step down from the chariot. He was Banerthan. Elisabeth pointed her finger towards me and moving her lips. Her face was sad while pointing towards me.

I could hear a faint sound of Banerthan ordering his soldiers “Fire!” I knew what was happening but still I didn’t move. I wanted Elisabeth to feel what she did but maybe I wrong. I slowly fell down on the earth. My eyes could only see very dim drama. My ears could only hear the fake feelings of her and my heart could only feel my inner soul saying “I was wrong.” Before I took my last breath, she came near me. Kept the rose near my body and said “Sorry.”



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