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Submitted: May 07, 2008

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Submitted: May 07, 2008




Privatisation or what? It is well thought out, at least to improve the quality of services rendered by state industry which is in public interest, but was privately implemented. The latter revealed the laudable intention of those that lay unreserved claim on the role of what has proven to be an enigma to its solicitors.

Perhaps, another applicable and reliable policy that would pragmatically and responsively be ideal in this situation where funds are drawn from the public by selling share why the Government still retains her exclusive control on the industry should be sought for. The title “Privatisation” was already put in its intrinsical value which determined its utmost priority premeditated intention as it was organized and accomplished in certain private individual’s interest other than the publics.

Rather that emerging a Government’s Economy reform policy, as it is labelled, it assumed some private individual economic boost strategy, a better way to siphon public funds with legal backup. This had inevitably made many to remain in an invidious position to comment on such dividend of our hard earned democracy, whether it worth the struggle or not lest be accused of inverted snobbery.

Conversely Democracy in Nigeria has invariably remains in inverted comma; it has been reduced to Government of the people by some people and for some people. The public is not the main drive for their political and Economic reform policy and programme but just a mere play on public intelligence to meander their way through a better and legal opportunity for accumulating wealth for private purposes. It is quite fascinating to note that virtually all those in power were sympathetic to the cause of Privitisation of state industry which tatamout to their accusation of its lion share. The people are now left with the consequent economic depression in the country because of high competition inherent in deregulation. This dilemma had made it almost impossible for any preacher of privitisation to demystify the mystery behind this subject.

However, the ingenuity of the present administration of President Musa Yar’adua has unraveled the insincerity of the past administration led by President Olusegun Obasanjo, which exclusively embraced privitisation at its highest level. The redrawal of sale refineries which have been auctioned by past administration, the re-enlistment of retrenched workers, reversal of fuel pump price and VAT rate and a host of others which the immediate had authorized partly showcase a sense of goodwill ingenuity and pragmatism. This should not be taken for a sort of singing the praises of present administration far from it! Prior to working in the doldrums out of the blue past administration also employed pragmatic approach as the need arise.

As earlier identified, the idea that led to the embracement of privitisation was well thought out: the ingenious seller of the idea was trying to use a little ingenuity for the issue at hand while the buyer and the user was an opportunist who seized the avenue afforded by the implementation of the idea to do away with the public funds and facility with a legal back up. As a matter of fact, the people should be in deep indebtness to the seller of such idea if not for the latter on the resultant inconveniency suffer by them which arose from the insincerity of the ingenious user. The implementation of the idea was couples with the deregulation, which make the working of the policy derived thereto be in complete antithesis to the original line of thought of its proponent.

Though the idea went all that way, never the less confluence of sampled public views at the opinion was not in an unmitigated divergence from the idea of public –private partnership.



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