The Coward Soldier

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: War and Military  |  House: Booksie Classic

A Soldier realizes his hidden power in middle of a fight. Learn and Enjoy!

The Coward Soldier


“Hit it, Hit it!!!” screamed the sergeant. It’s just a bag full of sand, hit it; he tried to boost himself in mind but his inner self failed him. After a lot of yes and no- he fired and as can be guessed it missed the target completely. ”Useless! no progress made, you would have died if it would have been a real battlefield.” shouted the trainer.

“We can call it a day now! Leave!!!” yelled the sergeant. Doren moved quietly into his camp. It’s all useless, I can never make it he thought. He never wanted to join the army but his father compelled him to do so and he found himself all alone in there. Doren was a good-hearted man and his body suited his current profession. Strongly built shoulders backed with strong neck muscles and blue eyes. A good blend of body parts which integrate into a handsome looking individual. By looking at him, no one can guess that his heart starts beating faster even if a roaring jet flies off their camp.

But his secret was well hidden in a grave and no one noticed it may be due to his this strong look. His team of friends consisted of him, Shephard, Harry and Alan. They had good time together cracking jokes and sharing things. Doren shared everything except his deadly secret. He knew it in heart that it will come up one day and ruin him but he always tried to look strong.

One year passed by and his training was over and now he can confidently hit a target with no mistake at all. His inner side improved a lot but yet he had bit confusion about things. His friends along with him were allocated together and they had a good time together.


Their first ever job was dealing with a group of terrorists who were hiding in a nearby deserted building, as reported by intelligence team. They were assisted by more teams and their task was to  hunt them down. It was evening and they had to make a quick move as night was approacing which would give a window to the terrorists.

Doren was feeling something terrible and was unable to guess. Shephard asked him, “Why do you look so worried? We won’t let those bastards move away.” "I was just thinking of the plan and clearing things in mind", he explained. He knew that Shephard and Alan were brave and can tackle the situation but he will never make it.

Next day he woke up early in the morning, and decided to take a walk down the trees. Cool breezes touched his face and played with his hair that covered half of his forehead. As he was strolling on and admiring the beauty of the surrounding nature, he wispered to the air, "Why do people have to fight when they can live in this beautiful world without messing things up."

Walking half a kilometer, he saw the sun rising behind the trees. Its light crimson color and two cloudy lines just in front of it made the scenario even more beautiful. “Oh what a lovely morning it’s going to be.” he thought in his mind. A flock of five birds flew over his head as if five dots moved out in the open space.

“Incoming!!!!” suddenly he heard the word which he feared the most in the world. “Incoming!!Incoming!!” shouted one soldier running towards their camp. Suddenly a bazooka hit their camp at a distance of 50 meters and flakes moved high up in the air, a beer can flew up in the air targeting Doren. Seeing it coming, he bent his body left, letting the can pass him nearly hitting him. Shephard and Alan moved out of their camp with their MG40’s and threw one towards Doren. He caught hold of the gun and they all rushed forward taking cover behind a standing SUV.

“They have opened fire” shouted Harry blindly firing towards the deserted building. The building was in front of them at a distance of 150 meters and in front of it laid a wide road with houses and shops on both sides. “We have to move forward!” screamed Alan. Doren could feel the smoke in the air and pain in his heart which had never occured before. They took cover 2 by 2 on opposite sides of the lane.

Harry and Doren were on one side with Alan and Shephard on other. A bunch of bullets streamed towards them tearing away the nearby vehicles and trash bins. Doren thought he will die of heart attack or with an enemy’s bullet. After the flow of bullets stopped, Shephard pointed his two fingers towards his eyes and indicated to both that was moving forward and they should keep an eye on building. Taking covers behind vehicles and moving in a zigzag path they moved 50 meters towards the building. Alan pointed with his hands to Harry and Doren to move forward. Harry and Doren tried to follow the same path and quietly moved towards them.

Suddenly, a bullet went right through Harry’s heart. He got a recoil, Doren could see that in his eyes and tried to stop him from falling back but it was too late, Harry had hit the ground like a lifeless dummy falling on the ground. All the moments they had shared together went in fast forward motion right in front of Doren’s eyes. The stream of bullets started again and this time targeted Doren. He somehow managed to rendezvous with Alan and Shephard. “Harry is down” he shouted, “Where the hell is the rest of the team.” “They are surrounding the building from other corners; the only entry and exit point is in front of us, and backup will arrive in half an hour!!! We have to maintain our position.” yelled Shephard. 

“Oh!!!F….” he wasn’t able to finish his word and AK-47’s bullets started hitting all round them. “What we will do!!!” he said. Alan explained quickly that they had to make their progress towards building and enter it somehow. Alan asked both of them to provide him some cover fire so that he could move forward and find a suitable shooting point. Shephard and Doren agreed on it and started firing towards the buildings windows from where terrorist were shooting at them. One bullet hit one of terrorist and he was down. Alan moved few meters forward and provided cover to both of them to move. Now the distance was just 50 meters but it appeared to be equal to miles.

The terrorists came downstairs and were in full attack mood. Alan told them that there were four of them reported with one down now, so it’s just three of them left now. Doren and Alan took positions on either side of the entrance door and Shephard needed to rush in. He entered the building and after inspection said “Clear”, both of them rushed in. Inside the building were some leftovers of broken walls and furniture. They took cover behind one of them. From the opposite side of the entrance,the terrorists came in and started firing at them. “Get down!!!” Shephard pushed both of them down but unfortunately got a shot at the shoulder himself. “Ahh…” he cried. Alan fired back to retrieve dominance. Doren was just repeating in his mind, “Think of them as sand bags, think of them as sand bags….”.  “What are you thinking??? FIRE…..” Alan complained.

One of the terrorists came blindly running towards them firing, Alan took a straight shot at his grey matter and he was gone. Shephard tried to get back into the fight but Alan stopped him. Doren could think of nothing, so he opened and threw a grenade on them. There was a lound bang and one of the terrorists was ripped apart into pieces, “one left…we are almost done….” Shephard said somehow standing and as soon as he stood up, the terrorist came running for him from the other side. Alan fired “Oh F…” he was out of bullets. The terrorist fired a shot straight at shepherds’ head and his soul met with his friend Harry. Alan filled with rage attacked him by buttstroke with his rifle’s butt. They started to punch and blow each other. At one time, it looked as if Alan was on the winning side and in the next minute, the terrorist looked stronger. It was very difficult to say who was more dominating.

Doren thought he should do something and rushed forward. The terrorist took a 5” knife and tried to bury it in Alan’s heart but Alan managed to divert it, however the knife went through his left arm….and he screamed with pain. Doren kicked the terrorist and tried to rescue Alan but the terrorist dragged Doren by his hairs and smashed his head into a window mirror….Doren’s vision got stuck to the last picture his eyes captured when he returned to senses, he saw a punch coming towards him and it knocked him down. The terrorist thought that Doren was dead so he turned his attention to Alan. Alan had capitalized in the mean time and seeing him coming he rushed for the terrorist and speared him in his stomach but he was very weak due to injury. Terrorist was down for a moment but regained power and threw Alan over a pile of bricks followed by tight blows on his face.

Alan was almost over but his will power made him stand blow after blow.  The terrorist got annoyed and hit him with full power this time. Alan was out of senses. Doren retrieved himself from the set-back and with a blurred vision could only see his dear friend lying helpless, and the terrorist who was advancing towards a gun to pick it up. He used his toothpaste, received motivation and help from him in time of need…..and now he will die just like Shephard and Harry No...No.., he thought. He saw his MG 40 lying almost unused at a distance and a pistol near to him, he somehow dragged himself to pick-it up. The terrorist aimed at Alan’s head and had put the pistol on his forehead and was about to fire. Doren stood up as if he had all the beer from a bar and targeted the terrorist. “Good Bye Soldier…” said the terrorist and was just about to fire. Doren shouted, “Heeyyy…” the terrorist slowly turned his face towards Doren whom he had almost forgotten. For Doren, the world had seemed to almost stop and everything started to move slowly and something had happened to the timeline. The ground floor now had got filled up with sunshine and everything had got cleared with all the dust that has risen from grenades bang settled down. Doren wasn’t able to control himself from falling back and while falling he fired probably his first shot on a living being. He could see the bullet rolling and moving slowly towards terrorist as if he has some mystical powers to slow the time.

The terrorist received the bullet right at the center of his forehead and fell down, Doren also felled down but while falling he was relieved that he was able to save his friend’s life, his fear was now finally over and he had recognized a true soldier within himself. He was about to hit the ground but Alan returning to his senses got him by his uninjured arm. “Oh dear are you alright” is all Doren could ask and fainted. The rescue team reached there and provided first-aid to them and captured terrorist bodies and that of Harry’s and Shephard’s. Both drank water and were back into senses, Alan hugged Doren and in his heart, thanked him.

They saw the body of their dear friends and could only feel sorry for them. They were taken to a nearby SUV to go back to base station. A human rights reporter was present outside the place where the incident took place and said, “How ruthless you soldiers are, how can you kill someone when you don’t have right to give life to them… can catch them alive too.” Doren said nothing but just gave a pleasant smile to her, touching her upper arm and passed by. The report submitted to intelligence department had every basic detail into it what happened at the time of the incident and about the casualties Harry and Shephard including terrorists but there was also one more soldier who died in that incident whose record and files were never present at any of the intelligence office departments, and, he was: - The Coward Soldier.



Submitted: August 15, 2010

© Copyright 2020 Durgesh Srivastava. All rights reserved.

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