Absolution--Scene Twelve: Nothing

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Submitted: July 11, 2009

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Submitted: July 11, 2009



  1. It’s bright outside as the sun beats down upon a city on some foreign planet. There’s a city made of chrome and plastic that looks sleek in the light while flying cars swirl around the buildings making things appear a little hazy. 

Storm stalks forward putting on a pair of large, bright red sunglasses that look perfect on her face. Her eyes hide behind the black lenses. She starts towards a BMW Coupé M3 convertible that is a lustrous black color that almost seems to glow whenever the sun hits it. She throws open the door and sits down. Beside her is Kade with a pair of dark black sunglasses that anybody in The Matrix would envy. In the back seats are Ryker, Zoie and Jaxon.


Storm hits the gas pedal and they lurch forward just as police cars turn a corner heading towards them. Here they are very different from back on Earth. They fly. The hover police cruisers fly towards them at incredible speeds as Storm starts to drive super fast. (I Don’t Care by Fall Out Boy starts to play from the beginning here and everything moves to the beat of the music.)

  1. A dark blue and white 2010 Shelby Mustang GT 500 speeds through a busy street weaving in and out of other cars.
  1. A sleek dark green 1958 Chevrolet Impala Hardtop Coupe races through a sleek futuristic city on a foreign planet where bright lights everywhere provide lights since it’s night.
  1. Storm lies in artificial turf gazing upwards at stars that hang above her. There are billions that it’s impossible to make out constellations. Even the galaxy is seen in a misty, blue mess. Kade walks up to her smiling and she sits up smiling at him.
  1. Ryker rolls out of a Corvette ZR15 allowing Storm to run in and take the wheel. He rolls out of the way. Zoie helps him to his feet as they watch her speed away while Jaxon and Jaiden are firing at unfriendlies.
  1. Red dust flies everywhere into a crowd of people who stand there perfectly still at the entrance of a giant ware house. A bright orange and black Lotus Elise sits there like an insect as the dust continues to fall. There’s a pause for a few second before Storm steps out. She clings to keys as she walks forward tossing them to Roulette who stands before everybody on her fancy pimp cane.
  1. Everybody is celebrating outside of a monstrous city that eats away at some foreign planet. It’s just like all the other cities but this one does not touch the ground. It rises high into the air on a platform as if it’s floating. While everybody is busy having a good time around a giant bonfire Storm wanders off. She finds Kade sitting alone on a rock staring out across the planet. It’s dark blue and made of rock. Nothing too interesting.

Storm sits down beside him and he looks over at her. They sit in the light of what appears to be several moons and a planet. Carefully, Kade pulls himself closer to her centimeter by centimeter before lying a hand on top of her’s/

  1. Bang. Bang. Bang. Guns are being fired everywhere. Storm lies on the ground in the middle of all of it covering her head. A canary yellow Porsche 911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet helps guard her. The door is wide open. Inside the driver’s seat lies Kristjan with blood gushing from a nasty wound. He’s dead. 

Suddenly all bullets stop in mid-air as Kade walks out with both hands raised. He looks around squinting a bit before all the bullets fly back towards the owners of them. Slowly, Storm raises to her feet looking at him in fear. He glances at her. Upset and terror is painted across his face then he runs away. (Music Stops)


Hundreds of tress surround the camp that the group has made. It is strange how tropical everything is but everything is a different color. The trees and planets are not green. Instead they are dark blues and purples giving it a fantasy feel. There’s a tiny grave marker with candles lit before it. Everybody’s crying but Storm and Kade are nowhere to be seen.


Storm runs through the forest exiting it to find Kade standing on a cliff that overlooks other parts of the forest. His arms are crossed over his chest while he stands there. A branch snaps under Storm’s foot and he turns around wiping away a few tears that cling to his cheeks.


I think I know why you won’t tell me

your real name.


Why is that?


It makes so much sense now! You’re not even

human. Kade, you can tell me your real name

now because I understand that you are an alien.

Wow. Did it take you that long?
Storm’s jaw drops. She gazes at him stunned by this revelation.
What? You’re afraid now?

No…it’s just that…


I’m an alien. An alien! Actually to be exact, I’m

a Vulcan.


It takes Storm a few seconds to process it. It took a lot less time for Kade to start laughing hysterically, which helps Storm realize what is going on. She cocks her head to the side and smirks at him.

Oh. A Vulcan. Then where are your pointy ears?

They were ugly so I got plastic surgery.


Storm starts to laugh and she slaps him playfully across the back before walking away back to everybody.


A Vulcan.


Bye Savannah.

  1. (Don’t Stop by Innerpartysystem starts to play here like earlier. The song plays with the scenes moving along to the music.) It’s pitch black inside of a parking garage that has a bunch of cars inside of it. Monstrous florescent lights hang from the ceiling but they are all off. Ryker scurries through the darkness going straight to a maroon 612 Scaglietti. He climbs to the door pulling out a clothes hanger and unlocks the door.
  1. Storm drives a Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 Spyder while glancing at her mirror every now and then. Police cars fly toward them as they cut through another futuristic city. Suddenly, cars fly out of another street crashing into all of them. Adam stand up rising out of a sunroof in one of the cars and starts to shoot at her. Storm cuts the steering wheel real fast to the left going up onto the sidewalk cutting across without hitting a person.
  1. Storm warms herself by a bonfire with Jaxon, Jaiden, Ryker and Zoie. They are the only other ones who are left. Every now and then she looks up at a frozen tundra where Kade sits by himself stargazing. Stars fly across the sky with dusty trails following them. He looks back at her. It’s hard to make out his face but she manages to. He smiles and waves. She does the same back.
  1. Driving a lustrous black futuristic car. This one is like nothing that has been seen before. Storm drives it like all the other cars. But this time she drives on roads that look more like a race course. She goes upside down and on the sides of the road that leads her forward. Beside her is Ryker who clings to a gun watching the mirror but nobody is following them.
  1. A Volvo c30 barrels down a small road straight through giant iron doors of a monstrous warehouse. Simultaneously, Storm leaps out of the car with Ryker and Zoie who both were sitting in the back. All of them hold guns and they race forward to where they find a line of armed men. Adam steps between them staring at them. Behind him is Kade tied to a chair. Adam puts out a hand for the keys to the car, but instead, Storm races forward kicking him in the chest before punching him. He lands flat on his back. 

Ryker and Zoie shoot down all the men while Storm stands there. Adam tries to get to his feet but she takes the butt of the gun slamming it into his head knocking him out this time before she runs over freeing Kade. Slowly, he stands up staring into her eyes while she gazes at him. There’s no kiss. No hugs. She backs away heading toward the car kicking Adam one last time.

  1. Storm sits inside of a blue BMW Z4 Roadster with her foot heavily pressed against the brake. Nothing happens. It’s night and she is inside somebody’s fancy garage. Kade tries to climb into the passenger seat but she sits there staring forward. She glances at him and locks the door before slamming her foot against the gas pedal and hurtles forward.
  1. Jaxon, Jaiden, Zoie and Ryker all play with a hose. Kade runs over and is sprayed in the face by the water. He laughs and smiles about it before stopping to look around. There’s no sign of Storm anywhere. He walks away from all the fun to see her sitting alone writing in some sort of notebook.  He starts towards her. She looks up glaring at him, closes the notebook and walks away.
  1. Roulette whispers something into Storm’s ear and she nods. Gradually, Storm backs away from her. She turns around and leaves with both Ryker and Zoie following her. People part allowing them to exit while watching them. All of them are promiscuous still. (Song Ends)

Ryker and Zoie open two monstrous sized iron doors. A large grin is on Storm’s face while she stands there anxiously rubbing her hands together. Then they drop. It is impossible to see what she is staring at but whatever it is momentarily renders her silent. Soon Ryker and Zoie move to see what Storm is gazing at. In front of them is a rainbow Volkswagen Type 2 Bus (Hippie Bus).

This is what we’re stealing?!

Maybe something is behind it.


Well it looks pretty in a different way.


I hate this. Roulette is an idiot.


Watch it. She knows everything.


Go work your magic.


Ryker and Zoie run forward. They rush to the car. Zoie tosses a bag of supplies to her brother who pulls everything out and goes to work. Storm lingers towards the entrance pulling out a gun while she looks around the area.

  1. (Major Tom [Coming Home] by Shiny Toy Guns starts to play.) It’s night in a desert like place. Blood red dust stretches on for miles similar to land in Utah. A long road goes on for miles and miles. A 2010 Chevy Camero speeds across the ground with Storm behind the wheel all by herself. She speeds up as the road starts upwards toward the sky.
  1. Storm sits on the hood of a black Ferrari FXX gazing at the star speckled sky. Roulette comes forward with her little motley crew following. She has a stereo playing on her shoulder while she walks with a cane. They move towards her and Storm rolls off the hood. Roulette comes to a stop with Kade coming out from behind her. He looks into Storm’s eyes while she sits there. 
  1. Storm drives a Porsche Boxer S.
  1. Storm drives a Ford Mustang GT Convertible.
  1. Kade starts to approach Storm in a hallway while she is sitting with the rest of the group. He comes within a few centimeters of her before turning around and runs away from her.
  1. Storm drives a 1969 Corvette
  1. Storm falls to the ground covering her face as Adam comes in to kick her but he flies backwards instead. Kade walks out with a hand raised in the air. He storms forward racing toward Adam.
  1. Ryker kicks down a door allowing Zoie to run in first before Storm rushes in. Once again, they all stop to see a wimpy bright green and black Smart Car standing in the middle of the room on display. (Song Ends)

Storm sits alone in the smart car staring out blankly at the field as the wind moves the tall grass. It reminds here of home even though she’s light years away from there. Planets hang in the sky along with many moons. Billions of stars glimmer above her yet all she does is stare at the ground. She climbs out of the car and starts to kick it while screaming and sobbing.


Chandra slaps Savannah, 11, across the face.


You monster! You’re nothing like your father!


The doctor shakes his head while he stands there trying not to stare at Savanah, 14.


You can’t be Tolen’s daughter. You are a rotten

miscreant. He would be ashamed of you.
The teacher slaps a ruler against Savannah’s desk, 7, and she wakes up.

You bring shame to your father’s name.



Chandra sobs while she stands in Savannah’s, 16, doorway.

It’s all your fault he’s dead! I wish you were

never born! I hate you. I hate you! I’m leaving

tonight. Forever. I’ve had enough of you being

Tolen’s so called daughter. You’re nothing like

him and you never will be. You’ve brought

permanent shame to the Storm name.


Storm falls to her knees where she sits and continues to sob. Silence. She slowly stops crying and looks around to see that she is alone. So she reaches into the car and turns on some music. (The Royal We by Silverun Pickups starts to play) All Storm does is lean her back against the car while she sits there staring up at the stars with tears streaming down her cheeks.


How many times do you wanna die
How many wings
Do you wanna die
Do you feel safe again? look over your shoulder
Very carefully look over your shoulder


The sound of rustling grass reaches her ears but she just sits there staring at the stars while focusing on the music. The somber song really helps make the mood of the scene while she lingers there lost in thought. Soon the rustling comes to a stop.


You used to do a little but a little won't fly
Right before you hit your prime
Thats when we fell in love but not the first time


Savannah looks up at him. She remains silent while sitting there.


Are you hurt?


What makes you ask that?


You’re crying.


People cry about other things, too.


Then why are you crying?


Tell me your real name and I might tell you.


My secret is still better than yours.


And I can second that.


The two look up startled to see her standing there in the same fashion as always. She leans on her pimp cane while grinning as she gazes at them. Even though it’s at night she wears giant black sunglasses that are perfect for her face. All around her is her posse that follows her wherever she goes. Of course, they are carrying the giant stereo with them that blasts LoveGame by Lady Gaga. Storm turns off her music and stares at them. 


Roulette stands there with a smirk on her face as she passes off the stereo to somebody beside her before she stalks forward towards Storm. Slowly, Storm backs up until she is pressed against the car. Still Roulette is centimeters from her face. Even her breath moves parts of Storm’s hair.


I love you, Storm. I’m glad you decided to

stay with us. You are Speed Racer in my eyes.


Um thank you?


But this is only the beginning.


What are you getting at?


Oh Kade?


Kade walks over to them and Roulette backs up at little this way she can gaze at the two of them at the same time.


Storm you have proven yourself to me and Kade I

know everything there is to know about you already.

Anyhow, I have your new mission.


That’s faster than normal.


Kade looks at her moving closer. He grabs her by her shoulders before throwing her against the car. All she does is laugh, there’s no fear.


Silly Kaden, you know I like it rough.


What do you want from her?


That is not the correct question. It’s what I

want from the two of you.


Another car. A prettier car. Well not exactly it’s more

special because of the person.


What are you talking about?


Roulette pushes Kade away and looks over at her with a broad smile across her face.


Do you two like to party?


Hell yeah!


My dear Speed Racer, you are in for quite the treat.

Kaden, you’re too negative.


So what’s going on?


You two are going undercover and coming with me.

I’ll fill you in later. I wish you a good night sleep

Because I will call upon you soon. Just keep in mind

I don’t like failures.


Roulette stalks back to her group using the pimp cane as if she actually needs it. They all flock together and exit leaving the two standing by the Smart Car, which Roulette never took. Storm stands there for a few seconds watching them before realizing Kade is staring at her. She turns. She looks him in the eye and the two exchange thoughts without uttering a single word. Things are going to get interesting.




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