Secrets of the woods

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Where is my best friend? Where am I? Who is the wolf? Why did he take me? Will I die? What happens now?

Table of Contents


It gets better! I promise!! This is not a mystery book although this chapter may make it seem so! I fixed typos and split this into paragraphs! finally. Read Chapter


And so it begins... (oh and this one is actually in paragraphs!) Read Chapter


I hope you are enjoying! I have already written about eight chapters, it's just a matter of uploading them so they'll come out quickly! Read Chapter


I hope everyone is enjoying! Please leave feedback! It's okay to be brutal! I want to perfect this! Read Chapter


Just to clarify: The girl who ran in with the map is the dark skinned girl, and her name is Marely. The blonde is Lily. When I was reading over that I realised the way I worded it could be a bit confusing. Lily was also the one who had the long conversation with Jake. Read Chapter


Hey you! Leave a review! You can review any chapter, and say whatever you want. When you do, I will return the favor, let me know which book you want me to read and review below your review in the comments!!! Read Chapter

Everything is finally explained!! You're welcome!!

Hey guys! This is where everything that happens so far starts to make sense. Read Chapter


Hey you!! Liking the story? Hating the story? Leave a review!!!! I want to improve this! I will also review one of your books in return!! Read Chapter


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I will have a map of the woods shortly. I am currently drawing it. By the way, I stopped giving th dialouge it's own line. Comment if I should keep it that way or change it back. Read Chapter

A short chapter between chapters

Sorry! This was just a short one! I only had ten minutes to write it! Read Chapter


Tell your friends about this if you are enjoying :) Read Chapter


From Skylars POV, just this once. I want you guys to get to know her. She's a really cool character and in the original book you got to see her a lot more, but you don't as much here.! Read Chapter


Back to Willow's POV. Read Chapter


  I follow him, freezing every few steps when my mind wonders what's happening to Amy. At least I know where she is, so I can get he... Read Chapter


Sorry It's been so long! I hate writers block!! DX Read Chapter


Hi! Please leave a review! I can take brutality! I promise! Read Chapter


  My breath comes in short gasps as I hear Maylee's footsteps getting closer and closer to mine. I can scent the border now, which m... Read Chapter


So lol i havent written since i wrote this (over a year ago) and i only have a very vague idea of where the plot was going but im trying to pick it up again so dont bully me thanks Read Chapter