The Little Girl

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A short story on a little girl

Submitted: September 27, 2017

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Submitted: September 27, 2017



Everyone knew the little girl in that hamlet. She always wore a simple skirt and roams around with a sticky smile on her face. People have seen her hoping around the bridge, by the river, by the main street and by the maple trees. Her hair was silky and she leaves it flowing and with her little fragile fingers keeps kneading them or pushing them as she speaks. She never answers anyone in more than 2-3 words.

“Hey! How are you?”

“Very good!”

“So, why do you hop all the time?”

“Like to”

“Where is your home?”

“Around there!”

My conversations with her always ends with a grin in her face and she continuing her hop. At times she sits quietly by the tree and plays with her toys. A couple more kids could be seen around her and they held small bunches of leaves in their hands and mimicking their parents’ chores or business. I had my camera and started clicking on the kids. She spotted me with the camera and started showing funny faces at the camera and they all had a hearty laugh! I was happy I took those pics.

Life in the hamlet was simple and not much happens on a typical day. But that was not a typical day. As I woke up I could hear the loud blaring siren of the ambulance. “Save that soul! “ I began silently praying as I got off the bed and when I opened the main door it was a busy scene outside.

“What happened?” “The little girl” “What? What happn..happened to her?” my heart skipped a beat. “She is missing since yesterday night and today morning they found a dress and shoes by the river. So the police and ambulance are here”

I was almost shaking that I had to hold the plank to maintain my balance. Came into the house to drink a cup of water. Why would anyone harm that darling little child. What is happening to people. I joined others in a search organized by police and we did our best looking all across the town. The search went on for 2 days, then 2 weeks and eventually people moved on. Prayers were held and it was difficult to console her parents. But after a couple of months, with a heavy heart the people in the town had to move on.

I got my photos printed from the supermarket. I was flipping through her pictures. She was all glee and showing strange faces in the images. I saw the date and time on the printed in blood red at the corner of the pictures. I dropped the pictures and fell flat on bed.

It was 3 days after her disappearance!

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