At any Moment

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Submitted: May 10, 2010

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Submitted: May 10, 2010



There comes moments in peoples lives, where they are tested, they re pushed.

In these times the outcome is never predetermined, it is spontaneous.sudden and severely unexpected.

These actions could completely change the way a person is judged and how they will live.

This moment could even change ones values.It could flip the way one looks at life.

You ask yourself. why are you tested? This question has no response.

Some call it fate, karma, it can be a bad omen, or bad luck it doesn't matter.

The only true answer or reason or logic is "reality".

Some people kill, some people save cops it don't matter.

cops, robbers,victims, killers, prey, predator.

They all need eachother every positive needs a negative.

Whithout a killer we have no victim. See logical.

These things are all in the same line its called life.

And we all walk it. And life is harsh people.

it can change at any moment. The cop becomes the killer.

So don't ever think think you have a plan.

Plan dont work you cant schedule death, life, or karma.

life plays us.we dont play it.

We are ignorant for thinking we can.

Things will come around unexpectedly.

At any moment we will change.

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