Shattered Definition Theory

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic


I'm so sick of people thinking they know me, I mean they know nothing!

I mean i don't put on a front, or act as "they" call it. I'm serious!

They shattered me! My whole life is a broken mirror.

Pieces of my pride, determination are everywhere.

You can pick a little sliver and see yourself.

Thats what people see, a little piece and they use it to judge me.

It's surreal, and its reality, we are all judged by the littlest thing.

And people see this, and they think they know you.

They honestly feel they have you all figured out!

They feel they know you better than anyone else!

They feel they know you better then they do!

Theres a reason they do this. It's been done to them.

It's called called the " shattered defintion theory".

it is based on the principle that everyone knows YOU!

Ans everyone is based off bad judgement.

Quite intersting when you think about it.

In theory we are all a mirror we reflect something of someone.

Everyone is someone else,individualism is GONE!

People pick out who and what you reresent and label you.

Wich is another principle of the " Shattered Definition Theory".

And don't for a minute think or ay you have never judged anyone.

Or that you have never been judged.

Because right now you are judging me based on this poem.

But remember this as you are judging someone, they are probably judging you.

And when you judge someones looks thier judging yours.

I wish i could say everyone will agree with this poem.

Or even understand the conceptsand principles that go into this poem.

Some people will like it, some wil hate it.

Lots wil start it and not even finish it.

And I've accepted this, But guess what.

I don't care what you think, or what your mom, dad and sister think.

You will judge it cause it's not "normal".

Guess what dipshits we are not normal.

Weare all fucking weird. And different.

Judging isn't bad, it's not right.

But we are humans race we fuck up all the time. And thats ok.

Cause im not perfect i mean i wrote this fuckd up poem.

Ans i judge alot, but i've accepted being judged.

Submitted: May 10, 2010

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