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About me and my girl

Submitted: January 23, 2010

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Submitted: January 23, 2010




I got this feeling it’s stronger then you or me I can’t explain it.

Alone I am nothing but with you we are one.


We are the people that overcame everyone, everything. We took what everyone said

And we deflected it, we dodged the bullets of resent, hate and negativity.


I failed at first ,but I am ready now, I can now overcome me greatest weakness.

My pride it’s what shot me down it’s shot you down. But I’m ready now.


I’m ready to prove my love not only to you but to the world. Everyone can watch.

They will be amazed as my love for you will grow stronger everyday and every second.


 Noone can take this away from us will fight for what we have.

 It’s  not much our is cheap to others but rich to me and you, it’s us our love, our time .


I love you baby.

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