Breakout at DreadReef

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What do you do with the worst of the worst in the galaxy, simple put them in a prison stuck in the center of a planet of pure water. Sounds like the perfect place to find a bounty hunter like Silas Murray, after a mysterious man offers him freedom in exchange for doing the impossible escaping from the DreadReef

Submitted: August 26, 2016

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Submitted: August 26, 2016



Breakout at DreadReef

(Silas Murray Saga Chapter one)

By Dusty Ryan


Be ready for surfacing in five minutes

A robotic voice coming from the intercom filled the transport sub the prison guard shifted uneasy to his feet and with a bark ordered the prisoner to his feet as well. With a tempered crash the sub breached the surface of the water. The doors opened and a rush of ocean air filled the sub as the prisoner was ushered out to a small barge with a pair well dress man was waiting.

“Mr. Silas Murray I presume?”

The man asked to which the prisoner nodded as he stepped onto the barge.

“I imagine this is the first bit of fresh you have had since you started your time down there in the DreadReef”

The man asked, to which Silas replied

“That’s right and if I can presume something of my own I doubt you had them bring me out into the sun to talk about the air”

The man gave a halfhearted chuckle and gave a look to either side and saw water in every direction and got to the business at hand.

“You are correct Mr. Murray or may I call you Silas”

“Only if you tell me your own name so we are on some form of equal footing”

Silas replied and the man continued.

“Caldo, you can call me Caldo Silas. Tell me since you were captured for bounty hunting and sentenced down to the DreadReef have you ever thought of escape?”

Silas could only laugh at Caldo.

“I’ve been down in that pit for almost ten years I only think of escape every other thought , but then I remember I am in a prison in the very core of a planet in an unknown part of the galaxy that is a hundred percent covered in water if I took one step outside for a swim I’d be crushed worse than in the heart of a black hole. ”

Caldo could appreciate Silas’s candor it was about the answer he had expected and why he knew Silas was the right man for the job.

“Silas my employer has given me permission to offer you a chance to earn your freedom all you have to do is find a way out for yourself and another inmate”

Silas knew Caldo was insane but if this employer of his had the power to get him out of DreadReef it was worth a listen and asked.

“Who’s this other inmate?”

“Dr. Hames Gery, a scientist my employer is keen to be reacquainted with, bring him up alive and there will be ship waiting for you to take and leave on provided you set the good doctor adrift in this.”

Caldo handed Silas a black parcel containing an inflatable body bag.

“How do I contact you when I have him it may take some time to figure out a plan to get him out only safe way in and out is the transport subs”

Caldo gave another chuckle and replied

“A pilot will be arriving shortly with your transport after that she has been instructed to only remain for ten hours before taking off with or without you”

A startled Silas could only answer

“It takes four hours for the transport to get from the surface to DreadReef and a round trip is another four that gives me only two hours to get this Gery and get out”

With an evil smile Caldo replied

“I doubt that will be the problem for a man of your reputation Mr. Murray but you’d better hurry”

With that Silas boarded the transport and it began its decent, fortunately the four hour trip would give him time to piece a plan together it wasn’t uncommon for a contract to take a month to year to plan but two hours to get in and out of such a secure prison he would have to improvise. As the guard was closing the door he knew how to shortcut a majority of an escape. With a slight struggle the guard was subdued in a heap on the floor. Silas removed his restraints and swapped uniforms with the guard, luckily guards wore visored helmets. He now had three hours to put the rest of the plan into place. After a decent filled with a hundred different plans Silas was welcomed back at DreadReef by a voice from the guard station.

“What happened to him?”

“Murray got a little squirrely once he smelt fresh air I had to lay him out”

Silas replied

“I’ll take him back to his cell let him sleep it off and dream he got away”

The guard station waved him through and with the guard over his shoulder Silas made his way to his cell he knew the fastest route and more so he knew he was on the clock. It didn’t take long to get to the cell he had only been slowed down by a few question about why he had a prisoner in his arms. The next order of business was to make his way to registration and find out what cell the doctor was in given the level of criminal in DreadReef it was a safe bet that it would be in Gery best interest to hide out there. Silas had a pair of hallways to get past and then a quick right into registration. As he passed the first hallway a loud bang and indistinguishable noises broke out, a common occurrence in prison, a fight, guards tried to restrain the prisoner when one of guards cried out.

“You there give us a hand”

Silas couldn’t risk suspicion time wasn’t his ally with a quick pull and a knee the prisoners were separated and restrained. Unfortunately while he helped hold one of the prisoners he caught a glimpse under Silas’s visor and was able to identify him. Silas pulled back as soon as possible and continued to registration. It was a matter of a few keystrokes into a computer and Silas had all the information he needed Gery was only kept a cell block over and he had more than an hour to spare. When he closed the registration door, he was face to face with the prisoner he restrained.

“You’re not a guard, which can only mean one thing”

The prisoner had barely gotten half his statement out before Silas slammed him against the wall.

“Barne keep your mouth shut”

The prisoner was shocked.

“Yeah I know who you are.”

Silas said as he released the prisoner

“Take me with you Silas and I’ll be quite as a mouse I know who you are too.”

Silas didn’t have a choice he was short on time and could use the muscle the two made their way to Gery cell just as expected the scientist was hold up. Subtly was impossible and with a boot to the skull Gery was out and over Barne’s shoulder. With only 30 minutes to spare Silas and his unwanted company made it back to transport.

“What happened to Gery”

The guard station asked.

“He’s had a small freakout needs fresh air Barne is giving me a hand in exchange for the same”

Silas replied as the transport doors opened, Silas was four hours from freedom when Gery woke up and screamed.

“This man isn’t a guard he is kidnapping me, help”

The guards in the station sent the prison into lockdown and the doors to the transport were closing. Silas didn’t have a choice he yelled to Barne.


The two sprinted to the transport door a thrashing Gery between them and made it just as the doors closed. A quick lever pull and a break took the transport off its rails and control. Four hours and he was free. At the 1 hour warning Silas unfurled the body bag and heard a surprising sound.


Gery said.

“I know Caldo sent you to get me, I beg you don’t turn me over to him”

Gery began to cry

“Please don’t sentence me to a fate worse than death, he made me a killer of entire cities and I know he’ll make me do it again”

Silas weighed his option and did what he thought was in his best interest a loud crash and zip of the body bag was met with the familiar sound.

Be ready for surfacing in five minutes”

As instructed the body bag was sent adrift where a hovering ship accepted delivery. The sub made its way to the promised vessel when the hovering ship opened fire on the sub destroying it.

Over the pilots radio Caldo gave the order.

“We have the package get out of there.”

Before the pilot of the floating ship could begin to take off a water drenched fist crashed her helmet to the wall. Silas climbed into her seat and yelled.

“Doctor tie her up and be ready to take off, we are going to have to go fast.”








© Copyright 2019 Dusty Ryan. All rights reserved.

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